Jessica, age 18 has been living a cruel life. With her parents constantly fighting, drinking and doing drugs she's just had enough. There is only one thing keeping her away from leaving her 5 year old sister, Alice. Ever since she was old enough it's been Jessica's job to care for her younger sibling. Having an aunt close by helped at some points but not even she can help with her low income. Just when she couldn't go on anymore she runs into someone who changed her life completely. She was not aware he was a member from teen pop sensation One Direction. What will happen when she meets the love of her life? Will she choose him over her own sister?


10. Decisions

Jessica (Jess) P.O.V


  "No Zayn!" I whined as he forced me to go shopping with him. It's been a week ever since things began working out again.  "C'mon Jess please for me?" He pilled up a bunch of clothes he picked out for me. "Fine," I moaned as we headed to the cash register. He insisted in getting me clothes since he didn't want me anywhere near my house, or should I s my personal Hell. This wasn't the first time either, he's been trying to get me everything. Don't get me wrong it was sweet but I didn't really enjoy when people spent their money on me, it made me feel guilty and like I owed them something in return. But of course he replies with " I have tons of money I don't need don't worry about it" and he'd flash me his pearly white teeth while his beautiful brown eyes sparkled and stared straight at me. 


  "We have to get home soon, Harry or should I say "Hatty" has a surprise for us," He laughed at Ali's nickname for Harry. He handed the cashier the armload of clothes and shifted his weight to one foot as he leaned against the counter. She stared at him starstrucked, being with him all the time you'd think I'd get use to it, but I didn't. My feeling for him weren't clear at them moment.One minute I can't be without it and the next I want to be just friends. Seeing mostly every girl stare at him like this made me afraid that I would end up loosing him, well technically he's not mind but still. Even as a friend would be find but, loosing him completely would hurt me. Especially since we have gotten closer over the past week than ever before. "Ready?" he smiled as he pulled me out of my thoughts. I gave him a nod as I tugged on my sleeves and checked in the full-length mirror against the wall if my make-up was covering my bruises and scars.


  "Jess, don't worry about it you look beautiful," He rest his arm on my shoulders while he said in a comforting tone. "Nice try but we both know that's not true," I dropped my head but before he could reply I quickly pulled him into a store and hid us behind a clothing rack. "" he asked rather loudly and furrowed his eyebrows. "Shh!!" I covered his mouth. I peaked from between the shirts and saw my worst nightmare standing by the wall in front of the store we were in. My stomach churned as my whole body tensed up. "What is it? Jess are you okay?" he pat my shoulder. He followed  my gaze and let out a growl," it's him he did this to you didn't he?" he harshly whispered. I nodded and gulped loudly squeezing my eyes shut. Be strong, I thought as I opened my eyes. I opened my mouth to speak to Zayn but saw him stomping towards my father. "Zayn!" I tried shouting but it came out as a small whisper. His hands where in a ball already halfway there with my father unaware looking down at a piece of paper. I ran towards him and held on tight to Zayn's arm," Zayn please before he see's me, it'll put both of us in danger!" I begged and pulled his arm with all my strength but failed, he was too strong. "No! I don't care if i'm in danger, I'll protect you and I won't let him get away with doing this to you and making you insecure. You have to understand you're beautiful inside and out, and he just...he brought you pain! Emotionally and physically. I'm not going to stand here and play it cool while someone hurts a person I care for," he growled the ending. I stopped shocked at the remark of him standing up for me, "A person I care for" repeated in my mind. There were only two ways he meant it in a friendly way or in a...loving way.   


My father looked up and his eyes began piercing into me," You! Who said you would ever leave and steal my little Alice," his eyes filled with anger and hatred, he balled his fists and walked towards me raising his hand to hurt me like before. I closed my eyes waiting for the pain as I covered my face, but nothing happened. I heard a loud grunt, I opened my eyes and saw my dad on the floor with Zayn hovering over him," See how you like it you worthless man, all you do is bring pain to people," he walked straight at me," C'mon lets go," he grabbed the plastic bag and began walking towards the exit holding me tightly to his side. I turned around, seeing my father's body gone from his last position," Zayn...he's..go-" I let out a shriek as his big arms wrapped around me. Zayn ran and began pulling me away resulting with him being hit in the face as he fell to the floor," Go away pretty boy I wouldn't want to ruin that money maker of a face," he laughed. I squirmed around trying to get free, his grip loosened up.  He turned my  body around making me look straight at him,"Where. Is. my. ALICE!" he shouted. "She's not here, and I'm not letting her be with you!She'll probably end up like you!" I struggled to say.


   He once again struck the side of my face allowing tears to flow down. I felt someone push me aside and heard a loud punching noise. I turned around seeing Zayn cupping his face as he lunged into my father's body running him into a sign. Zayn stood up trying to keep his balance as I ran to his side," Zayn...Zayn are you okay?" I teared up," why would you do that?" I removed his hand revealing his bleeding cheek. I quickly began wiping away the blood with my sleeve and buried my head in his chest and began to stain his shirt with my tears," your hurt and it's all my fault." 


