Popularity or Love? (On Hold)

Elizabeth Andera Randell was your average day girl, she had friends and family who loved her. She was happy with her life and she consider this perfect, but faith had something else in store for her. Meet Shane the school hottest, most popular and loved guy. He had it all money, popularity, and girls throwing themseleves at him, but he didn't want any of them. No he wanted Elizabeth thw girl that capture hos heart back in 6th grade. He is willing to do everythig and anything to capture her heart. But is he ready to give up his popularity for the girl he loves?


3. Is this a Coincidence?


~Ellie's POV~

  "So what time should I pick you up for the party." Shane asked casually while I listened to my new Algebra teacher talk about grades and projects.  

"Ummm around-" I interrupted again by Shane's now ex-girlfriend Courtney.  

"Wow! You must really be special if he's offering you a ride he never does that!" She said almost growling at me. I didn't even bother to listen or turn around and give her the attention she wants.  

"Around 6?" I asked Shane as he nodded his head.

  "I'll be out of practice around 4:30 so I'll go home to shower and change then go pick you up." He said before a small cloud of confusion covered his face.

"Ummm...so I know this is creepy, but…can I have your address or where am I picking you up." He voiced his confusion.  

"How about at my friend Audrey's house?" I asked a little too quickly.  

"Audrey Haton?" He asked.  

"Yeah, don't you guys live close to each other?" I asked with a slightly shaky voice.  

"Yeah about two streets down, my parents are actually really good friends with her's." He said smiling.

  "Do you think you can give me and her a ride. I know that it's a lot to ask but it would mean the WORLD to me...and I am rambling," I put my head down on the desk absorbing the coldness that was on it. It relaxed the nerves that seemed to overtake my body leaving me to ramble to Shane. Then it hit me just randomly in the middle of Algebra II on the first day of school: Why do I care what Shane thinks?  

"It's fine by me, at least you'll have someone help you with me and my brother's drunk personalities. I wouldn't be surprised if you had to have the entire varsity football team help you take us home." He lightly chuckled at his own joke, but was cut off by Ms. Dominick yelling at him to stop flirting with me. This made me laugh as I watched his cheeks turn a light shade of pink.  

"Oh! Shane's got a girlfriend!"  

"Oh lala!"  

"Mwah Mwah Mwah!"  

"Shane and Elizabeth sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage." I heard Stephanie's voice taunting me and Shane's current situation. I turned around and glared at her while I heard Audrey's laughter on the other side of Shane.  

"You sit near me?" I question her.

  "Ummm...yeah how about next time you pay attention to everyone else and not just Sha-" She was cut off by her royal bitchness herself.  

"Shut up! Some of us are here to actually learn." Courtney squealed at us. Her pale face turned red with anger and envy as she glared at me. I caught her eyes staring straight at me, so I did the most reasonable thing I could do. I waved and smiled at her which seemed to anger her even more.  

"Okay class focus me need to get through this an-" The shrilling of the bell cuts her off and in a spilt second we're all out of our seats, rushing out to our next class.

"We are going to continue this tomorrow." Screamed Ms. Dominick as I laughed and pulled my bag over my shoulder.  

"What do you have next?" Shane randomly asked me studding me out of my thoughts.  

"Ummm...I honestly don't know hold on let me check." I said pulling my schedule out of my back pocket."Ahh...Spanish with Perez." I said shoving my schedule back in my pocket.   

"I guess I'll see you in a little bit then." Shane smiled while grabbing his bag and walking away.

  "So what's with you and Mr. Popularity?" Stephanie asked as we walked towards my locker.  

"I was about to ask the same thing except I wasn't going to call him mister popularity." Audrey said slightly frowning.  

"Well I am calling him that!" Stephanie exclaimed.

  "I honestly don't know!" I said desperately trying to avoid the argument that I knew was about to break out. I was being truthful about what I said too; I honestly didn't know what was up with all the popular people today. I had not only Shane, but Justin and Courtney talking to me, well Courtney was more like just trying to piss me off, but still she was talking to me.  

