Jessica, age 18 has been living a cruel life. With her parents constantly fighting, drinking and doing drugs she's just had enough. There is only one thing keeping her away from leaving her 5 year old sister, Alice. Ever since she was old enough it's been Jessica's job to care for her younger sibling. Having an aunt close by helped at some points but not even she can help with her low income. Just when she couldn't go on anymore she runs into someone who changed her life completely. She was not aware he was a member from teen pop sensation One Direction. What will happen when she meets the love of her life? Will she choose him over her own sister?


7. It's All My Fault


Niall P.O.V

"That concludes why the corn is the most magnificent vegetable," the lady in the T.V smiled straight at me."What am I watching.." I mumbled to myself. I heard a loud slam from the entrance as Zayn stomped into the room. His shirt ripped up, his face red with anger, and his eyes were watery as if he we're holding back tears. "What happened?," I quickly walked to his side. "I was attacked by fans and Paparazzi you were right I should've told her,"he let out a huff and balled his hands into fists. "Zayn.. calm down," I rested my hand on his back. "Calm down? calm down! The first girl I first fall in love with in years is gone, GONE! You should've seen her Niall she was... she was all bruised up, and beaten up, physically someone did that to her and I wasn't there to protect her,"he dropped to the floor. I heard small little whimpers coming from him as his teardrops hit the hardwood floor. "Zayn..," I reached my hand out, he quickly pulled back. "ITS ALL MY FAULT" he shouted. His face was red, as some tears ran down his cheek. He threw the books off the coffee table and started trashing the place. He ran to the the wall breaking down crying, like never before. He slammed his fist through the wall and he curled up into a ball on the floor," I looked everywhere I can't find her, shes gone," his voice cracked. I tried walking over but he just lifted his hand," I just want to be alone," his head dropped as he disappeared into the hallway. I quickly dialed the phone," Hello?" Harry's deep voice rumbled. "Come to Zayn's flat and bring the lads," and with that I hung up. I was scared. I've never seen Zayn like this, in fact no one has. He was always playful and happy, even though people saw him as strong and mysterious he was actually very fragile. 

Harry P.O.V

"Louis calm down," I laughed as he danced like a manic on the elevator ride up to Zayn's flat. Liam stood starstruck  in the corner," Liam what up with you?,"Louis began shaking his butt infront of him. "Is is D-D-Dani?," I winked at him.

"Shut up,"he blushed while hitting us on the shoulders.

"Where are we going?," Louis finally calmed down and stood calmly next to me.

"Zayn's flat apparently there's something wrong with Zayn," Liam began worrying. The door slid open we stumbled out and ran to Zayn's door. Liam swung it open, we all stood there shocked. The room was trashed. Broken glass, feathers, furniture, books, and much more were all over the living room. Niall let out a big huff and rubbed he back of his neck. He turned around and looked at us as we let ourselves in. 

"What happened here?,"Lou looked around.

"Zayn...he's lost it, Jess who was all bruised, found out about us, she ran away from Zayn while he was being mobbed by fans and the Papz, he couldn't find her since then. He came home and...did this,"his face dropped.

Liam went over and have him a hug. "He won't talk to anyone, I've tried I don't know what to do lads,"his voice cracked as tears were whealming up in his eyes.

"The only thing to do is search for her,"Liam looked as us.

Jessica P.O.V

It's been weeks, I think. I wrapped my arms around my legs trying to get the thought out of my head. It's my fault that I'm here, I looked around at the childlike room. Pink walls, dolls along the shelves, a tea set perfectly on the table, books, and a dress up chest. Alice was sound asleep in the small toddler bed in the corner. Being here felt strange, I remembered the last time I came down here, which was years ago. We moved into his house when I was about to start school, Gina already in 4th grade. We wandered into the house when our parents allowed us to choose our own rooms. Ali wasn't born at the time, once I picked my room I stumbled into a small door in my closet that was built into the ground. Gina and I pulled it open revealing a small room. We used it as our small play room, our "club". 

The memories came back into my mind just as I forgotten it. As I ran from the school with Ali I wanted to run away. Not just from Zayn, but from everyone, but being in the cruel world without money would be an easy death. No food, no shelter, no water. Ever since I took matters into my own hands, specifically Alice I've been putting money aside for the day I finally had the guts to leave. It was a stupid idea, for me to go back home for the money after leaving my father, but I had no choice. I closed my eyes as the images flashes through my head.

"Zayn! Zayn! Kiki help him,"Ali shouted as we ran away. I ignored her completely. My only goal and thing on my mind was to get way from him and to get my money. My heart was beating hard, it took every strength in me not to give up then and there. I ran to the house carefully sneaking into my room afraid of him seeing me.

"Kiki what can't we use the door?" She asked rather loudly. I quickly put my finger over my mouth "shhh we're going somewhere far away, somewhere happy," I smiled as some tears welled up in my eyes.

"Disneyland?,"she smiled with a grin that stretched across her face.

"...Yes Disneyland. Now you have to follow everything thing I say for now and be very quiet. Remember the better you do it the faster we get there," I gave her a quick squeeze. I looked around my usual place in the top of my closet where i kept the stash of money. Only feeling dust, it's gone. Did I move it? No... It was nowhere to be seen. I peaked through  my bedroom door and saw the little green pouch sitting right in the center of the living room table.

"Ali, I'll be right back if I yell run, you run as fast as you can and try to go to Sarah's house okay?," I kissed her gently on the forehead.

"Where are you going?," she gently moved her head to the side.

"To... get the money you run to Sarah's house and tell her where we're going okay?" She gave me a small nod.

