Jessica, age 18 has been living a cruel life. With her parents constantly fighting, drinking and doing drugs she's just had enough. There is only one thing keeping her away from leaving her 5 year old sister, Alice. Ever since she was old enough it's been Jessica's job to care for her younger sibling. Having an aunt close by helped at some points but not even she can help with her low income. Just when she couldn't go on anymore she runs into someone who changed her life completely. She was not aware he was a member from teen pop sensation One Direction. What will happen when she meets the love of her life? Will she choose him over her own sister?


4. Not All Dreams Come True

Jessica P.O.V
Darkness fell around me, all I could see was whatever the moonlight lit up. "Help! Kiki!,"Was all I could hear. The terror screeching of my younger sister in need. I tried and tried but no matter how much I did I couldn't get one word out of my mouth. Everything was as if it where in slow motion. I tried running down the familiar hall into Alice's room,but it seemed endless. I felt warm streaks run down my cheek but quickly swept them away from blurring my vision. "No no please!! Help me!,"I heard another scream of help.

"Jessica,"I heard my name echo through the hall,"Jessica,"everything began spinning around in circles. There was another loud scream of pain, and with that everything stopped. Right infront of me was the horror, my nightmare which I called my father. His eyes droopy and a wide smile spread across his face,showing his yellow teeth from all the smoking. He wobbled unstable from all the alcohol or drugs. "Hello there,"he cocked his head to his side. I took all my force and tried running away, or screaming, but it as as if I was glued to the ground. "Jessica. Jessica!,"with that shout everything started shaking, and disappearing. I felt a pair of strong yet comforting arms pull me away from this nightmare to reality. My eyes shot opened and I found myself heavily breathing in Zayn's  arms.

His beautiful golden brown eyes gleaming in the sunlight coming from the window. "it's just a dream your okay,"he cooned and moved the messy hair from my face. "W-where's Ali?,"I quickly got up. How could I be so stupid? Coming in to a strangers house. Putting my life in danger, more importantly my sister's. "She's in the kitchen Niall is cooking her breakfast,"he stood up looking confused. His hair was the same as it was yesterday, perfect. I loved the blonde streaks, they swept perfectly with the rest of his black hair. I turned my way to what I suspected was the kitchen doorway when the main entrance of the flat swung open. I turned around curious to see who it was, Harry. my hands quickly flew to my eyes as I let out a squeal. "Oh shit! I forgot you guys where here,"he turned around and shut the door as fast as he could. Did I just see Harry naked? I heard Zayn laugh wildly as he pushed me towards the kitchen. I allowed my hands to flop back to my sides and quickly sat next to Alice who was sitting on Niall's lap giggling away. "We just finished eating,"Niall smiled. He always seemed to smile, he was just so happy. Liam came barging in the door and took a seat next to Niall and waved hi to everyone. "Look what I got!,"Niall pulled out a packet of candy. "No,no,no!! That is unhealthy for her it would rotten her teeth!,"Liam took the candy from Niall's hands. His face instantly dropped," but, but, I like candy...,"he pouted and pointed to the box.

"it is too early, I'll give it to you when I think it's the right time for you to eat them,"Liam stuffed them in his pocket. "Here Ali go with Zayn I'm gonna see if he has any candy in his house,"Niall handed her to Zayn and quickly ran off with Liam chasing after him shouting,"It is not good for you!!," Zayn and I stood there laughing for a few minutes when Harry came back fully dressed this time,"um.....hi,"he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. "Did you have fun walking around naked in the building?,"I laughed. ","his rough voice struggled with finding his words. "Okay we'll I have to go tell the boys I said Goodbye, it was nice meeting you and thank you for everything!,"I smiled and waved goodbye , while walking towards the entrance. "Wait, wait let me drive you,"Zayn smiled and held the knob of the door to prevent me from opening it. I felt his hands touch mine sending a shock up my arm activating the butterflies in my stomach. "Uh sure,"i nervously giggled and dropped my head. As i did I noticed his black high tops," I like your shoes,"i smiled. I like your shoes? Nice going Jess. "Thanks,"he replied returning my smile. We walked to the car in silence, I led him to my aunt's house since he wouldn't allow me to go home yet. "Okay we're I was thinking... If you wanted to come to the party were having today at 5:00?,"he nervously asked while his golden brown eyes sparkled. "Sure, I'll see you then,"I smiled. He held his arms out as I pulled in for a hug. I felt his warm muscular embrace as he held me tight. Not wanting to pull away Alice was already in my Aunt's arms and knocking on the car window. Zayn gave her a nervous wave,"see you later,"he chuckled and brushed his hair back.

