Jessica, age 18 has been living a cruel life. With her parents constantly fighting, drinking and doing drugs she's just had enough. There is only one thing keeping her away from leaving her 5 year old sister, Alice. Ever since she was old enough it's been Jessica's job to care for her younger sibling. Having an aunt close by helped at some points but not even she can help with her low income. Just when she couldn't go on anymore she runs into someone who changed her life completely. She was not aware he was a member from teen pop sensation One Direction. What will happen when she meets the love of her life? Will she choose him over her own sister?


9. Back to Happiness


Niall P.O.V

I woke up to loud shouting which seemed to be coming from outside. With the boys sound asleep around me I try my best to slip out from between Louis and Harry. I peek out the window and see Jess running straight into the doorway which led to the stairs. There was a very sad Zayn following her as fast as he could shouting something I couldn't make out. Since when did Jess get here? I quickly grabbed the jacket on the couch and slipped it on running into the hallway. I heard more shouting from the stairs, I ran for the elevator already knowing where they were going.


The doors slid open as I head loud bangs from the stairs door,"Don't Jess Don't do it! I will help you please let me explain!"I heard Zayns broken voice shout. Don't what? I turned around seeing Jess rocking back and forth on her heels at the edge of the building. Her eyes squeezed shut as he mummbled things to herself. "Jess... get back on there other side,"I slowly stepped to her side. She jumped, stardled and let out a small scream as she held onto the railing as her body dangled above the oblivious people on the streets. "NIALL....HELP,"she shouted. "Give me your hand,"I reached out as our hands linked together. Thankfully she was light I pulled her up with her wrapping her arms as she soaked my shirt with tears. "Why?"I whispered stroking her brown silky hair. "Niall, I can't do this anymore I'm tired. My body is weak I can't take no more pain. Look at me I'm hiddious, all these brusies, sctratches, blood. I've worked hard to keep Alice alive ever since I could remember. Being bullied at school, my dad, and Zayn lieing to me. I can't I just can't,"her voice shivered. "Jess we can help you through this, especially Zayn just let him explain he has his reasons. You should've seen him while you were gone. He didnt eat, sleep, talk to anyone. All he did was trying to find ways to find you. He put flyers all over town and a big reward. Look at him he doesn't look like Zayn he's a whole different person without you, he loves you Jess. Listen.."we both kept quiet as Zayn's loud shouting and bangging echoed around us,"tell me he doesn't love or care for you, give him a chance." I smiles as she looked up at me with her watery eyes and gave me a nod,"thank you," she whispered.

She pulled away and walked over the door and opened it. Instantly Zayn slammed into her wrapping his arms around her both crying on each others shoulders.

Liam P.O.V

"Liam?" A small voice questioned. I looked over the kitchen counter seeing Alice rubbing her eyes with a smile on her face.

"Alice!"I smiles bending down opening my arms. She ran towards me as her blonde curls bounced along. Her tiny arms wrapped around me as she let out a small giggle. "Liam is making breakfast what do you want munchkin?"I sat her on the counter as I looked through the fridge.

"Don't worry about it liam I'll take her out for breakfast,"Harry walked through the door laughing as he picked up Alice. "Hatty!" She shouted and quickly began hugging him. Harry and Alice have gotten along well as if Harry were her big brother or best friend. "Hatty?" I laughed. "Cause she's Alice and in Alice in Wonderland there's the mad hatter, get it?" He raised his eyebrows multiple times. I rolled my eyes as he waved goodbye and walked out of the door with Ali by his side holding his hand. Niall came bursting through the door letting out a deep breath," you okay mate?" I handed him a cup of tea as we sat in the kitchen table. "I'm relieved yet worried,"he ran his fingers through his messy hair. "Why is that?" "Well I'm reliefed that Jess and Zayn I think made up, but I'm worried about Jess have you seen her?" he gave me a shocked look. "I know she's pretty beaten up, which I guess made Zayn more...more anxious to find her I guess," I took a sip from my tea. "Liam she was going to jump off the building, she's fragile at the moment, we have to be extra careful with her we my never know what she might do next," he swallowed the tea at once.

We both turned at the entrance as Danielle let out a loud yawn,"Good morning boys,"she smiled and sat in the chair between us laying her head on the table. "What some tea?"I removed the hair from her face as she gave me a "mmhmm". I got up and walked to get more tea as I heard Danielle whisper to Niall," he's got a nice bum."

"I would know, it's better without the clothes covering it,"Niall replied. "What?" Danielle laughed. "I just kidding your weirdo,"he joined in.

Louis P.O.V

I heard a  continous ringing and let out a groan.  I propped meself in a sitting position as i fumbled my hand in my pocket trying to find my phone. "Louis! I've been trying to get a hold of you for the past hour!" Harry whined as I answered the

phone.  "Im sorry Harry I was sleeping ," I stood up and walked around Zayn's flat noticing that  I was alone. " I know, but gather everyone up and meet Ali and I at Nandos for Dinner," Dinner? I removed the phone from my ear and read the white numbers on the screen "6:30pm".  Wow... I spent practically the whole day sleeping,"Okay Harry see you there mate."I slid my finger across the screan and hung up. "Helllloooooo? Anyone here!?!"  shouted. Guess not which means I have to look around the building...great. I rubbed my eyes one last time and opened the door running my fingers through my hair.  I heard the sound of heels walking down the hallway. I was a bit intruiged to find out who it was so I followed the loud taps. Once I reached the corner a smile spread across my face. There stood Eleanorn looking beautiful as always. Her brown wavey fell perfectly around her tan happy face. She wore black heels with deep blue trousers along with a black see through long sleeve shirt. "Eleanor! I haven't seen you in awhile I've missed you love," I smiled as I pulled her into a hug.

