Jessica, age 18 has been living a cruel life. With her parents constantly fighting, drinking and doing drugs she's just had enough. There is only one thing keeping her away from leaving her 5 year old sister, Alice. Ever since she was old enough it's been Jessica's job to care for her younger sibling. Having an aunt close by helped at some points but not even she can help with her low income. Just when she couldn't go on anymore she runs into someone who changed her life completely. She was not aware he was a member from teen pop sensation One Direction. What will happen when she meets the love of her life? Will she choose him over her own sister?


2. I'm Your Prince Awaiting For My Princess


"W-Who are you?," I studdered loosing my words at his presence. "I'm Zayn, Zayn Malik"

Jessica P.O.V

An adorable smile spread across his face," and you are?" He held out his hand and helped me sit up,"I'm Jessica but call me Jess, can you explain to me what I'm doing here?,"I looked around the room confused. The walls were painted a light milky brown that went great with the hardwood floor, two more couches surrounded the glass table that was put in the middle of the room. There was also a large furniture piece that held his flat screen T.V and endless rows of movies. Taking in my surroundings it was pretty obvious that I was in Zayn's living room, and he was rich, of course. 

"Well I was taking a walk to the park when I saw you standing there, in the middle of the street. As the car grew closer and closer I suspected you would run but you just stood there. I couldn't bear watch Someone die right before my eyes and live with the though of the chance that could've helped you. Then when I saw you up close I didn't regret anything, even though I didn't in the first place. I was glad I was the one helping you, your beautiful face stood out to me the way your hair just sat perfectly-,"he instantly stopped while his eyes widened in shock noticing at what he just said. We both started blushing a rosy pink color. "uh- I mean I pushed you out from infront of a car...and yea,"he scratched his back while looking down at the blanket. 

"Thank you so much, I don't know how to repay you,"a smile spread on his face while his eyes gleamed. "Well would you mind, going to dinner?,"he let out a nervous chuckle. "dinner?! What time is it I have to pick up my little sister,"I quickly stood up from the couch and everything rushed around me. A strong pare of arms wrapped around me keeping me from hitting the ground,"are you okay?," Zayn's eyes searched for an answer. "uh..yea thanks again but it's 4:10 I was suppose to pick up my sister at 2:30,"I stood up not wanting to break the bond in his arms around me. But he let go and his arms dropped to his side. "I...I can give you a ride,"his eyes lightened up. "Can you really thank you!,"I could hold back the hug that I was urning to give him after all he's done. 

"C'mon it's parked outside,"he laid his arm around my shoulder,"I wouldn't want you to fall again,"he cocked his head to the side and flashed me his pearly whites again. I could just melt every time he smiled, every time we touched, or whenever his eyes would gleam. It was now a bit darker that before which worried me, how could I've been so stupid? Standing in the middle of the street. Being in a strangers home, in a strangers car! No, what am I thinking? He practically saved my life, I could've been dead right now, at this moment. He opened the door to the car and helped me in, walking around the front of the car and sitting in the drivers seat. The rumble of the engine vibrated through the leather black seats that matched the black car. 

"What's the address?,"he turned on his GPS that sat at the head of the car, I reached over and typed int he address. "So are you feeling ill or anything?,"he kept his eyes on the rode. "Nope," I popped the P.  "Good, so Jessica- I mean Jess are we still on for dinner?,"he turned and gave me a quick smile. "I'd love to but, I can't I have to take care of my sister,"I tried to hid the disappointing tone in my voice but failed. I dropped my head ashamed, risking his life and saving me and the way I replay him with, rejection. I felt his soft fingers light push my chin up," don't be sad, we're here,"he smiled and looked out the window. Alice was sitting on the bench letting her feet hang as she kicked them around. Her head shot up as she saw us pull up. Zayn once again opened the door for me and we walked towards Alice. 

She ran full speed towards me with her arms wide open," Kiki!,"she screamed from the top of her lungs. She rushed into my arms as I picked her up she wrapped her legs around my waist. A heard Zayn let out a   chuckle. Alice's head shot towards Zayn," Who are you?"she blinked her eyes multiple times in confusion. "...Where are my  manners? Im your prince awaiting for my princess,"he bowed and Alice blushed widely. She motioned me to put her down, once her tiny feet hit the floor she began spinning around allowing her dress to hover over her legs. Zayn clapped and held out his hand Alice quickly responded and held his hand. She let out a small giggle, i stood there smiling throughout the whole time. It was nice hearing her giggle again after all these years. 

She raised her arms and Zayn picked her up, he put his hand behind my back pushing me to the car. He carefully sat Alice in the back and strapped her in. I propped myself in the front seat again with Zayn following after. He once again turned on the black sleek car and began driving to an unknown direction. "Um..Where are we going?,"I furrowed my eyebrows and flickered  my eyes in every direction. "Dinner,"he gave me a wink and looked into the visor mirror, lokign straight at Alice,"What your name princess?,"he smiled. "Alice!," her adorable voice chirped. 

