Jessica, age 18 has been living a cruel life. With her parents constantly fighting, drinking and doing drugs she's just had enough. There is only one thing keeping her away from leaving her 5 year old sister, Alice. Ever since she was old enough it's been Jessica's job to care for her younger sibling. Having an aunt close by helped at some points but not even she can help with her low income. Just when she couldn't go on anymore she runs into someone who changed her life completely. She was not aware he was a member from teen pop sensation One Direction. What will happen when she meets the love of her life? Will she choose him over her own sister?


5. Devil In Three






Jessica P.O.V

I took in deep breaths as Zayn's heart melting aroma floated around me. His chest was perfectly comforting yet hard. I felt his soft easing breath on my neck which informed me he was still asleep. I didn't bother checking the time..who cared? I loved this moment, this feeling i've been having around him, I haven't had it in awhile and it felt nice. "JESSICA! ZAYN! OPEN THE DOOR!!," a familiar voice screamed while banging the door. There was several clanging of the key an door knob from whoever was trying to open it. I felt the breeze as it swung open an instantly felt multiple rapid pokes on my shoulder. My eyes flew open and the first thing I saw was Scar. I turned back around and dug my head into Zayn's chest trying to get away from it all and return to the calming position. "Oh no young lay we have to go! Today is Monday, meaning we have school!,"Scar reminded me. How could I forget? I quickly stood up forgetting the fact that Zayn was still asleep. He quickly got up and was obviously startled," W-what's going on?" "Jess and I have to go we have school you'll have her all you want later I promise," Scar got ahold of my arm and began dragging me to the door. "I can't go looking like this! You had time to change I didn't im wearing a party dress," I hissed. "Should've thought of that before you went up and cuddled with Mr. Malik,"she continued pulling me. I felt a sharp tug on my other wrist turning around and seeing Zayn's tired eyes. "She can borrow my clothes,"he quickly pulled me to his side. "You have 5 minutes hurry I'll be in a car right in front of the building!,"she yelled while leaving the hallway. Zayn pulled me into what seemed his room. He had a queen sized bed that was covered in brown quilts. It looked as if you jumped on it, it would feel as if you were falling on a cloud. The bed had a deep brown dresser in front of it holding a flat screen TV. On the other side was a glass door which I guessed lead to the balcony. He pulled me into another room, which was his closet, and it was huge. There were endless amounts of clothes, from the very top filled with jeans, jackets, and t-shirts to the bottom that was mostly covered by a variety of shoes. 

"Here this is a small if fits me a little tight so it should fit perfectly on you,"he handed me a plain white shirt. He took a glance out the glass windows and handed me a gray plaid long sleeve shirt. "What Can i wear for pants?," I looked around seeing everything he had. "I was hoping nothing,"he gave me a smirk. My jaw dropped wide open," you perv!" I lightly smacked him with the shirts in my hand. He let out a loud laugh,"I'm kidding! I'm kidding, here my sister left her jeans a few days ago. They're washed and I think they may fit you, and you can wear the shoes I got you,"he smiled. "Thanks!,"I ran into the living room grabbing the black high tops and made my way to the bathroom. I quickly slipped everything on surprisingly I didn't look as bad as I thought I would've. Everything fit a bit loose but it looked as if I were having somewhat of a lazy day but in a cute way, which I guess you could say I was. I pulled my hair up into a messy bun and walked back out into the room. Zayn was standing infront of the doorway blocking my exit. "Thank you so much Zayn!," I smiled and tried going around him but failed with him instantly blocking my way. "Eh eh eh! Where's my goodbye hug? That's your ticket to the other side of this door.,"he smirked. I let out a sigh and pulled into his warm embrace. "Thanks again!," I shouted as I ran out of the building after a quiet elevator ride to the first floor.
"Finally!" Scar turned on her shiny black car which let out a loud rumble, "Good luck surviving school with no supplies," she laughed while turning up the volume to the radio. I pulled out my phone and read " 3 New Messages".    

Sarah: Hey babe probably got caught up in the party stay safe:) Xxx   

Sarah: Hope you kept it clean last night getting a bit worried please text back if your okay. I still expect you to go to school don't worry about Alice I have time to take her myself. Please reply if your okay so I won't call the cops on that boy of your and accuse him of kidnapping!   

Zayn: Good luck at school see you soon love :) Xxx 

  I quickly replied to Sarah's text messages not wanting her to freak out or anything:   

Me: Sarah! I didn't have sex I swear! I fell asleep on the couch and thank you so much im on my way to school:) love you! Xx  

 and I replied to Zayn's as well:

   Me: thanks:)   

 Zayn: One more thing...  