"No matter what happened just know what I'll always love you," I kissed her one last time and made my way into the hall. Everything was the same as it was before I left. I looked around the house was it dead quiet. I felt his eyes starting me down, but not knowing where he was hiding. It was obvious it was a trap, but I had to try. I tiptoed to the bad and picked it slipping it into jean pocket. Not thinking twice I sprinted towards the room, and felt a strong pull jolt me back into the living room. I turned around and saw him starting straight at me.

"I knew you'd come back," he grinned. "Where did you go?," he growled,"To see your boyfriend? I...I just don't like him," he threw me on the couch and pulled out a magazine and began reading an article. "Zayn Malik, from One you didn't tell me he was famous, you gold digger. Was recently found meeting up with a mystery girl. No one knows who this girl is or where she came from but will she be the lucky girl to say "I'm dating Zayn Malik?" he let out a small chuckle. He pulled out another magazine and opened up to a page with Zayn's face plastered all over it. I felt the last remaining bits of my heart shatter," Zayn Malik's mystery girl Discovered! Jessica Monroe age, 18 has been spotted once again with Zayn! He hasn't mentioned her or anything about their relationship is she just a hit a run or is he just trying to keep her from the hate?,"he stopped and huffed," you're obviously a hit and run if he isn't proud to be with out."

"Shut up, we're done, i found out about his fame just now and we weren't even dating," I mumbled and quickly swept away my tears.

"Aww poor baby Jessica is crying," he laughed.

"Why are you so god damn crazy all of a sudden?," i nearly shouted. His teasing stare turned into a glare. "What did I say about talking to me like that?" I felt his hand on me once more. I couldn't take it anymore, i ran to the room but two rough arms wrapped around me pulling me back.I struggled and tried my best to break free but he was too strong. He busted through the door with his hand over my mouth as i screamed from the top of my lungs only coming out as a small muffle. Ali crawled up in the corner with a frightened look on her face.

She decided to stay with me down here. My father allowed her to roam free above the house and in here as well. No phone signal, which means no help so I was hopeless. Ali is having a  good time playing with the old dolls in the corner. I turned away hearing a loud crash I see her with her face red. "I-Im sorry I didnt mean to break it,"she stuttered looking down at the broken teapot revealing a small key,"Of course how could I forget!" I quickly grabbed the key and remembering the secret small window that opened up from behind the dresser. I pushed it out of the way revealing the small key slot. The key fit in perfectly  letting out a small click opening the door. It was to small to fit through but big enough to make a quick phone call. I slipped the phone through the whole and My phone started going crazy with missed called and new texts. I couldnt see who I was calling but clicked whatever contact I first laid my finger on. After the third ring I heard a worried Danielle on the other side.


"Shhh shhh is...are you around..,"it hurt thinking about him let alone say his name.

"Yes! where are you?!" "Im at my house my dad went crazy you could say im being held captive,"I tried to say as quietly as I can.

"Okay well we're coming!," she alsmort ung the phone until I stopped her,"NO! Just you..please," she gave me an okay and quickly hung up. I sat next to the window waiting for Dani reading my multiple texts. 

Over 100 missed calls from Zayn.

i scanned through the texts

Zayn: Please I need to talk to you I have my reasons just let me explain xx

Zayn: I need to see you its been weeks where are you please at lest one text to see if your okay

Zayn: I cant take this anymore im begging please!

Dani: JESS! WHERE ARE YOU? Are you okay? please relyyy! love you Xxx

Scar: Where are you? your face is plastered all over town and Zayn has lost it! please come back <3

Zayn: please, please I need to know if you're still breathing. I can't take it anymore, not knowing if you're okay.

a loud bang made me jump turning around to the small opening seeing Danielle with tears in her face,"Your okay!" she teared up. "how do I get you out?,"she looked around and tried pulling the sides of the opening.

"Go to my room and in my closet there is a small door, open it my dad isn't home but he will be soon so hurry!" she gave me a nod and disappeared. Within a few minutes I heard some shuffling on the floor above me and the door swung open. I grabbed Ali in my arms as Dani pulled me into a hug,"thank god your both okay,"she sighed. She pulled us out of there leading the way to her car. Once we were in she sped away  from this nightmare of a house. 

Liam P.O.V

"Where's Dani?," I looked at the tired boys sprawled on the couches.  

"I don't know I think she went out," Niall mumbled as he closed his eyes. "

Now let us sleep Zayn's been pushing us all day for almost a month and with work this is practically the only break we get," Louis mumbled and burried his head in the couch.

"I'll go check on Zayn...,"I made my way to his room and hear his feet shuffling around. I slowly opened the door seeing him hurrying around the room. His hair was a mess, he was pale, hasn't shaved for awhile, his eyes had giant bags under them making it obvious he hasn't slept for a long time, and  he looked skinner than ever. Overall he looked terrible and not like zayn at all, he was always mopey, sad, and always on the go. I've never seen him act like this especially over a girl. He was typing away on his laptop with flyers in his hand. "Zayn..." I stepped in with him completely ignoring me.

"Zayn...Zayn! Take a break you need to calm down."he was shaking with the flyers of Jess's face on them.

"I can't I have to try," he growled searching more on the laptop. 

"Zayn get some sleep now," i took them away from his hands.

"I CANT! Liam I can't please help me," he broke down crying at my feet. The back of my throat began to feel heavy. I was heartbreaking seeing someone close to you in much pain. He's been like this for awhile breaking down crying almost everyday."Zayn please.. eat, go to sleep you need to rest ," I pulled him in for a hug. " i need to find her," he pulled away and walked outside into the living room. I followed him seeing him standing there shocked at the end of the hallway stiff as a rock. I furrowed my eyebrows with confusion and looked over his and followed his gaze  There standing in front of us was Dani hold a sleeping Ali and a drowsy and tired Jess. 





** I have realized that Payzer did break up (liam and Danielle) but they're still together in my heart and am continuing them as a thing for this story**

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