I gave him a simple nod and got out of the car. I stood next to my aunt who looked at me with a cheeky smile. "He's cute,"she winked. I felt my cheeks blush up. She threw her arm around me and walked me in her house,"would you mind  talking care of Alice? He kinda asked me to go to a party, if not its totally understandable,"she gave me a smile which meant she was okay with it. Alice ran off to play with some dolls around the house while my Aunt, Sarah rushed off into a room. She came back with a deep blue dress and black heels. "Oh nooo,"I smacked my hand on my forehead. "You have nothing to wear so I insist,"she motioned me to raise my arms as she pulled off my shirt and replaced it with the dress. It laid tightly around my body showing off my curves. I pulled off my pants as she insisted doing my hair into curls. After that she gave me smokey eyes and a thin layer of lip gloss. The dress had ruffled along the inch sleeves that made a v neck. It also had a few crystals here and there. I looked into the full length mirror and was in complete shocked. Who is this? Her beautiful curls laid softly on her shoulders, I could see her bright blue eyes and soft peachy skin. She had full pink lips and her body was beautiful in the dress. Was this really me? I've never felt good about myself like today in a long time. "Doesn't she look beautiful?,"Sarah smiled as she picked Alice up. She nodded her head and give us a smile showing her small white teeth. "Um....the house is a few blocks away so I'm just gonna walk...yea,"I quickly walked out of the room. I wasn't too comfortable with being a topic in a conversation. It was a bit breezy outside but it was warm, it felt nice.

I pulled out my iPhone that Sarah recently got me. It meant a lot knowing we were both struggling she somehow managed to get it for me. She was like my mom, always been there for us ever since out real mother wasn't. I've always wanted to repay her in someway,like buying her a new and improved house. Her current one is literary falling apart, she did try to move in with us once but with my parents I guess she could take it and I don't blame her. "5:20" the bright white numbers stuck out, it was a bit dark but still some light out. Once I finally reached the house i took in what was infront of me. There was a giant building with five floors. I'm guessing three of the boys had their own while two shared and the bottom was the main entrance. Every single window of the building has colorful lights dancing around, along with the loud thumping of the music. The very top two windows were pitch black...I wonder why? There were two balloons that read "Welcome!" as you walked inside. Having no idea were to go I decided to take the elevator to the first flat. Once entering the loud music wrapped around me sucking me in. There where people dancing around, others talking on the couches and some at the food table. They were all scattered around the big flat. Looking around i didn't see anyone familiar, not that I would've. I'm a bit anti social you can say. I walked over to a few seats next to the food table and propped my fat bum on the chair. If I ever was invited to a party I usually would've gone just for the food..what? I'm a fan don't judge.

"Ooohoohoo!! Well what have we got here lovely lady?,"a familiar voice asked as he gently played with a strand of my hair. I smacked his hand away and turned around seeing a very shocked Harry,"Jess?"   "I thought I was lovley lady?" I laughed as he took a seat next to me. "Well this is look pretty though,"he smiled and took a chip from a bowl throwing it in his mouth.  "Thanks you look pretty sharp as well,"he was wearing a plain white shirt with a navy blue and white blazer, light brown pants and white converse. He gave me a playful wink," we'll I'm going to fine me a lady good luck finding your loved one!,"he raised his eyebrows multiple times. "Zayn is not my loved one, I thought I was a lovley lady? Don't leave me!," and with that I watched as his mad his way into the crowd of people. Finally seeing someone I know, and I'm alone...again.

I looked at the center of where everyone was dancing when I heard a group of girls nonstop giggling. Instantly I saw the black quiff with blonde streaks owned by non other than Zayn. I rolled my eyes, he invited me and I'm here watching from afar while he's crowded by girls. Girls who look like models while I'm a potato in the corner next to a food table. Wow. "repealing isn't it might as well write "desperate" on their foreheads, I mean thats why they're around him they want fame cause he's "Zayn Malik" OH MY GOD!," a tall black haired girl with  bright blue eyes squealed at the last part in a sarcastic tone. I let out a small chuckled, which was wrong for me to do. Considering the fact that i too wanted to be one of them. But not go for  him for the fame, there was something about him. The way he treated me he was sweet, kind, funny, cute, what am I saying he was like a god! Perfect in anyway. Which is a bit strange for me to say since I've know him for what a day or two? Fame? Wait where they famous? I would've been told by now or at least seen it arn't celebs always chased by paparazzi? Maybe she meant popularity. "I'm Scarlett by the way but people call me scar wanna know why?,"she gave me a smirk and sat next to me. I furrowed me eyebrows in confusion," sure?" She began raising the sleaves to her shirt revealing a big scar. "People think I got it off of beating up some gang member or something, the truth it i don't know how to handle a waffle maker,"she nodded her head. I let out a loud laugh instantly covering my mouth with both hands. "I'm Jessica call me Jess though," I smiled," so do you know the boys?,"I asked her while pulling a bowl of chip and dip close up to me. "Nope,"she popped the "p" as she laid her legs on the chair infront of her," they throw parties once in while I usually come since I have nothing better to do,"she laughed. "I've seen you before have I not?,"she looked at me more closely. "We both go to the same school your a senior too right?,"I answered her question. We easily talked to each other like if  we we're long lost best friends. We ended up going to the same school. But our classes are different ends of the school. We exchanged numbers and continued talking while shoving food in our mouths.

