Popularity or Love? (On Hold)

Elizabeth Andera Randell was your average day girl, she had friends and family who loved her. She was happy with her life and she consider this perfect, but faith had something else in store for her. Meet Shane the school hottest, most popular and loved guy. He had it all money, popularity, and girls throwing themseleves at him, but he didn't want any of them. No he wanted Elizabeth thw girl that capture hos heart back in 6th grade. He is willing to do everythig and anything to capture her heart. But is he ready to give up his popularity for the girl he loves?


7. On Hold...

Okay so this isn't an update...but I have some news...I will be placing this and all my other non-fanfic stories on hold for a while...I just don't have the time to update so many stories..I definitely bit off way too much than I could chew...plus I feel like barely anyone even reads and of my non fanfic stories anyways. So this is why they are all on hold for a bit at least until I get a good part of my fanfics done:) I love you all and maybe i'll do a surprise update here and there if i get some inspiration:)

I love you guys...and it someone wants to help write any of these stories...I would honestly love you! But if you do...I won't be able to really help with the writing part but more with the idea parts...so yeah... JUST PUTTING THAT OUT THERE!

Love you guys:D

Toria xx
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