Popularity or Love? (On Hold)

Elizabeth Andera Randell was your average day girl, she had friends and family who loved her. She was happy with her life and she consider this perfect, but faith had something else in store for her. Meet Shane the school hottest, most popular and loved guy. He had it all money, popularity, and girls throwing themseleves at him, but he didn't want any of them. No he wanted Elizabeth thw girl that capture hos heart back in 6th grade. He is willing to do everythig and anything to capture her heart. But is he ready to give up his popularity for the girl he loves?


1. I am Back!

I stepped onto the unfamiliar bus that I hadn't been on since a month before we left for summer vacation. Today was the first day of school and since my brother graduated last year I had to ride the bus for at least four months until I turn sixteen.

"Good Morning welcome back." The old wrinkly bus driver greeted as we all piled onto the bus. I hate riding the bus it was crowded, small, and unreliable it looked like it could break down any minute.

"Only four months Shane." The short long haired boy who I called my best friend said as I sat down in front of him.

"Yeah I know there is only one good thing that comes of riding the bus." I say mumbling everything except the yeah.

"What is that?" Justin asked as he moved to come sit next to me. I couldn't tell him that it's because of her, no! I would never hear the end of that if I told him that she is the one reason I could actually deal with riding the bus. "I get to see you!" I say with a flirty smile as he just sits next to me an laughs. He moves back to his seat behind me as the bus pulls into the next stop.

"Soo...I heard you and Courtney broke up." He ask caution behind his words.

"Yup, I am single now." I say a little bit louder than before.

"WHOO! I GOT MY WINGMAN BACK!" Justin yells causing her to look up from her phone frowning slightly since apparently his voice overthrew the sound of the music coming from her ear buds. Her expression quickly changes and the frown quickly turned into a smile. I smiled as I saw her sweet smile at first I thought it was because of me but then I turn and see someone else making her laugh.

"You're going to Tony's party?" Justin asks as he interrupts my thoughts. "I don't know." I reply as I still stare at her.

"You should it could be your I AM SINGLE BITCHES COME AND GET ME party." Justin says laughing loudly like usual his loud laughter grabs her attention as she looks away from the guy sitting across from her and lands her eye sight on us. I shoot her a smile as Justin keeps rambling on and on about the party. Elizabeth Andrea Randall looked at me with a confused expression on her face as she slightly frowns at me and turns away.

"ARE YOU LISTENING!" Justin screams.

"HEY CAN YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP SOME OF US DON'T REALLY WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR SCREAMS!" I heard her silky voice command as I quickly turn about around and capture her gaze. "AND CAN YOU STOP STARING AT ME IT'S CREEPING THE FUCK OUT OF ME!" She yells at me and all I can do is turn around while my cheek heat up slightly.

"HEY ELIZA! HOW WAS YOUR SUMMER!" Justin screams behind me.

"UGH! It was okay." She says as her voice softens slightly.

"You going to Tony's party tonight?" He asks as I tune my ears to listen to hear every word she says.

"I might go I haven't decided actually." She answers truthfully.

"You should go." The words just slip out of my mouth without my permission.

"Yeah you should my wingman is back though so tell all the other girls to watch out." Justin warns Eliza as he throws his arm around my shoulder.

"Um...okay I guess but I don't have a ride." She replies shyly.

"I'll give you a ride there and back." I say again without permission. Eliza turns and looks at her phone and she appears to be texting someone.

"Umm...it's cool plus you'll probably be way too drunk to drive me home anyways so..." She trails off.

"It's perfect than I drive you there and you drive me back?" I ask since I knew I was going to be wasted after only an hour at the party.

"Ummm...what hell okay. Thank You." She says reluctantly.

"Great here I'll give you my number text me your address later and I'll pick you up." I say as I dig through my backpack and look for a slip of paper and pen.

"Here." Eliza hands Justin her new IPhone by the looks of it

. "Oh! That would probably have been easier." I mumble ad she giggles and hand her phone towards Justin who takes it and hands it to me. I had the exact same version except for the fact mine hand scratches and dents from the previous falls my phone has had to live through. I press her contact list and press the small plus sign in the corner and type in my name and number, I turn to make sure she's not paying attention when I quickly press add a photo to contact and take a decent photo and hand her phone back.