"Hey Jess! Come dance!," my head snapped to the boy in the suspenders and stripped shirt with toms while his jeans were rolled up to his ankles. "no thanks you enjoy yourself!!,"I shouted hoping he could hear me. "aww cmon It's easy!!! All you have to do is screw the lightbulb and pat the dog and go crazy!!,"he shook around. "Looks more like a seizure,"Scar mummbled. I bursted out laughing," no no Lou is a nice guy he's pretty cool once you know him,"I patted her shoulder. Louis soon started dancing normaly with a girl with brown hair.

"Let's go to a different floor this place is getting boring,"Scar walked over and pulled my hand. We walked through crowds of people some getting a bit intimate with each other, while others were puking their guts out. I never really understood the whole alcohol and hangover process, most likely because I've never experienced it myself. Once entering the second floor flat. The first thing I saw was Liam scattering around the room picking every mess and Wildly sweeping the hardwood floor. "Hey hey! Calm down its a party, let loose have fun don't get your underwear in a twist, deep breaths,"Scar took Liam's broom and set it aside. Liam began taking deep breaths," okay...oh hey Jess where's Zayn?,"he ushered us to the white couches. "getting mobbed by girls but I'm here to mingle,"I smiled. I noticed his gaze dozing off somewhere behind me. "What are you..."i trailed of following his gaze. In the middle of the dance floor was a beautiful girl dancing away. She obviously has had experience, her body swiftly moved with the beat as her curly brown hair bounced along. "Oooh she's beautiful that your girl?,"I turned back around facing Liam who was still starstruck. "Oh what? I see her a lot though, I don't think she has ever noticed me though," his eyes sparkled with devastation. "Aww Liam who wouldn't notice you? Your a sweet guy and not a bad looker either,"a smile spread across his face. "I...I can't what if she rejects me?,"his smile dropped back to a frown. I hate seeing him like this. "fine,"with that I got my lazy bum off the couch and made my way to the dance floor.

The curly haired girl was still dancing to the music creating a crowd around her. Something about her routine seemed familiar. "Do It Like A Dude" by Jessie J was playing in the background and i found myself dancing along bringing back the old memories.