"You do look a little bit more different maybe that's it?" Audrey asked as I walked towards the rest of our group. I didn't feel any different; I was still the same person I was before I left for summer. The only small difference was my hair which was long and pin straight before summer and now it fell just above my shoulders in tight waves. My style wasn't really different from last year either, only a bit brighter from last year, so what was causing everyone to all of sudden notice me. I pull my cover up around my waist and tugged down my blue flowery top down. I had on a simply pair of black skinny jeans that I matched a pair of white and slivery sandals that I bought last year.  

"Hey Ellie." Aaron said smiling at me with his arms opened for a hug.  

"Hey Aaron, what do you have next?" I ask pulling him in for a tight hug.  

"Spanish with Señor Perez." He said trying to sound Mexican, but failing.  

"Ummm...no offense Aaron, but you're so going to fail that class." I said laughing at him.  

"I know that's why I have you." He stated putting his arm on my shoulder and leading me towards the spanish room. I spoke spanish fluently since my mom thought that it was important to know a second language and spanish is the language she chose.  

"Audi!" I yell turning around and facing my best friend.  

"Yes." She said we a slightly creepy smile on her face as Stephanie was laughing her ass off next to her.

  "Ummm...what do you have next?" I asked reluctantly.  

"Theater." She said still smiling. At first I thought she was smiling at me, but her eyes were locked on someone else entirely. I turn around and see a senior with blond hair laughing with some of his friends. He was wearing shorts, a white American Eagle t-shirt, a simple black pair of vans, and a bright smile as he locked eyes with Audrey.  

"Ohhhh!! Audrey likes someone!" I exclaim with excitement that Audrey liked someone.  

"I DO NOT!" She yelled back almost immediately.  

"Who is he?" I ask trying to steer her attention away from the mystery senior that had stole her full attention.  

"Patrick, he's a senior." She said finally facing me.  

"We can see that." Aaron said sarcastically as he spoke for the first time in our conversation.  

"Well...I his was in my French class last semester so..." She trails off facing Patrick again.

  "Soooo...what?" I said turning and facing the same direction as Audi. We stood next to each other silent as she watched Patrick.  

"I kinda like him." She admits letting a bright glowing smile fill her face. "He still looks the same." She observed as we watched a girl with mid back brown hair come prancing up to Patrick's side. I was about to ask Audrey who he was when she tapped on his shoulder and the smile fell from his face as the same happened with Audrey's bright smile. The brown haired girl touches Patrick's arm as she stands slightly on her tippy toes and places her lips on his. Audrey instantly turns around and starts walking towards to class.  

"Audrey! I am coming home with you and Shane said he'll give you a ride to the party." I shouted as she nodded her head as small tears glisten in her eyes. I walk towards her as Aaron's arm falls off my shoulders. I reach her and pull in her in for a hug as I rub her back, giving her permission to let the tears fall. She lets them fall and we stand there for a good two minutes before she looks up at me with a small smile. I take my thumb and wipe away her tears,

"No one is worth any of these." I tease her making her almost fully smile. "If I didn't know you better I would say 'oh good she's over that' but I know you're not" I whisper to her as frown appears back on her face. The bell rings notifying us that class is going to start soon, I walk to Spanish with Aaron's arm around my shoulder and a small smirk forming on his face.  

"Why are you smirking?" I ask him as he pulls me down to the seat next to him, as he places his fingers in-between me.  

"Cause I think I am going to love Spanish." He say smiling and rubbing small circles on my hand.  

"Okkayyy then?" I reply releasing his hand and sliding my backpack off onto my chair. I turn around in my chair an dig through my bag looking for the pencil I put in there.  

"Are you looking for this?"  



Hello!! Well...Yeah! If you guys could please give me some feed back on how it is so far and if there is anything that your confused on please let me know:)  

FallingForYou21 xoxo

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