gotta be you

read it ti find out c:


2. Movie time ! :D

Alexa's Pov
"Let's go to the movies you guys!" I screamed "I love the movies" Louie ran to the front door exited "Awwwww Yeahhh" Liam, Harry, & Niall said walking to the door "I'll drive" Zayn said getting up and pulling the keys out if his pocket, we all got into the car Zayn & Liam up front, me & Niall & Harry & Louie squished in the back seats "Niall scoot over" Louie screamed Niall moved closer to me putting his arm around me so we wouldn't be crushed. I felt my face turned bright red "Hey Niall why is your face red" Louie asked laughing "Shut up Louie!" Niall said furiously "Aww Niall are you blushing" I said poking his face smiling "I think he has a crush on you Alexa" Harry said "That's enough of that kind of talk" Zayn said with an angry tone "Zayn come on don't be so mad what if I like Niall too" I asked with a smirk "Whatever Alexa" Zayn said "Looks like someone has thier panties in a twist" Louie said quietly, everyone started to laugh but Zayn finally we got to the movies. Me & the boys walked up to the ticket booth "6 tickets to see Cabin in the woods please" I said with a big grin "That will be 30 dollars ma'm" The ticket vendor said. I handed her the money and got our tickets and went to the theater, the movie was so good it was really scary though, then we where on our way home
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