  "Jessica Monroe! Remember you're only a hit and run! He Doesn't love you! Why would he, your a nobody!" turned around seeing my dad being pulled away by the security guards and policemen. I felt my heart drop as I remembered the remarks that could be true and dropped to the floor wrapping the arms around my legs. I looked up once more seeing the formed crowed begging to fade away. I felt my throbbing cheek and dropped my head on my legs.   


Why couldn't I have a normal life? Have a normal family, not one that have, drug addicts, a mom that no one has heard of in weeks,and abusive  father. Why couldn't I be beautiful and meet someone who loved me and love wasn't so complicated?   "Don't listen to him, it's all a lie Jess I promise none of that is true," he wrapped his arms around me and picked me up, bridal style. He burred his head next to mine as I tried burring my head in his chest. I looked up seeing his bright pink cheek,"Im sorry," I whispered as I slowly touched his cheek. "it's not your fault," he looked down and gave me a heart warming smile. He grabbed the bag once again and we made our way outside into the parking lot.       


Harry P.O.V  

I sat on the couch a

s Alice played tea party on the little table,"Hatty do you want to join me?"she walked over and tugged my arm. I got up and sat in the open seat as she poured imaginary tea into my cup. "Niall stop it!" I heard Louis's loud laughter as he and Niall burst into the doors. They stood there staring at me holding back laughter as I sat there holding a pink tea cup with my pinkie out, great. "Well, well Hazza I didn't know you liked to host tea parties," Louis snickered. "Be quiet," I mumbled as I threw the black pillow from the couch straight at his head. "You boys need to slow down!" Liam huffed as he entered the house as well," oh! are we having a tea party?" he knelt down in front of Ali who blushed and nodded. 


  He took a seat and they began chatting along as Ali taught him different ways to drink his tea. Niall soon gave in and Joined us as well along with Louis who whined about being an outsider. "Being in such a popular band, being loved by millions of girls, having tattoos, and loving to drink, you'd think we'd be caught dead doing this," Louis chuckled as he pretend to take a sip from his cup. "Well just think of it as a preparation for when Eleanor and you have children,"Niall smiled wildly with his teeth. Louis just rolled his eyes and completely ignored him. "So what's the big suprise Hatty?" Ali tugged on my shirt. "Wait until everyone gets here hun, don't worry they'll be here soon," I laughed as I pulled her onto my lap.   


Jessica (Jess) P.O.V


  "Okay thank you very much, Goodbye," I heard Zayn talking to someone on the phone. The sunlight hit my closed eyelids disturbing me from my sleep. I slowly fluttered my eyes open seeing Zayn focusing on the road with both hands on the wheel. He turned around and gave me a smile," Sleep well? We're almost there," he smiled and ruffled my hair. "Yes, how are you feeling?," I yawned and stretched out my arm checking his wound. "A lot better actually, It's a little red but it'll go away might leave a small scare but it will disappear don't worry," he lifted my chin and turned my head rubbing his thumb on my cheek sending little tingles all over my body. 


  It confused me how my body would react to his every touch, but my love for him would switch off and non repeatedly. I didn't know to consider him as a close friend or a crush.My mind filled with all these thoughts made me debate my feeling, and I knew I needed to talk to someone. Ever since Niall helped me out that day on the balcony we've become close, he was like my best friend. Whenever I needed someone to talk to he'd always be there for me no matter when or where it was. "Thank god he didn't leave a mark this time,"Zayn broke my train of thoughts as he pulled away. "If you don't mind me asking who were you talking to on the phone?" I sat up and looked out the window as everything flashed by. "Um the police they're putting your father in prison for 2 months, until they figure out his whole drug thing and drinking problems i guarantee  you he will be held in longer." I gave him a simple not. "We're here, if you don't mind can you cover this up I wouldn't want the boys to worry," he parked the car and looked at his wound in the mirror. "Okay,"I pulled out my make up and slowly applied it to his cheek, thankfully we had similar skin color so it wasn't as visible. I felt guilty to have done this to him.   He gave me one last smile and headed out the door hurrying to open mine before I did," thank you!"  




"Now that everyone is  FINALLY here we can move on to the big news!" Harry smiled as he sat us all on the couches. "I have came across to big news which is, that it's almost Ali's birthday.  She's become like my little sister so I thought I'd give her something she's been talking about ever since we began to play together," he gave her an adorable smile revealing his dimples. Ali squirmed on my lap with excitement waiting for the news. " Have managed to talk to Uncle Simon who allowed us to have a few days off of work for Ali's birthday we can go to..." he began making a drum roll sound by rapidly slapping his hands on his legs.  Alice's eyes bugged out as she waited for the news. "Disneyland!" he shouted. Ali jumped and screamed from the top of her lungs as Liam joined in," YES! Disneyland!" I began laughing hard when I saw responsible Liam's inner child let loose. 