"Haha...okay then Shay?" She ask quirking her face into a curious look as she laughs at me. "Hmm so are you going to give me your number or is this only a one sided deal?" I asked capturing her attention from her fingers beating away at the screen of her phone. I was feeling slightly nervous now that she wasn't replying or even reacting to my voice.

"There, so you can stop asking now." Eliza smiled and placed her ear buds back in her ears. Her soft brunette head softly hitting the window to the bus as her soft green and blue eyes close and she seemed to drift off to sleep. After a few more moments of watching her I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

From: (987) 657-0725 *not real number or at least i hope so..*

Hey umm...shane well..yeah this is my number so um..

Eliza xoxo

I smiled at her signature how with every text she sends she also sends some love and compassion. I save her number under Eliza and slide my phone back into my pocket, I take a let go of a breath that I didn't even know I was holding until I let it out. I noticed the silence around which made me quickly turn around hoping to see why Justin was being so quietly, but he wasn't in his seat. I look beyond his old seat until my eyes finally reach him and the person he's sitting with Eliza. Her bright large smile was fully lit on her face as she laughed at something that Justin said.

"Jus...why did you leave me?" I ask in mock hurt.

"Cause Shay you never appreciated me!" He responded in the same tone, I watched Eliza laugh at us.

"Oh! So me being abandoned is funny?" I question her, I watch her eyes as the mischievous glint in them grew.

"Yes, I thinks it's hilarious!" She laughs throwing her head down on the seat in front of her trying to hide her laughter. Justin laughs at her side and rubs her back trying to calm her laughter down. I watch them with jealousy running coldly through my veins seeing Justin rubs her back comfortably until her laughter finally dies down. Justin raises his eyes from her beauty towards me and stares questionably at me for staring at them. I knew that at as soon as we got off this piece of shit of a bus that he would start questioning me. I turn my eyes away from the line of his vision, while trying to erase her smile from my memory. I have know her since I first moved here in sixth grade, back then she was shy and quiet, although even today she still is. She had long straight brown hair that landed just a few inches from her waist, while her piercing green blue eyes stare back at you. She was a rare jewel with her dark hair and appearance not at all matching her lightning bright eyes. She only hung out with a certain set of people and barely spoke to anyone outside of that circle. She was quiet and mysterious around people who she didn't talk to, but around her friends and any new kids she was loud, funny sarcastic, and full of energy. Her appearance from sixth grade has long been replaced with a girl with mid-back brown wavy hair with curves and the air around her is full of energy. The one thing that has forever stayed the same has is her light green and blue orbs that have strong blue tint when she was feeling good and when she was angry a light green tint clouded her eyes. I have never been on the receiving end of either her happiness or anger, but I have witness both from a short distance. The bus pulls up to the school and everyone starts piling out of the crappy old bus. I zip up the zipper to my hoodie and slip on my backpack while waiting for everyone to get off of the bus. I turn around and notice Eliza eyes slightly wide at the rain pouring down pounding against the bus and then I notice what she's wearing a thin white mesh t-shirt over a gray spaghetti top and a pair of ripped black skinny jeans. Justin who was still at her side laughed at her face as she tried to calm down her emotion enough to make a plan. I don't see a jacket or hoodie so she'll have to brave the rain in her t-shirt. I sigh and throw my bag back down while unzipping my black hoodie while pulling my arms out of the sleeves.

"Elli," I call out her nickname over the shouts and groans of everyone else as they step out of the bus and into the rain.

"Here take this." I say handing her the hoodie as she walks up next to my seat being the last one off.

"NO! Then you'll get sick and I'll be the one blamed!" She exclaimed pushing my hoodie back at me.

"It's okay I'll be fine." I say while walking out of the bus and into the rain shoving my freezing hands into my pockets. Her hands were warm when I had brushed against them while handing her my hoodie, but the bus was freezing no thanks to our bus driver that thought we needed air conditioning. I held on the heat that she left my hand with as I jogged towards my locker when I stop in the middle of the way there and see her standing there with a smile on her face as she finds my eyes.


||: A/N

Well...yeah! Thank you to all my readers and very loyal 0 fans!!! I start working on the next chapter soon! Promise!! And it will probably be someone's point of view this time!! Ahhh...well that was Shane now on to meet someone new Love to all, FallingForYou21 xoxo

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