Jessica, age 18 has been living a cruel life. With her parents constantly fighting, drinking and doing drugs she's just had enough. There is only one thing keeping her away from leaving her 5 year old sister, Alice. Ever since she was old enough it's been Jessica's job to care for her younger sibling. Having an aunt close by helped at some points but not even she can help with her low income. Just when she couldn't go on anymore she runs into someone who changed her life completely. She was not aware he was a member from teen pop sensation One Direction. What will happen when she meets the love of her life? Will she choose him over her own sister?


15. News

"Wake up babe," A soft voice mumbled. I slowly opened my eyes quickly being greeted by my favorite pair of sparkling brown eyes. "Can't we just stay here and sleep," I mumbled and buried my head in his chest. His arms tightened around me as he rested his chin on my head. "As much as I love to its past 10 and we need to eat. Plus Sarah called," he stopped for a moment," have you decided what your going to do about Alice?"his morning voice rumbled. "I don't know," I let out a deep breath," think I'm gonna make her stay. Zayn she's only 7 she's changing."

"Well of course she is she's growing up love," Zayn rubbed my arm. "No I mean she's changing. She loved being around the boys. They all treat her like a princess and when Sarah told us about the move she didn't hesitate," I sighed," I though she was happy here maybe I didn't spend enough time with her to notice it."

"Jess, you spend too much time with her. She's probably just a confused child, remember she didn't have much when she was younger,"Zayn sat up pulling me on his lap. He gave me a soft peck on my cheek," We'll discuss this once we get to Sarah's house but for now we must eat,"he picked me up running towards the kitchen. "Zayn!" I laughed loudly holding on for my life.

"Zayn dear! Haven't seem you in awhile!" Sarah nearly shouted with excitement. She fast walked towards Zayn pulling him for a tight hug. "Nice to see you too Sarah,"Zayn cleared his throat after almost being crushed to death. "Come come don't be shy have a seat," she ushered us towards the living room and running in the kitchen.

"She has a lot of energy,"Zayn chuckled. "Well that's Sarah for you," I giggled. She came back with three cups of tea and gave us each one. "So how's everything been with you too?" She crossed her legs taking the seat in front of Zayn and I. "We are great, couldn't be happier," Zayn smiled resting his arm on my shoulders. "Well aren't you too adorable,"she gushed making me blush. "Aunt Sarah where did you put my shoes?" A familiar voice shouted from the rooms. "They're beside the dresser dear,"she shouted back giving us a smile. "So have you decided about Ali?"

"I uh think I'm going to have her stay here, with me," I looked at my hands not wanting to make eye contact. "But I wanna go!" Alice's voice rang through the house. "Ali your too young to make decisions on your own," I replied In a calmed matter. "So are you," she places her hands on her hips cocking her hair to the side. My eyes widened with shock experiencing Alice's new attitude for the first time. "Hey don't talk to her that way," Zayn gave her a parenting look. He took my hand and began rubbing circles on the top of my hand. "Well I guess the decisions is made. I will miss you both and you can come visit anytime!" She smiled as her eyes began to whelm up.

"We'll miss you too aunt Sarah!" Ali whined running into her arms.

"I'm miss you Sarah, thank you for everything. You've helped us through so much. And I promise we will visit," we all huddled in a big hug saying our lasts goodbyes.

"I'm not really appreciating your attitude Alice,"I grumbled as she stomped into Zayn's house. She flinched at her full name since we never used it unless its was something serious. "We could be with Sarah but you had to say no!" She waved her hand around in anger. "I understand where you come from but this is where we live Alice," I shouted back.

"What's going on here?,"Harry shut the door behind him while eating a small piece of cake," I can hear the shouting from Liam's flat,"he mumbled. "Alice is being stubborned," I reply pointed at the young child in the corner of the living room. "Because you won't let me decide on my own! You made decisions when you were younger," she growled. "Yeah to help you, to help us. Alice we were on our own together and we stuck together I don't want to ruin that," my voice began sounding hoarse a tears whelmed in my eyes. "Well I wish we weren't," she sneered.

"Hey! No Alice you don't speak to your sister who practically raised you,  like that," Harry's eyes quickly changed from cheerful to anger. Alice's face relaxed and looked as if she was betrayed by a best friend. She gave a simple nod and left to her room. I let out a big sigh hoping all the stress would go along with it, but it didn't. I rested my head in my hands as Zayn's arms wrapped around me pulling me in his chest. I felt his mouthing words towards Harry who was still eating his cake.

"Fine fine," he mumbled walking to Ali's room.

"What was that?,"I questioned.

"Nothing babe, get some rest Harry's gonna take Ali to his flat until she cools down,"he softly stroked my hair. I mumbled a quiet "okay" and slipped into a deep sleep.

"I know...yes. Niall I'm not stupid, yeah I understand. Well she's not in the brightest mood and I don't know how she'll reac- okay Niall. Yes I get it, Irish boy I said No. Okay fine go ahead but don't crash it. See you later, bye," Zayn's voice whispered waking me up. It was hardly bright outside which wasn't anything new in London. I let out a yawn rubbing my eyes. "Morning love, here made you breakfast," Zayn walked over with two plates of food; filled with eggs, bacon, and a bagel.

"What was all that about?" I muffled through the bagel in my mouth.

"Niall, wanted to take my car out for a drive and he was reminding me to tell you something..," he trailed off.


"Well, we you know we just released our new album..."


"Well we were told a while ago there's a tour starting next month," he looked scared telling me this as if he said something wrong I would instantly maul his face.

"That's great!" I cheered hugging him tightly. Even though I was happy for him and the boys I still was sad. They were to be gone for who knows how long, which was strange since I was so use to have them around.

"Really?" He smiled happy with my respond I gave him a nod mirroring his smile back.

"But I was wondering if you'd like to tag along," he lifted part of his lip.

"With you? On tour?"

"Yea I mean I was speaking to Simon and he said it would be fine. Liam's bringing Danielle and Louis's bringing Eleanor for a part of the tour since she's on break from her studies."

"What about Ali?"

"Well she's coming too of course," he smiled," Even though she doesn't like me as much she's still important to me, you both are."

I felt my cheeks hear up so I quickly covered my face," I'd love to come on tour with you," I cheered wrapping my arms around him once again.

He cheered loudly picking me up in a hug and twirling me around. For the first time in my life I felt like a princess. Like in those fairy tales where the girl goes through something bad and ends up with the greatest thing in the world.






Heloo! Sorry I havent published in a looooong time but i finally got my laptop to work! So here's the fill in chapter i guess but i have some great drama coming up so bear with me! Leave me a comment on what you think, comments encourage me to keep on writing:)


Thanks for reading:)

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