Jessica, age 18 has been living a cruel life. With her parents constantly fighting, drinking and doing drugs she's just had enough. There is only one thing keeping her away from leaving her 5 year old sister, Alice. Ever since she was old enough it's been Jessica's job to care for her younger sibling. Having an aunt close by helped at some points but not even she can help with her low income. Just when she couldn't go on anymore she runs into someone who changed her life completely. She was not aware he was a member from teen pop sensation One Direction. What will happen when she meets the love of her life? Will she choose him over her own sister?


1. Same Old Thing, Until Now

Jessica P.O.V

Why? Why me? Why us? These questions came to mind when the screaming sound bleed through the walls. I held my arms tight around Alice who was trembling with fear. "It's okay love, they'll stop soon i'm here," I crooned. Tears began streaming down her rosy cheeks, I swept them away and laid her on my bed. "You can sleep with me tonight don't worry everything will be fine,"She curled up in a ball and cuddled up to my side. I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and slowly stroked her hair. "Can you sing me a song?,"she mumbled into my side. "Of course honey," I started to softly sing verses of her favorite song to sleep too, Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran. 

Within minutes her breath eased down giving small shutters from time to time. Tomorrow another day I dreaded. School, picking up Alice, and work. The same routine everyday and if we're lucky we'd come home to a quiet house. But it wasn't always like this, we lived in a nice house, our parents were the best parents anyone would want. They worked, listened, and cared for us. Until one day they went downhill. My father got fired and soon became a drug and alcohol addict. My mom tried pushing him to get back to his old self which failed and caused her to join him. 

Once I was old enough I took matters into my own hands when my sister was only a toddler and couldn't care for herself. I became her mother figure and we soon grew close. From time to time our parents fought, but now it grew worse. They fought almost everyday and in bad times they hurt each other physically. I felt my droopy eyelids drop one last time letting me fall into a deep slumber.

(Next Morning)

An annoying ringing sound ran around the room, my eyes rapidly blinked adjusting to the bright light coming from my bedroom window. I turned to my bed stand and the red lights from my alarm clock read "6:50am". Hitting it multiple times I finally got it to turn off. "Kiki!! get up you lazy poo were gonna be late for school," Alice ran into the room wearing a yellow sun dress and began pulling the blankets off of me. "I'm coming I'm coming,"I smiled at the thought of her using the nickname she gave me. I don't really know where she got it from. I watched as her blonde curls perfectly fell to her side and her bright blue eyes stood out a a mile away. Me being a brunette with blue eyes somewhat made sense that we were sisters. She got her blonde hair from our mother though. She ran out the doorway once again. I stumbled to my feet and walked into my half empty closet. Being the only one that worked made it hard to buy clothing, but if i ever had enough left for clothes i usually spent it on a nice dress for Alice. 

I pulled on a faded blue pair of  blue jeans, a plain white shirt, and my favorite black combat boots. Once finished i headed to the bathroom and forced the brush into my tangled hair not caring for the pain. I wasn't really a morning person so splashed a few handfuls of cold water on my face after brushing my teeth.  Walking into the kitchen i found Alice munching on some cereal with her backpack already on. As she caught a glimpse of me she picked up my bag and handed it to me and started jumping up and down,"time for school!," and ran outside the door. Her school was a street down while mine a few blocks further leading me into the center of London. Stepping out form the entrance i felt a warm sensation run through my body. The sun was finally beginning to come out after the cold winter season. There were still bits of snow on the grass. Within minutes we reached the school where Alice quickly waved goodbye and ran into her classroom, and i continued walking. 

London was a very beautiful yet busy town that I enjoyed living in. I closed my eyes and slowly moved my neck from side to side as I felt the sun on my skin not knowing where I was standing. I heard a loud beep of a car coming closer and closer to me. My eyes flashed open seeing the gray vehicle inches away. I froze not knowing what to do, run RUN! a voice yelled in my head. I felt a hard substance crashed against my side causing me to his the cold ground. I was dead, I had to be dead. I felt the ground scratch along my skin as I was being dragged along the floor soon being picked up by someone, or was this me leaving my body? Everything was dark, I heard muffling trying to make out the noise I soon gave up since it wouldn't clear up. What about Alice? She was to young to care for herself, too delicate. "C'mon wake up please!,"a worried voice begged, and felt warm touches on my arms and head. How long have I been like this? My eyes slowly started opening, my vision changing from blurry to clear. I looked around and saw myself laying on a black couch covered in a blue fuzzy blanket. A beautiful boy stood before me, hovering over me as if he were worried. He had black hair with a few blonde streaks that spiked up to the side. He had beautiful golden eyes,with long eyelashes, and perfectly toned skin. "W-Who are you?," I studdered loosing my words at his presence. "I'm Zayn, Zayn Malik"

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