 Me: ???   

Zayn: I enjoy our hugs too:)  

 Me: What are you talking about?    

Zayn: You kinda talk in your sleep Haha    

Me: Did I say anything else?!?!   

Zayn: Maybeee...   

Me: Tell me!!   

Zayn: have a good day see you later!   

"Woman you are head over heels for that boy!," Scar laughed pulling my concentration away from the texts. What else did I say in my sleep? I didn't even know I talked in my sleep. But he said he enjoyed our hugs. The butterflies in my stomach flew widely around creating a warm feeling inside. "No! We're just friends geesh,"I protested. She gave me a look which showed me she was not convinced. "I mean you are wearing his clothes honay, but we're here so we'll continue this conversation at lunch meet me at the corner table in the cafeteria," she nodded and parked her car in the student parking lot. The car's rumble came to a stop and we both flew out of the car since we were already late.    

Zayn's P.O.V 

   I laughed to myself seeing her surprised text. I laid lazily on the couch closing my eyes trying to continue my interrupted sleep. I heard rustling in the kitchen and the small bangs of closing cabinets. I grabbed a pillow and slowly creped to the entrance. I saw little blonde hair sticking up from behind the opened fridge door. "Niall! What are you doing here?," I said in relief. "Eating, obviously,"he closed the door with his arms filled with food. "How did you get in here?,"I asked concerned as we walked into the living room. He carefully laid every piece of food on the table and began digging in," We have keys to all the flat's remember and how do you think Scarlett got in?" he mummled with all the food in his mouth. The door swung open with three boys shouting at the top of their lungs. "CAAAAAAN YOUUU FEEEL THE TOOOONIGHT!  LOOOOOVE ISS WHERE THEYY ARE!!". They all stopped with disappointing looks on their faces," Dammit she's gone," Harry's head dropped. They all sat around the table joining Niall and eating whatever he brought out. There was a soft knock on the door, I stood up from the couch and walked over to open it. Standing there was a beautiful girl with brown curly hair and chocolate brown eyes, she had a beautiful smile that instantly cheered you up.    "Hiii, Sorry to bother you but is Jess here? Im Danielle by the way,"she held her hand. "Uh no you just missed her sorry," I shook her hand. Her face dropped a little," Do you know when she will come back home?" "I have no idea but I can give you her number if you'd like,"I smiled. She gave me a nodd and typed in the number on her phone as I read it out loud off of my phone. "Well I'll comeback once she's home!," she smiled once again. "Wait what? She doesn't live here," I laughed. "Oh.. sorry! I thought she did considering she was your girlfriend and everything,"she laughed nervously. "Oh.. well she's not my girlfriend either," I said a little sad. I was actually starting to like Jess. I wanted to take her out on a real date but I didn't want to rush into something and scare her away. "Im sorry...this is awkward," he nervously looked down. "Hey Dani!," I looked over at Liam who's eyes instantly began sparkling when he saw the beautiful girl before us. "Liam! How are you?,"she eased back in a relaxed tone. "Great, I was about to go eat breakfast-" "No you weren't," my eyes quickly widened when I finally realized he was making his move. He gave me a small glare and looked back at Dani giving her a comforting smile," Yes....I was and I was wondering if you'd like to come with me?," his brown eyes sparkled with hope. "Of course, I'd love too, I'm a but hungry myself," she giggled. He gave her a nod and waved and yelled goodbye to the boys with Niall responding,"  BRING ME SOMETHING!!" They waved goodbye to me as I watched them disappear  into the hallway close side by side towards the elevator.    "Leeeeeyyuuuummmm has a crush!!," I shouted to the boys and quickly ran jumping across their laps making them let out a groan in pain. "Who Dani?,"Louis almost shouted. I gave him a nod,"He's been eyeing her for awhile, nothing new there but you and Jess?" he gave me a playfull wink. "Nothing is going on!,"I threw a pillow at him. He busted out laughing,"Ookay." I heard my phone beep notifying me I got a new text.   

Jessica: Hey I heard Dani stopped by would you mind if Dani and I meet up at your house?? We have some serious catching up to do and she has important news to tell me!! Any ideas what it may be??   

Me: yea that's fine:) and maybe the fact that she and Liam went out for a breakfast?  

Jessica: they did?!?!   

Me: yup!   

