Jessica, age 18 has been living a cruel life. With her parents constantly fighting, drinking and doing drugs she's just had enough. There is only one thing keeping her away from leaving her 5 year old sister, Alice. Ever since she was old enough it's been Jessica's job to care for her younger sibling. Having an aunt close by helped at some points but not even she can help with her low income. Just when she couldn't go on anymore she runs into someone who changed her life completely. She was not aware he was a member from teen pop sensation One Direction. What will happen when she meets the love of her life? Will she choose him over her own sister?


11. Feelings Now Chosen


Jessica (Jess) P.O.V


“Louis, please calm down,” Zayn whined as he flapped his arm in the air. “Zayn isn’t obviously a morning person,” Louis let out a chuckle as he put his arm around me. We were all waiting to enter the plane for our trip to America. Liam and Harry were playfully swinging Ali each holding on of her arms trying to keep her entertained. While Niall, Louis, Zayn stood behind. Once the long line of passengers began to move I followed the boys to their private section since they’re such” big popstars” we couldn’t sit with the other people.


The seats were tan and a leather fabric which seated two for each row.  Niall and I took the back seats, Louis and Liam sat in front of us, followed by Harry and Ali and last but not least Zayn in the front. I suggest I would sit with Ali so Zayn could sit with someone else and not be alone but of course Ali wanted to sit with “Hatty”.


The green lights began flickering notifying us it was close to take off. “We will be arriving to California, Los Angeles in about 10 hours. Please buckle up for takeoff and have a nice flight!” the captain’s voice rung around the room. With that being said Niall quickly turned around and looked at me with an eager face. I awkwardly sat there blinking multiple times staring at him blankly,” What?”. “What do you mean what! Did you think about you know cinnamon roll?” he whispered. “Niall as much as I love food I don’t spend my time thinking about cinnamon rolls…” I replied confused with this question. He smacked his hand on his forehead,” I meant Zayn! ‘Cause his hair looks like a cinnamon roll with the blonde and the..,” he motioned little circles on his head,” Never mind! But have you?” He raised his eyebrows.


“I…I guess so,” I pondered on the idea.  He wouldn’t take if for an answer, his expression on his face urged me to get straight to the point. “Okay, okay! God Niall… I think I do have feelings for him,” I bit my lip. His eyes widened as a smile spread across his face.


Zayn P.O.V


5 hours later


The idea of forgetting about Jessica was backfiring. No matter how hard I tried her smile and beautiful gleaming blue eyes would appear back into my thoughts. I felt the seat next to sink in as I laid my head on the seat with my eyes closed. “Please go away I’m not in the mood,” I mumbled guessing it would most likely be Louis being the trouble maker he is. “Oookay then..,” a feminine voice replied. My eyes flashed open and turned to the person leaving the seat, Jessica. “Wait! I thought you were Louis trying to bother me again,” I reached for her wrist and pulled her back down on the seat.


She flopped back down on the seat as I could tell she was looking at me up and down inspecting me as if she we’re buying new clothes. Did I have something in my teeth? I moved my tongue across my teeth feeling the slick surface, nothing. She let out a small giggle and quickly tried covering it up by putting her hand over her mouth. “What do I have something on my face?” I rubbed my hand over my face only feeling a few prickles, reminding me I needed to shave. “No.. It’s just, you look adorable. Your covered in giant fluffy blankets you can hardly see your face,” she smiled looking down at her feet. I noticed that I was covered in giant blankets with my earphones wrapping around my neck. I felt my cheeks go hot with the thought of her calling me adorable, “What are you listening to?” she questioned as she leaned in and laid her head on the earphone. “Aww I love Ed,” she smiled and slid the earphones from behind my head giving me a look which asked “do you mind?” “Go ahead,”I replied as I heard her shuffle the songs she began humming the tune to “Wake Me Up”. I caught on to what part she was at and I slowly sang the lyrics,” and maybe your loveable and maybe your my snowflake, and your eyes turn from green to gray in the winter I’ll hold you in a cold place,” she turned and faced me giving me an approving smile.


“Your good, no wonder you’re on a band,” she chuckled as she handed me the back the earphones and IPod. “Thank you, you weren’t bad either the day we caught you dancing and singing with Dani,” I replied and slightly nudged her side. “We were just fooling around….Zayn?” she turned around giving me a serious look. My eyebrows furrowed down concerned in her mood change,” yea?” “Thank you, you helped me…with my dad and having a place to stay, giving Ali the life she deserves. I don’t know how I’ll repay you but I will, someday, “she looked deep into my eyes as I got lost in her ocean blue eyes. “I’m glad to help and you don’t have to repay us we did it to actually help and we don’t expect anything back, “she pulled me into a hug, warm sparks ran up my arms and all over my body. A wave of warmth went around me as I took in her embrace while the moment lasted. She pulled away and looked at me once dividing her hair putting half and half on each shoulder and let out a yawn. “Have you slept yet? We woke up a bit early why don’t you get some sleep,” she nodded I expected her to lay on my shoulder or lap but she just laid her head back and closed her eyes.