  I was excited myself as well since I've actually never been there but I'd always dream I would. A big smile spread across my face. My dad was finally out of the way, when Niall and I had time to talk I'd have my feeling set and everything would finally go back to being good after all these years. "We're leaving tomorrow at 8 so everyone chop chop and get on with packing!," Harry clapped his hands as he walked around us. Everyone fled out of the rooms as I carried Ali with Niall by my side. We all huddled into the elevator and waiting till we reached Zayn's flat. We all waved goodbye and he gave me one last smile with his beauitful brown eyes sparkling, which made my heart stop and activated the butterflies. My cheeks turned a rosy pink as I hid my face between my chest and Ali's head. The next stop was Liam's and then ours leaving Louis alone for his flat, at the bottom of the building.   


Since I've  moved in with the boys since I had no where else to go, Niall was the first one to offer Alice and I to stay with him. "So! How was your shopping time with Zayn?" His adorable accent perked up breaking the silence. I put Alice down as she was eager to get packed and ran straight to her room. "Um...we had few problems but I guess things where resolved," he followed me into his spare room, which was occupied by me. "What happened?" He threw himself onto the bed and propped himself on his arm as he faced the closet. I pulled out my luggage and sat it on the open spot on the bed,"Well, we kinda ran into my dad," I lifted the corner of my lip. His eyes widened as he quickly went into a sitting position,"What happened?!?" "Well long story shirt he got arrested  Zayn fought with him and got hit in the face and so did I.." I tried avoiding eye contact with him so he wouldn't see the tears whelming up in my eyes. I felt his arms wrap around me as he laid his head on the side of my face,"Don't cry love, As long are you too are okay and he's taken care off I think things went well," he softly murmured. He sat me on the bed and rubbed circles on my back as I laid my head on his shoulder," I don't know, I mean I should be glad things went somewhat well, besides the fighting. But it hurts me to think that he got hurt," I replied.   


"But things are going to get better now, it just takes time there are some bumps along life but that's just how it is and we all just have to get through it," he smiled. "Thanks Nialler,"I got up once again and began throwing whatever the closet held into the luggage. " that you mention Zayn have you decided your feelings for him?" Niall raised his eyebrows as he shuffled the clothes around in the luggage making them somewhat neater. "Well I've been meaning to ask you about that, im confused thought I you could help me sort it out," I let turned around and gave him a pleading look. "I would love to but, im a bit surprised you don't know the answer it's pretty obvious," he chuckled as his chest rose and fell.   


Zayn P.O.V


 "I in love now,Kiss me like you wanna be loved, you wanna be love, you wanna be   loved. This feels like falling in loove falling in love falling in love," I quietly sang to myself as the music blared around my flat. It was a bit lonley, and I was angry with myself for not telling Jess she could stay here before Niall did. I slowly removed the make up from my cheek and looked at the mirror and flinched as I fell a stinging sensation on the wound. It was better than how it looked before, thank god. I turned to the closet and packed some clothes not caring what my hands touched.Within 20 minutes I was done and decided to go to my balcony. 


  I sat on the chair watching the bright lights from the citizens of London. I pulled my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them laying my chin on my knees. "Settle down with me and ill be your safety you'll be my lady I was made to keep your body warm but i'm cold as as the wind blows so hold me in your arms," Ed's soft voice sand throughout the flat. I tried concentrating on the song and the activities from the city bellow. No matter how hard I tried my mind always went back to Jess. I pressed my fingers harder on my head,"gaah! Forget her Zayn she doesn't want you," I stood up and looked over the balcony and saw a delicate white flower in a pot. I pulled it out and looked at it closely. It reminded me of Jess. It was delicate and had a soft white color.  I felt a sting on my fingers, looking down drips of bloody rolled down my thumb, it also was tough and protective, like her. I held it over the balcony letting it float down to the city,"It's time to let go if she doesn't want you back," I whispered as a few tears prickled my eyes.       




*Author's Note*


Meeeeeh!! Suprise chaptaaa! :D I've had lots of time on my hands so I decided why not write! ^o^ Anywho:) Thank you everyone who is reading I promise you things will get better in the story because I've kinda notices it's been drama after dramma so bleeh!! Sorry! Please leave a comment of what you think about the story or what should I add or fix. Comments make me happy and want to write more and I'd probably already said that but vhatevaa! Have you guy's heard little things?!?! That song is beautiful I had to stay up till 12:00am on a school night for the lyric video to come out! Let's just say i didn't look my best the next morning. Anyway the song was beautiful and Ed sheeran did an amazing job with writing like always and the boy's sounded like heaven and URGH! It was just perfection. If you haven't heard it go check it out just search "One Direction Little Things" on youtube I guarantee you'll love it!:) If you have any questions for me about anything I'd be glad to answer. So thanks again for reading love you all! c;  

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