Jessica: asdfghjkl! Liam finally got the courage to talk to her gaww im so proud they look so cute together:)   

Louis pulled my phone away began frantically reading and replying to the texts while I was trying to retrieve my phone. he handed it back with a smirk on his face.  

  Me: As would we;)  

 "Louis!," I shouted and ran straight at him tackling us both to the ground. I held him to the floor and soon Harry and Niall joined us for a small wrestling session. Once we were all done I looked and saw that Jessica has replied.    

Jessica:  oh my c: if you say so Haha:)   

Me: Sorry Louis can be a bit of a prick sometimes.. so see you later?   

Jessica: Yup! School's almost over:)

Me: what class are you in?   

Jessica: Math, I seriously think this teacher hates me she gives me constant glares, like for instance right now   

Me: She's probaby jealous of your beauty;)   

Jessica: Ha! that's a funny joke  

Me: Nope its 100% true, well I better leave you before you get in trouble see you later Xxx   

Jessica P.O.V

   "Thanks Sarah!," I shouted over my shoulder as I left her house once again. I stayed there for a few hours spending some time with Alice and Sarah and Scar joined us. She got along well with them which was a plus since I didn't have much friends, lets be honest I had none, until now. I changed into my own dance clothes since Dani and i were gonna catch up and brought extra regular clothes in a bag. We reached the house and raced to the top since Scar wanted to practice for when she tries out for track. I wasn't a big competition since I wasn't fast at all. She rapidly knocked the door while someone opened it in mid knock causing her to hit Niall's chest. "Oh my god im sorry!"she laughed. "It's okay we were about to go buy some food for Dinner wanna come? Dani is staying behind for Jessica,"he smiled and have me a wave. Scar agreed and left with the boys. I greeted them all quickly as they passed by and gave Zayn a hug as he pulled me in. I walked into the room seeing Dani in the middle of the Living room. "Hey there love, Zayn allowed me to move the furniture so we have plenty of space and I brought my ipod!," she smiled as she pulled me in for a hug. We chatted for about twenty minutes and soon got to the dancing."What song do you want?," she questioned as I set my bag aside. "Anything shuffle it of you want,"she followed my instructions as I did a small stretch. I haven't danced in awhile so I was a bit nervous. What if I lost my ability to create a dance in my head like I did years ago. The beat to "Your My Only Shorty" by Demi Lovato began playing. Dani began humming the words,"Okat ready 5 6 7 8!," she began dancing around showing me some moves. I quickly caught on and we both danced adding our own little moves as well. I found myself singing the high notes with Dani sang them as well. During the song there were a series of high notes that were sang at once as if there were two Demi's. We both sang one not realizing we were harmonizing.  

