Popularity or Love? (On Hold)

Elizabeth Andera Randell was your average day girl, she had friends and family who loved her. She was happy with her life and she consider this perfect, but faith had something else in store for her. Meet Shane the school hottest, most popular and loved guy. He had it all money, popularity, and girls throwing themseleves at him, but he didn't want any of them. No he wanted Elizabeth thw girl that capture hos heart back in 6th grade. He is willing to do everythig and anything to capture her heart. But is he ready to give up his popularity for the girl he loves?


2. Together



~Ellie’s POV~  

I slipped my small arms into his slightly large black hoodie while his best friend stood by side. Justin was currently telling me that I am lucky that Shane is such a gentleman and gave me his hoodie. I laughed at Justin as he tells that Shane was crazy for walking into the rain like that. I step out into the rain that had slightly soften while Justin comes up next to me and tells me he'll see me later.  

"Haha, okay Justin see you later than." I smile at him as he kisses my cheek and walks towards his huge group of friends. I look around for someone I knew, but as I took in the school I notices almost everyone was inside or under the freshmen lockers. I head towards the library where my best friend usually is at, as I walk that way a small chill hits my spine causing my to pull Shane's hoodie tighter around me.  

"I am never leaving the house without an umbrella ever again." I mumble at myself while pushing open the door to the library or media center.  

"Lizzy!" I see my best friend wave at me while I shook off some of the rain.  

"Hey Audrey." I reply to my best friend who was sitting with two other of my friends at a table on the far side of the library.  

"Hey Ellie." My other two friends greeted me.  

"Hi Eliza." Said the the short brown haired girl who smiled at me.  

"Hey Stephanie Hellooo, Valerie! Hi Janelle." I reply with a soft smile.  

"I love the hoodie!" Stephanie complimented.

  "A course you would, it's pure black." I grin at her. Stephanie was a lot like me in personality more than any other of the girls. She was tough, but soft at the same time, she had a don't mess with me attitude, while having a confident aura that attracted people in. Although we had very similar personalities our appearances were completely different. She was soft carmel colored skin with soft hazel eyes she was thin with the right about curves, she had dark naturally wavy hair and she dressed in mostly dark colors only owning a few colored things.  

"Exactly! Now do you wanna come with me to go get some food?" She asked me. I always wonder how it is possible that she keeps all the curves she has when she is constantly eating anything she can find.

  "Why don't you go by yourself." I heard her annoying voice reply. Janelle was one of the first of the group that I met back in freshmen year. We had almost identical schedules and rode the bus together that is until she got her permit a few months ago and now her dad lets her drive all the way to school. She was short about an inch shorter than I was and had almost identical colored hair with one difference her's had a random blonde stripe on the side. Our hair and height is where the similarities stopped, she was an arrogant know it all, who thought she ruled the world, she had curves in all the right places but kept them hidden from everyone is baggy t-shirts and jeans. I had to admit we were friends back before she started to get bitchy and rude with me and everyone else like she was right now.  

"Yeah, I'll come Audrey wanna come?" I asked my best friend. She was a lot like me except she was calmer and cared more about what people thought of her. She had hair similar to the shade of mine, but it was so damaged that it had lost it's lush chocolate color. She had light coco colored skin that was a shade lighter than mine. We lived in the sunniest side of California , and it also helped that I was always out unlike Aubrey who was more of an inside person.  

"Yeah, let me put away my stuff." She placed her binder into her backpack and slipped it on before waving to Aaron who was sitting next to Janelle. He was one of the few of guy friends I have, but they were enough. He was tall towering Audrey was the tallest of the girls, and he easily was considered on the tallest people of the sophomore class. He was skinny as a stick with absolute no fat and very little muscles on his body. His dirty blonde hair had been cut during summer and was now in a about two inches longer from the last time I saw him. I give him a quick hug before falling into to step with Audrey and Stephanie towards the cafeteria.   "

Ugh, I hate her so much." Stephanie groans.  

"Haha, she just does that cause she's jealous and has issues." I state pushing open the door the cafeteria as I walk in I lock eyes with my old best friend, Alana as she walks up to me and hugs me.  

"Hey bestie." She says releasing me from her tight grip. "Hey Stephanie...hi Audrey." she greets us almost growling at Audrey. Their relationship is a lot like Janelle and Stephanie's they hate each other mutually because of an old friendship one of the two stole. In Audrey and Alana I was the center of their drama, me and Alana had been friend since 4th grade. We were practically sister, that was at least until she started doing drugs, drinking, and sleeping around with random guys. I tried parting ways from her at the beginning of freshmen year when I met Audrey, but my new friendship with Audrey seemed to make her even more protective. While Janelle and Stephanie's hate started when Stephanie dated Aaron who was supposedly Janelle's best friend.  

