gotta be you

read it ti find out c:


1. Zayns birthday

"Alexa wake up" I heard my mother say I did not want to get up "Alexa wake up, its your brothers birthday" My mom shouted "I'm getting up chill" I yelled, I got up brushed my long black hair and curled it. I walked over to my closet looking for something to wear when i finally picked out my outfit I put on my black peace shirt with my redish pink pants and black vans ( - outfit). I walked down stairs "Happy birthday zaaaaaaaaaaaaayn!" i ran up and hugged my brother "Thanks Alexa" He said with a smirk "So Zayn, am I going to get to meet your friends today?" I asked him with a grin "Yes Alexa they are coming over in like 30 mins" He said to me "Yeeaaaahh I get to meet Zayns friends that he always talks about" I said happily skipping to my room I sat in my room watching YouTube i was watching videos uploaded by hoiitsroi, they are my favorite while i was on my tumblr. 30 mins later there was a knock at the door I ran down the stairs and the most cutest guys stood in front of me "Guys this is my sister Alexa" Zayn said "Hi Alexa, im Louis" One of the guys said walking up to me after a few minutes i met  all of them. After we all got introduced we went to eat "Mom what are you getting to eat" I asked "I ordered pizza" She replied "PIZZA" They all shouted,

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