  ~Flashback~ "AND CUT! That was perfect!," the director shouted from behind the camera. "Dancers come here Jessie you go to hair and makeup for the next scene," he pointed us to our spots as Jessie gave him a quick nod and disappeared into the hallway. "Dancers you are doing a phenomenal job Danielle were shooting your scene next doing your dance scene for the dance off. Will the backup dancers go practice while the main dancers stay up here with me please?," everyone shuffled to their spots, I following the backup dancers. "Ready guys?,"one of the backup dancers asked. there was a round of yeses."Okay ready 1 2 3," we started practicing with our bodies flowing together everyone whispering the steps to themselves. "Jess! Over here, Now!," the director shouted. I stopped and stool still my eyes wandering around the room. Wy was he calling me? I didn't do anything wrong did I? Or was I off beat? Slowly, i made my way to the director feeling Multiple pairs of eyes staring at me. I felt as if i were in elementary school beeing called up to the principal office. "Did I do something wrong? If I did I am so sorry I promise i'll do better," he raised his hand instructing me to be quiet,"that is impossible..,"my head dropped, there and then my dancing carrier could be over. "...because you were already doing perfect! We were thinking of giving you your own solo like the other main dancers," I looked over to the small group. All dancing since they were old enough to walk, dancing for a variety of big stars. "Me?," I asked not sure if I heard right. "Well if you don't want to it's perfectly fine-" "No no no I'd love too!," I smiled. "Great you can head over there and they'll show you their portion of the dance routine and then you are free to make up your own for your solo,"he smiled. "Thank you!,"I jumped and quickly clapped my hands on my mouth realizing how loud I was.    I walked over nervously, ive never meet anyone from the small group. I knew everyone from he back up group since we were always together. The two groups always practiced and danced seperatly. Well besides in the video that is. They were all into the routine ignoring everything around them. Once they came to a stop they welcomed me in."Hey I'm Meredith, this is Tara, Dave. Greg, Josh, and Dani went tot he nearby store for some drinks you are?,"A girl with a high blonde bun asked me in a very interested tone. "Um Jessica but call me Jess," I shyly told them while shaking each individual hand. I heard the ringing of my phone from my bag I pulled it out with the bright screen saying New Text Message From SarahHey sweetheart It's hard for me to say this but I can't take care of Alice this often. I know you love to dance but I've tried everything I can, i even cut some of my work time. Doing that has brought me from okay to struggling. Sorry babe I hope you understand Xxx   ~~~~ The loud screaming and "wooo's" from the people surrounding us brought me back to reality. I realized Danielle and I were both dancing the same routine together int he center of the circle. I felt as if i never stopped doing what I loved, joy instantly rushed through my body with a giant smile completing it. We ended with both of us facing each other giving out laughs. "Hey your pretty good have I seen you before? You seen familiar,"she tried catching her breath. Everyone began spreading around and doing their own thing. "I was on e of the dancers for the music video,"I smiled. "Oh right! Uh! You're....Je...Jessica!,"she snapped her finger. "Yea Dani right?," she gave me a nod, as she pulled me off the dancefloor sitting us on a small couch to the side.  "So you never ended up doing the solo did you?,"she slowly frowned. "No, some complications came up,"I looked at the floor. "Did you give up dancing since then?,"she looked interested in my story I didn't understand why. " I just couldn't like I said it got complicated,"I scratches my neck and tried avoiding eye contact, to prevent myself from crying. "Well im sorry to hear that I hope you start again though you were very good,"she gave me a comforting smile. "Thanks Dani,"she pulled me into a hug. I've always wanted to talk to her, to meet her while the video shoot. She seemed so nice and such an inspirational person who fought for what she wanted. For wanting to dance and got far and danced for many famous people out there. "Heyyy!," someone plopped right next to me laying their arm behind mt neck. Liam couldn't stop smiling and sat next to Dani. Scar sat across from us with Niall. "OOh well if it isn't Zayn, how was the mob of girls drooling around you?," I said in a sarcastic voice. "Nawww I didn't even notice it, I was just trying to find you,"he gave me a playful wink. "I lightly hit his chest,"ookay...Oh! You guys this is Danielle, Dani that's Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Scarlett but call her Scar," i laughed as Scar gave me a wink. We all got deep into our conversations. I constantly looked over seeing Liam's progress finally tot he point where he was completley relaxed and could talk to Dani normally.    It was around 11:00 and surprisingly everyone left was a bit unusual since i thought parties lasted longer. We Liam instantly started cleaning his flat while Dani affered to help him. Louis and Harry were int heir flat cleaning theirs. Scar offered Niall to help clean his so they left as well to a different floor. Zayn dragged me to his flat which was the very top one that was completely dark. "Zayn no one was up here, what is there to clean?," I whined too lazy to walk the stairs since Zayn said there was no use of using the elevator since Liam was only a floor under his flat. "Just c'mon and stop whining,"he laughed and started unlocking the door. Everything was pitch black until he flicked the lights on. There were mini dresses laid on the couches and a box wrapped in silver wrapping paper topped with a pink bow. Infront of the couches were two plates set out for us. I felt my eyes widened as my cheeks flushed pink. "Is...this for me?," I looked around suprised. "Yes, well some of it,"he took my hand and lead me to the couch that had the dresses and box. " I got Alice a few dresses I know I'm not...a girl, well obviously. So im not sure what she would want to wear but Lou came with me since he had younger sisters," he nervously scratched the back of his neck. "No no no they're beautiul. Thank you Zayn that means a lot and I know Alice will like it...Thank You so much,"i felt a few tears slide down my cheek as I wrapped my arms around me and laid my head on his chest. I felt him lightly stroke my hair,"Your very welcome but I got you something as well," he handed me the box. I looked perfect i kinda didn't want to ruin it but he just stood there watching me eager to open it so I had no choice.  Once the lid came off I saw the same exact pair of black high tops he was wearing. "You told me you liked them right? Earlier today when I was taking you home,"he rocked back and fourth on his feet.  "Yes but I shouldn't of I don't want you to spend your money on me," I felt guilty. "It's fine I have nothing else to use it for but there one more thing," he smiled and took a shoe from me. He slipped his hand inside and pulled out a silver necklace. It has a heart with a few diamonds and the letter "Z" in the middle.   I let out a big gasp,"No No no i can't take this it must of cost you a fortune,"I pushed it away. He quickly reacted and gripped me in a hold were I couldn't move. He held one hand around me as he tried clipping the necklace on me, with success. "Z is for my name Zayn, obviously. It's to let you know if you ever need someone for anything I'm here," he smiled and pulled me into a hug. "Thanks, that means alot,"I smile in his chest. "Lets eat I actually cooked for this so be prepared for the worst," he laughed nervously. We ate for about 30 minutes and it was actually really good. I laid my head on his chest as we laid across the couch and watched whatever was on T.V. I slowly started drifting to sleep in his warm, safe embrace. 

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