Niall P.O.V 

  "Everyone get a bag," I instructed while while grabbing a few myself. "This was so boring it only took like 5 minutes to get the food and about 10 for checkout," Louis whined. "That is because Niall just dumped whatever he saw that was eatable into the cart," Scar laughed. Everyone agreed and I just ignored them. Zayn led the way to his flat, which mostly was our hangout spot.  He quickly put his finger over his mouth and began shushing us. Everyone crowded around the door, we all pressed out ears into the door. 'Are.. are they singing?,"Liam asked. We all shushed him not wanting Dani and Jess to know we were here. "No...It can't be them.. they don't sing do they?,"Scar asked confused. "Well apperantly they can just open the door," Harry pushed through. He took out his phone and began recording. He slowly opened the door as he walked in holding his phone out infront of him. We all followed behind him, hiding behind the wall. We saw Jess and Dani dancing away with each other hitting the high notes harmonizing perfectly. They had giant smiles on their faces enjoying the moment. As they were hitting the hightest note together Dani did a small spin and stopped facing us. Her eyes widened and her hands flew to her face.  Jess turned around and let out a squeal. They both jumped behind the couch that was moved from it's original spot to creat space for them. Zayn and Liam instantly started clapping while Scar shouting "Whooooo!!" They were both bright red when the realized we caught them dancing and singing and noticed that Harry was recording them.    "This is going on twitter,"he smiled and quickly ran away as the two girls started chasing after him. But it was too late I felt the buzz from my phone saying Harry mentioned me on his tweet. He tagged Zayn, Liam, Louis, Danielle, and I, I guess Scar and Jess didn't have one or Harry didn't know their accounts. He added with the link "Dani and Jess caugh off guard, good ehh?" We all sat around the dinning room table and began eating whatever we bought. "Soo...we know you two could dance but..sing? I mean what was that?,"Louis laughed. "We were just fooling around, no biggy," Danielle took a bite from her chicken. Zayn furrowed his eyebrows in confusion," no biggy? You guys were great you could do it for a living I mean sing and dance,"he went into deep thought. "Easy for you to say your in a boy-" "in a boy filled..buliding that like so sing? Yes, but you girls are good as well," Danielle looked confused with Zayn interrupting her.  You could easily tell Jessica wanted to know what Dani had to say and why Zayn interrupted her.    Why didn't Zayn wanted Jessica to know? I mean he is in the band and with all the fans and paparazzi he can't hide it forever. Everyone left to the living room to put it back together and watch TV. "Zayn what's up?,"I asked sitting on his lap. He had a nervous look on his face," it's just...I don't want her to know..,"he stopped. "About what? You being apart One Direction? About you being a "Teen Heartthrob"? About the millions of girls and fans that are in love with you? Zayn your doing what you love and you can't change it"  "That's is, I don't want her to be caught up in the mess. If we ever end up you know taking the next step. As much as I love our fans they can be a but mean at times. Hating on he girl's we date for example Eleanor. They're finally starting to like her which is a good thing but there are people who still send her hate. Seeing her life at home I don't want Jess to go throught more," he sighed," maybe...maybe we should just stay as friends,"his whole face dropped. "Zayn, like you said yes they do get hate and so do we, and yes it does hurt. But Eleanor and Louis are there for each other and they're stronger in that way. And I know you like Jess she'll understand the heart what the heart wants, if it wants Jess than you go after her," I smiled. He looked up giving me a puppy dog look,"thanks man,"he pulled me in for a hug. "Anytime, I'm here for you,and I suggest you tell her about us soon since our vacation will be over and we have to get back to work"I rubbed his back. We both turned around when we heard a picture snap, and saw Jess standing there with her phone out infront of her. Zayn eyes widened," did you hear any of that?,"he asked nervously. "Nope but I thought that was such a cute picture moment," she giggled. "That's not the only thing that's cute,"Zayn gave her a playful wink. Jess's cheeks blushed bright red and instantly covered her face. "Um...yea im gonna go I think I've been gone from home for too long, Dani offered me a ride so I'll see you guys some time soon,"she smiled. Zayn's eyebrows instantly furrowed," take my jacket just if it gets cold. He pushed me off his lap and slipped off his black leather jacket handing it to Jess. She gave him a hug goodbye which their eyes meeting each other constantly. It was easy to see that Zayn wanted to kiss her. To hold her down and not let her go, to not let her  leave him,and it scared me.    Zayn's never been like this with a girl, I mean he has had crushes but not this bad. She gave me a wave goodbye as she disappeared into the living room with Zayn holding her hand while zipping up the jacket.    

Jessica P.O.V

 "Bye,"I laughed as Zayn gave me a puppy dog face. He pulled me in for one last hug and I walk to Dani's car with her already in it waiting for me. He waited in the freezing cold air infront of the building until I was out of sight. "Ooooh! Zayn and you are so adorable it's to bad your not together,"she frowned. "Yea...but hey you and Liam!,"I nudged her shoulder.Her cheeks flushed red while she tried to keep her eyes  on the road. "What? LiLi is a nice boy," I laughed remembering when I overheard Louis calling Liam LiLi. "LiLi?...Okay, well he is a nice guy, a really nice guy, but I don't know I don't think he likes me,"she struggled to say. "Pshh, if you don't think he likes you then where have you been all this time?,"I smiled trying to cheer her up. "Oh god...I don't know I'd like to get to know him better, he is super sweet,"she giggled. "Before I forget, there's a new video shoot this week, and they need more dancers,"she shook her body and laughed," no but seriously you should come." "I...I don't know, I guess it wouldn't hurt,"I smiled while she let out a squeal. We came to a stop at my aunts house, and said our goodbyes. I walked into the house expecting to see Sarah and Ali playing in the living room like they always did. I was greeted with a quiet dark house, wondering around I dropped my bag into the couch and made my way into the kitchen. A little yellow notepad stuck out on the glass kitchen table.  