"Hi Alana." We all replied at different times to her.

  "Hey can I talk to you?" Alana said switching her eyes from Audrey who she as glaring at to me.  

"Ummm...just text me I need to get some food and go find your brother so I steal his hoodie and give Shane his back." I said.  

"Oh..." She looked at me strangely while realizing what I said.

"Wait SHANE! You’re wearing Shane Knight’s hoodie?!" She screamed getting the attention of about half the people in the cafeteria. 

"Geez! Alana scream any louder?" I asked. 

"Sorry hey are you going to Tony's party tonight?" She asked. 

"Yeah we all are, why are you?" Stephanie answered for us. 

"Well YEAH! I am going since, I am going out with Tony." Alana said smiling very proudly at the fact she was dating Tony. Anthony Mc’Noman was one of the school’s worst players he didn’t just sleep with the girls, oh no that was way to nice. The story goes that back in Tony’s freshmen his girlfriend cheated on him, so to get back at her he sleep with ten different girl in two days. Apparently now he hates most of the girls at our school and he plays with their emotions leaving them torn and heartbroken like we was back his freshmen year. I was one of the few people that gained Anthony’s trust, we actually we’re pretty good friends. People thought that it was weird me and him with friend since most of the people he trusted was guys, I was the weird exception to his no girls rule.  

"A course." I simply say. As I turn around walking towards the side of the cafeteria that was serving cinnamon rolls.   "I am going to go get some breakfast cause I still need to go find your brother and Shane. I’ll see you later okay." I yelled over my shoulder as I walked away.  

"I don’t like her." Audrey stated after we were out of hearing range from Alana.  

"We know." Stephanie laughed at Audrey as we got in line to get some food, after we paid and sat down at our usual table.  

"Audi are going to the party cause if I have to go so do you!" I exclaimed to Audrey.  

"Am I not good enough or something?" Stephanie stated sarcastically.  

"NOPE!" I yell popping the ‘p’ at her.  

"Now I see how much you love me." She sarcastically replied.  

"I LOVE YOU TOO!" I scream at her!  

"GOD! SCREAM ANY LOUDER COULD YOU?" She screamed back.  

"Shut up you guys people are staring, and I’ll ask my parents again but I don’t have a ride soo…I don’t know." Audrey told us.  

"Steph you think you and your boyfriend can give her a ride?" I ask.  

"Why can’t go you give her a ride?" She throws back.  

"I can’t Shane’s giving me a ride." I softly say while going back to eating my cinnamon roll. I look up for two seconds to see both of them staring at me with wide and confused eyes.  

"Shane as in Shane Knight as in the hottest and most popular sophomore and guy in the history of the school?!" Stephanie asked in shock.  

"Yeah." I replied coolly while extending the ending of the word.  

"And how is it that you got his hoodie and a ride to the party with him?" Audrey asked.  

"Well, I was talking to him and Justin this morning and we were talking about the party.." I explained everything that happened with Justin and Shane this morning.  

"YOU LUCKY BITCH!" Stephanie screamed slapping my arm.  

"OW!" I yell at her slapping her back which only made her growl at me.  

"But I thought he couldn’t drive and you only have your permit." Audrey said with reason.  

"His brother is coming to the party too." I reply.  

"Oh! Wait why is his brother coming didn’t he graduate last year?" Audrey asked.  

"I think so-" I started but cut off by the bell shrilling signaling to go to first period.

"Shit! I never found Josh and asked him from his jacket ugh." I groan getting up and throwing my stuff in the trash as I walked with Audrey to my right and Stephanie to my left. We stepped into the sea of people as we were carried to our first class that we three had together.  

~Shane’s POV~  

"Hey Shane." Her sweet blonde curls bounce with each step she takes towards me  

"Courtney do you need something." I ask coldly.

  "I just wanted to talk, why aren’t you wearing a jacket did you not see the rain?" She asked with silky voice that I fell for.  

"I gave it to Ellie, she didn’t have one so I gave her mine." I shrugged at her while stepping around her and trying to open my new locker, after two tries I managed to pull it open.  