Niall’s P.O.V

I woke up when our plane came to a stop the green light flashing once again but this time allowing us to know we were allowed to leave. I looked out the window to see the bustling of cars and lights of the city of Los Angeles in the dark night sky. Touring around the world I should probably be used to time change but in reality it always messed my sleeping times, I can speak for everyone when I say that. The boys where already gathering their belongings from their shelves above their seats. I turned to my side noticing Jess was gone so I took her things as well and made my way to the front, maybe she went to the bathroom. “Zayn its t-,” I stopped as joy grew over me. Jess was sound sleep on Zayn’s chest as he rested his head on hers wrapping the white blankets and his arms around her.


As much as I didn’t want to I knew I was going to have to wake them up,” Jess…Zayn! Jess love, time to get up we are here,” I poked them both rapidly. Their eyes fluttering open adjusting to the lights as they both turned their heads which ended up with them staring straight at each other’s eyes. Both shocked not being aware of their position they quickly got up and began stretching as if nothing happened, typical, avoiding their feelings, I playfully rolled my eyes.


Jessica (Jess) P.O.V

I felt two muscular arms around me cradling me as if I were an infant. His easy steps to wherever he was going felt like I was being rocked back and forth. I let out a loud yawn as I buried my head into a soft yet hard substance.


8 hours later


“Jess, Jess,” I heard a relaxing voice coon while lightly patting my arm. I opened my eyes revealing a beautiful male hovering over me, with light glowering around him,” am I in heaven?” I mumbled as I slowly opened and closed my eyes. His chest rumbled as a low chuckled came out of his full pink lips,” No you’re actually in a hotel we’re leaving in a bit and we still have to get ready,” he smiled revealing his white shining teeth. I sat up and notice the guy I’ve been gawking over was Zayn, of course, my feeling


getting bigger for him. I looked around the room, a flat screen TV with two twin beds in front of it. The headboards read “ A dream is a wish your heart makes” with stars surrounding it. I stood up with the soft brown carpet engulfed my feet. I walked around more exiting the room, a small kitchen decked out with Disney materials along with a living room and a balcony.


“How did I get here and where are the others?” I turned to the bedroom door seeing Zayn leaning on the wall. “You feel asleep on the car ride so I carried you here and the boys quickly paired up leaving us too to our own room. Louis is with Harry and Ali, and Niall is with Liam.” He walked back into our room as I followed along,” Oh well thank you,” Was all I could say. I couldn’t get the vision of him hovering over me with the light glowering around him out of my mind. “Anytime, the boys are all getting ready they want us down in the lobby in an hour so get dressed,” he nodded his head while his hands were inside his pocket. I continued my gaze up his body noticing he wasn’t wearing a shirt showing his tanned and perfectly shaped body. I didn’t realize my jaw has dropped until Zayn snapped me out of my thoughts,” Take a picture it’ll last longer,” he smirked and gave me a wink. “Im just gonna go…get dressed,” I pointed to the bathroom. “wait! Harry requested since it is Ali’s birthday we are required to be in a full spirit and wear costumes, yaay…” he mumbled as he handed me a hanger with a bag covering the outfit,” great…” I took the bad and headed into the bathroom with m under clothes, make up bag and hair styling utensils.


A half hour trying to look good, later


I looked into the full length mirror annoyed with Harry at this point. I read over the note he left attached with the dress:


“ Dear Jessica,

I know I know, what the hell are you thinking? Since it’s Ali’s first time at Disneyland, first birthday with us I wanted to make it special so PLEASE, just put on the costume. I love your sister as if she were my own it would mean a lot to me to see her happy again thank you Jessica hope you understand!


P.S. The boys and I picked this outfit knowing you would look good in it plus we had our stylist compare you with the best character! And I know Zayn will enjoy it with both of you too matching;) “


Matching? Zayn was wearing a dress? I laughed quietly to myself. I looked one last time into the mirror. My character was no one else but the one and only Ariel. I had white light skin which used to be tanned. My blue eyes went well with the character and of course Harry included a red wig, but thankfully it was comfortable. I wore the pink dress from the movie when Ariel had dinner with Prince Eric along with pink heels. Yes I’m wearing heels to an amusement park thanks to Harry Styles. I walked out of the room checking my makeup and felt pretty as a Disney princess, thankfully my bruises and scare were nearly faded but I put a little make up to cover it up.


There standing was Zayn in a Prince Eric outfit, that’s when It clicked I knew what Harry meant with “Matching”. His black hair stood up in his usual quaff along with his blond streaks which he tried hiding to go with the character. He wore exactly what Eric wore during the movie, white shirts, red belt, blue pants, and black boots. The only difference was that he has brown eyes instead of blue which was acceptable his were far more beautiful, did I really just say that?


“Woow… You look…look, beautiful,” he smiled with his eyes wide and gleaming. I felt my cheeks blush red,” You look good too,” I replied as he held his arm, I linked his arm with mine and we made our way to the lobby both with giant smiles spread across our faces.




*Author’s Note*

I know I know this chapter dragged on but I wanted their full experience of Disneyland in either the next chapter or the next two chapters. So while I was writing I have noticed that Jessica’s Little sister “Ali, Alice” name in the beginning of the chapter was Allison *MINDBLOWN*. Well it switched from Allison to Alice and vise versa. Im sorry if I confused anyone but I kinda have this thing where I forget things a lot, maybe short term memory lost cause it’s been happening a lot. But im just joking I don’t think I actually have  just might of slipped my mind, whoops! But from now on her name is Alice and nickname is Ali anymore questions feel free to leave them bellow as a comment! If you really like my story please share it It would mean the WORLD TO ME! Thanks for reading! <3

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