"Jessica,  Hey there love, I took Ali out for some ice cream well be home in about an hour, be safe love you ~Sarah"  

With that being said I decided to use my time wisely before they came. I hopped to the shower and quickly got out brushing my hair and teeth. Thankfully Sarah had a few clothes for us in a room she specifically made for Ali and I. I slipped into some sweats and a simple black tank top with my hair in a high messy bun. I threw myself on the living room couch relieved that I could finally relax. A few minutes later I heard three soft knocks from the door. I looked at the clock 8:40pm, it took them more than an hour. The door swung open revealing Ali already asleep in Sarah's arms. "I got her," I smiled and took Ali from her arms. She whispered," goodnight," and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I carried Ali into the room and cuddled us both together. I felt her warm breath on my arm as I drifted to sleep.    ~Next Morning~   I heard the loud ringing of my phone coming from Zayn's jacket across the room on the chair. I slunged myself off the bed noticing that Ali was gone. I answered the phone with a yawn," Hello?" "Jess we're going to be late! Hurry and get in the car,"a very angry Scar shouted from the other side of the phone. "What?,"I looked at the clock as it read "7:50am". "Wait i'm not even ready I slept in," I whined while quickly running around the room throwing on whatever I saw. A pair of dark blue jeans, plain white shirt, black toms, which Iguess were Sarah's but hey I was in a hurry, and Zayn's jacket. I brushed my hair and teeth, putting my hair into a side braid and ran outside with my school bag. Scar was there waiting in her car and took off once my foot left the ground and into the car.    Thankfully we were there barely on time as I ran into my first period class, with Mr. Grey, and believe me his name says it all. He wore the same outfit everyday, black tie, white shirt, and black trousers. He had a full head of grey hair and bluish grey eyes. He always seemed sad and depressed, his tone was the same throughout the period with zero percent of excitement. I bolted into the class and came to a stop with all eyes staring at me, great. "Take your seat Ms. Monroe,"he looked at the board and continued talking about his boring lesson. I wouldn't mind this class but I do, i absolutely hate it. Why? Only because the fact that I got sat next to the three most popular seniors in school. Now this may seem cliche but they were all beautiful...and stuck up. They seem like beautiful sweet girls on the outside but inside was a whole other story. They picked on anyone they saw as a target in this class, me.    "Well well Jess-i-CA, someone's a little late. If it was for and outfit I'd understand but in your case...I don't know what your reason would be," the brunette with milky brown eyes named Mia laughed. She was joined by the other two, another brunette but with grey-blue eyes named Nicole, and a blonde with green eyes named Brianna. I turned towards the teacher and ignored them. They talked constantly but the teacher never did anything which pissed me off even more. A loud beep came from my phone telling me I had a new message," Ms. Monroe turn off your device," Mr. Grey mumbled continuing writing on the board. I pulled out my phone with it's screaming light "New Text Message: Zayn Malik" a smile spread across my face.    

Zayn: Hey there love just wanted to check if your okay:)    

Me: Im fi   

The phone slid out of my hands as Brianna pulled it away while i was off guard. She instantly started bursting with laughter,"Seriously, Zayn Malik? I mean I know you don't have any friends but to pretend a guy like him would bother to talk to you?" How did she know Zayn? Did he come here the year before us? I reached for my phone but she quickly reacted and gave it to Mia. "Let's see pictures you about stalker mode, how many pictures of him and his friends do you have,"she passed it on to Nicole. She looked at my jacket and her eyes widened up they all walked over to Nicole and looked at the screen and back at me. "How did you get his jacket?,"they asked showing me the picture of Niall and Zayn hugging. "He...gave it to me,"I snatched the phone from them. It pissed me off with the fact that they knew him since they were beautiful, and perfect, and that they were total whores and jerks. They literally have a reputation to pleasure whichever guy they date, if you know what I mean. "Yea right, she obviously bought a similar one, it's funny the things people do to try to be like up," Nicole cocked her head to the side and gave me a fake smile. "Like what? Be sluts hand have sex with every guy in the school? I'll pass," I turned looked at my screen pleased by their gasps of shock.   

 Zayn: Your fi? are you okay? 

Me: Yes, don't worry im perfectly fine just had a small problem to resolve:) 

Zayn: what happened? 

Me: nothing, just typical stuck up girls:) everything is fine Zayn calm down  

 The bell rang with everything practically running to leave the class. "So sad Jessica has to pretend to know Zayn I mean why would he like her? She's not even pretty compared to us, and hes busy with his career he wouldn't have time for her,"I heard Brianna sneer behind me. "Jessica Monroe please come to the Office Jessica Monroe please come to the office" the loud speaker shouted over the chatter of students inn the busy hallways. I wonder why I was being called to the office. I wasn't failing, was I? What if they heard my rude remark to Brianna, Mia, and Nicole, seriously doubt it though. I entered the Office with all eyes, staring straight at me. 

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