"Well Alice, do you like singing?,"he switched his eyes back to the rode. "Oh yes! Kiki and I sing together all the time." she pointed at me. I let out a groan and dropped my head on my hand. Zayn's eyes widened and a cheeky smile spread across his face. "Ooh! So Kiki sings too, babe what song does she sing? Is she any good?" Zayn looked back at Alice once more. She gave him a nod,"We sing Autumn Leaves together all the time,"she smiled showing her incoming teeth. "Ooh! Ed Sheeran I happen to have that song on my iPod,"he scrolled down the list and soon the slow strum of the guitar came on. "Another day another life passes by just like mine it's not complicated," Zayn sang in a low relaxing voice, his voice as if it were kissed by a thousand angles.

"C'mon Jess sing the next verse,"he nudged my side. "Um... I think I'll pass," I chuckled. "Aww you party pooper your lucky we're here though c'mon,"he motioned us to get out of the car. His accent made the butterflies in my stomach go wild. Alice came to my side and held my hand. We took a seat farthest away from the window entrance, I wonder why? If all the seats were empty. A tall blonde waitress with shinning blue eyes and perfect skin came up to the table, her eyes widened as she looked at us. "Oh-Oh my god! Your Z-Zayn Malik!,"She finally managed to find her words. I turned and looked at Zayn and narrowed my eyebrows. He shrugged his shoulders," Uh...can you just get us three burgers with lemonades and fries please?,"he gave her a quick smile which made her eyes widen even more, which I though was impossible.

She gave him a nod and walked away with her trembling legs. "What was that all about?,"i questioned him curious at what his answer might be. "I...was on a magazine a few days ago with my good friends, we um sing together,"he fiddled his fingers. "So your up rising stars?,"I looked as his golden eyes, started dying down to a deep brown as the sun went down. "Um no... I don't think were up to that point,"he nervously chuckled. I could tell he felt uncomfortable with this situation so i let it go. A few minutes later our waitress came out this time with more make-up I suspected she was trying to impress Zayn. A pit in my stomach began turning with anger, wait was I actually jealous? I mean she was far more pretty than I. Why wouldn't he want her? "Well arn't you gonna eat?,"Zayn nudged my side shooting be back into the real world. I gave him a quick not and about a half hour later we all finished our meal, which he made no acceptions of me paying for.

We got back in the car with Alice already sleeping in the back. I typed in the address to the house and within we were there. "Um...I...I,"he took a deep breath," I was wondering if you'd like to hang out tomorrow?,"he managed to say and gave me a smile. "Sure, here's my number,"I pulled out a pen from my bag and wrote it across his hand. I cradled Alice who was starting to wake up, in my arms. "Thanks, for everything, I means a lot and I hope one day I can do something to repay you,"I gave him a warming smile. He held out his open arms and pulled me into a hug with Alice in between us. Once we pulled away I turned round to the dark house that soon was accompanied to the usual screams. 

"Not again,"Alice held onto my arm as strong as she could. "Don't worry Ali we'll be fine," I whispered into her hair. I felt her tears soak through my shirt. I took one last deep breath and slowly approached the house. I felt a sharp tug around my waist and noticed Zayn hovering over me. "I, can't let you go in there, especially with Alice,"he looked worried. "We'll be fine it's not anything new," I mumbled and began walking again. "No, No NO! Please! Mommy and Daddy fight all the time, they scare me I don't like them, I don't like it here!,"Alice shrieked and began bawling. After all these years of holding back her emotions I guess she couldn't take it anymore. She struggled free and ran to Zayn who welcomed her with his arms wide open. "C'mon with me and I'll take you to a place were a princess like you deserves," he smiled and lightly stroked her hair. I could hear her light whimpering," what do you say?," Zayn held out his open arm towards me. As I took my first step towards him I heard a loud scream from behind me," JESSICA AND ALICE MONROE GET AWAY FROM THAT BOY AND INTO THE HOUSE!," Todd, my father slurred with a bottle of beer in one hand. 

"Get in the car," Zayn intructed without moving his lips. He quickly sat Alice in the car and shut the door. "Jess in the car!,"he shouted a bit louder. I tried but I froze, frightened. His rugged skin all dirty his black beady eyes felt as if he were staring into my soul," IN THE HOUSE!," he shouted throwing the bottle in my direction. I felt a sharp pain run through my hand, I looked down and watched as the blood gushed out and dripped onto my favorite shoes. Zayn's strong arms quickly picked me up and sat me in the car. I jerked back as he pushed the gas and saw my father waving his fist into the air as we speed away. Still stunned I looked straight at the window. "Your hand doesn't want to stop bleeding," he pulled his shirt over his head and tied it tightly on my hand. I didn't know how he managed to do that considering the fact that he is driving and going about 80 miles per hour. He took my hand and slowly traced his thumb on the wrapped wounds, giving me worried glances here and there. "I hope the boys can somehow help stop the bleeding,"he looked down at the now red shirt that was once white. The boys?


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