"WHAT! You never let me wear your jacket, but you let some ugly random bitch wear it?" She screamed at me earning us about a dozen stares from random people around the hallway.  

"I really don’t want to have this conversation right now. I have to go I’ll see you around Courtney." I state quickly while shutting my locker and walking away. I turn the corner and walk into a smirking Justin who was listening to the entire argument.  

"Nicely done, now…" He pauses while pulling me down the hallway. "You like Elizabeth still don’t you?" He questioned. That question made me look straight at him while a knowing smirk appeared on his face. "I knew it."  

"Wait you knew about the first time I did too?" I wondered as I think about if I have really been that obvious.  

"I kinda figured you did back in seventh grade, but I thought you got over it once you started dating Courtney." He pauses before mumbling something that I couldn't understand.  

"Justin to be truthful I never really got over her." I smiled at him showing him I really did care about Ellie.  

"Ugh, really you just go out of a relationship please don't go diving into a new one!" Justin pleaded.  

"I won't, plus I don't think she even likes me back. There's really no point in jumping into something that is never going to happen." I solemnly reply to Justin.  

"Are you kidding! Every single girl at this school would kill to even wear your hoodie which is wearing very proudly right now." Justin stated with a small smirk playing on his face.  

"Haha, I was just trying to show her I care." I think back to what Courtney said about me not even letting her us my hoodie. I thought back to about six months ago when we were still going through the honeymoon phase of our relationship, back when I thought I might be able to actually forget Ellie. I was lost in my thoughts as the bell rung interrupting my thought signaling that we had seven minutes to class.  

"What do you have first?" Justin asked me while I pull out my schedule from my back pocket.  

"Algebra II with Robertson." I said plainly.  

"So do I!" He screamed as be pulled me towards the math building. We stopped running and started walking about halfway to the classroom when I spotted a familiar black hoodie that I knew way to much. I watched her wavy curls bounce as they enter a classroom the exact same one I was going to go.  

"She has class with us." I whisper to Justin.  

"I know I am sorry dude, having your ex in the same class must suck!" He whispered back while sitting down at a two person table taking the right side of the table. I sat down on the left side and looked around to see what he meant when I lock eyes with a familiar pair of blue eyes.  

"Justin, Courtney's in this class!" I whisper urgently into his ear.  

"I know and look to your left you'll find an even bigger surprise!" He responded with a smirk. I throw a confused look back at him as I hear her light laughter fill the silence room.  

"Okay class! Welcome to Algebra II I'm going to be your teacher for the rest of the semester and for those of you that don't know me my name is Ms. Dominick." The tall blonde teacher states grabbing everyone's attention.

"Now I know that you all love sitting next to your friends, but in my class I want you to make new friends so in a few minutes I am going to post your new seating chart.  

"I am going to miss you Shay." Justin says giving a pouty frown.  

"Haha, me too Justin." Laughing at his face as I slap his face away. After a few more moans and groans about how this wasn't fair and that they hoped they didn't sit. After Ms. Dominick placed the seating cart on the screen I instantly looked for my mom. I found towards the center of the room, not that far from where I was currently sitting. I took one look at the name next to me and was almost tempted to jump with happiness as I saw it was Elizabeth’s name next to mine. I grabbed my backpack off the floor and walked over to my new seat next to Ellie.  

“I love the hoodie where’d you get it?” I whisper into her ear making her slightly jump at the sound of my voice.  

“Oh! This old thing I don’t know some random creeper let me borrow, but I have been thinking about keeping it.” She smiled at me.  

“Go ahead I looks better on you then it ever looked on me-” I was interrupted by the high voice of my ex-girlfriend who I didn’t even notice was on Ellie’s other side.  

“I would say or me, but a course Shane never let me wear his hoodies.” She said sticking her nose up in emphasizing she was better than Ellie.  

“Huh, maybe I am just special than.” Ellie retorted turning around and mouth.

“I don’t like her.” I laugh at her dislike towards the my ex-girlfriend.  

“More special than me that’s funny.” Courtney laughed.  

“Courtney shut the hell up.” Ellie retorted as a stunned Courtney just stares at her while I laugh next to her.


Hey! You guys how was everyone's weekend? Well mine was abosultely horrible! My parents were cranky and I was feeling sick bleh XP!! But I feel much much better now!!! Soo...Yeah there's chapter 2 I hope you guys like it:)) If you have an questions or comments just send me a tweet at my twitter @FallingForYou21 (AND SORRY FOR MY HORRIBLE GRAMMAR!!)



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