We slowly swayed side to side as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders.  I gave her a light kiss and we pulled apart leaving my arm arround her,"How'd you find me?" I tried making conversation as we made our way to the elevator. "Wasn't easy mostly because you didnt answer your phone!" she joked around and lightly hit me shoulder as I let out a small chuckle. She laid her head on my shoulder," I had to go to your flat, Niall's flat, Harry's flat, until  I reached Liam's. Until he told me you were at Zayn's flat,"she let out a big sigh and raised her eyebrows. "Aww im sorry babe,"i kissed her forhead,"but it was worth the work right?" I winked as she let out a loud laugh.

We reached Liam's floor and entered the door without knocking. Danielle and Liam were sitting together in the kitchen chatting away. Liam had a big smile spread across his face ad he carefully listened to whatever Dani was saying. "Liam Harry wants us all to meet up with him and Ali at Nandos." I pulled Eleanor to my side and we crowded around the table. "Did someone say Nandos?" Niall's head popped out from behind the refridgerator. "Yup! Where's Zayn and Jess? We all have to go," I spund around looking throughout the room,which was empty. "They went up to Zayns flat they needed privacy,"i furrowed my eyebrows remembering i checked everywhere besides the rooms.

"C'mon well go with you from there we can go,"Niall pushed out as he was eager to see his girlfriend, food. We all pilled into the elevator which was crowded and very hard to move in.


"Shhhhh they're sleeping," Liam motioned us as we walked into Zayn's room. Jess and Zayn were both sound asleep in each others arms, both with dried tears on their cheeks. Jess's hair was wet as if she took a show and she burried her head deeper into Zayn's chest. "Look Zayn is smiling!" Niall said rather loudly as he jumped up and down with joy. we all turned to him and shushed him all together. We all turned to look at the too sleeping away, Zayn regaining his color and finally sleeping after so many weeks. " I kinda don't want to wake him up...." Liam muttered.  He was always worried about Zayn not sleeping and now seeing him doing so he thought twice on what to do. "Well, they havent eaten all day so I guess we have too," I spoke up.  Before anyone could deny it I threw my body making myself fly onto the sleeping pair. 

Jessica (Jess) P.O.V

After having a heart to heart talk with Zayn I felt more at ease. He explained it all to me, and i understood. I told him all that was going on besides who caused allt he bruses and scars, I didnt want him to worry about it. It was in the past and thats how it's staying. He helped me throguh my depressed stage and told me he would be here for me no matter what, which made me feel bad for not letting him explain before. He allowed me to freshen up since I wasnt able to as frequent as I usually do since my dad...or abuser wouldn't allow me. I insisted on washing my clothes and using them again but of course Zayn wouldn't allow it and let me borrowed some of his sweats and a shirt he outgrew. He had a big closet for a guy which didn't suprise me  since he was now a "popstar". We talked as we layed in his bed and ended up falling alseep.  I heard many whispers surrounding us, which were probably all in my head. I dug my head more into Zayns arms as I tried blocking them out. A heavy weight pressed against us with a loud yell, and intantly I knew it was Louis. 

"As much as I love seeing you both making us Harry and Ali went out to eat and want us all to meet up with theeem!" Louis sang. "Lou-eh!" Zayns mummbled in his adorable accent," get off mate we're up," he rubbed his face with his free hand. Louis got off and allowed us to get up we both sat there in shock as we saw Eleanor, Dani, Liam, Niall, and Lou surrounding us looking straight at us. Zayn hurried over to his closet and pulled out two pair of boots and two hoddies. "I hope you don't mmind but I don't have any girl clothes," he pulled the hoddie over my head as I slipped the boots on," It's fine thank you," I smiled. "Well lets go!" Niall smiled and waved us to the door. 


We drove into an empty parking lot which was strange since Nandos was always full. We walked into the restaurant which was fully decorated. There where lanters everywhere and music which came from the Disney movie "Tangled".  We all looked at each other confused and continued walking in. One we reached the corner we saw Harry and Ali dancing around both dressed as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. "What is going on," Louis looked around confused. "We went to the Disney store! and they gave us costumes! Ali wanted to have a little party," Harry smiled wildly as the young childer hopped around while holding his hand. "well then let's not ruin it for her," Louis quickly grabbed Eleanor and began to crazy dance with her, while a slow song "I See the Light" began to play.  Liam and Dani joined in as well but they slow danced like normal people.

Zayn turned and looked at me giving me a look as if he where asking if I wanted to dance. He rested his arms around my waist as I pulled mine onto his shoulders. He pressed me closer to his body," how is it possible for us to be in this stage without going on an actual date or relationship," I let out a small laugh.  he rested his chin on my head," your going to plan us a first date he chuckled. "Oh god," I joined him.  The song was over and and we all gathered around for Dinner. "Kiki!"Ali shouted as she sat onto my lap. "How was your day with Harry?" I asked her as I pulled her into a hug. "Fun! Hatty took me to the Disney store and we went to play in the park!" she grabbed some food off the plate Hrry handed her. "Thank you Harry," I gave him a genuine smile. "Anytime, I enjoy spending time with her I've always wanted a younger sibling," he replied and rubbed the top of Ali's head. 

We all talked among each other and enjoyed being together , it was as if everything was once again perfect. 




Hey hey hey my fellow readerss!! Im sooooooo sorry I didn't update last week! I was super busy and gaah!! I kinda hurried through this chapter cause I wanted to post something today so please forgive me if it's bad I am DEEEEPLYY sorreh! Thank you all who have read! and please feel free to leave a comment they make me much happier and push me to post more frequently thank you all agian!

Love you forever and Always,


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