Popularity or Love? (On Hold)

Elizabeth Andera Randell was your average day girl, she had friends and family who loved her. She was happy with her life and she consider this perfect, but faith had something else in store for her. Meet Shane the school hottest, most popular and loved guy. He had it all money, popularity, and girls throwing themseleves at him, but he didn't want any of them. No he wanted Elizabeth thw girl that capture hos heart back in 6th grade. He is willing to do everythig and anything to capture her heart. But is he ready to give up his popularity for the girl he loves?


4. Friendzoned?



Chapter 4: 


~Ellie’s POV~ 

  I look up from my bag and face the person who was handing me back my pencil that I was sure I placed in my bag. I saw his dark brown eyes that were covered by his dark black hair that had a Justin Bieber look to them. 

"Oh great you're in this class too?" I ask him as he flashed me his signature smile that normally make girls fall to their knees.

"Yeah so am I." I heard Shane says from the seat in front of me. 

"Great, surrounded by guys this is gonna be fun!" I say sarcastically as I groan and yank my pencil from Justin's hand. 

"Feisty." Justin said leaning into me. "I like them feisty." he flirted as I laughed at him and pushed his head away from my neck. 

"You're wasting your time, Ellie has the highest standards you could ever find." Aaron laughed from beside me. It wasn't my fault that after getting my heart broken I didn't feel comfortable letting just any random guy into my life. After my first heartbreak I built a wall, and I made sure that it was close to impossible to knock it down. I was done taking chances, letting people in, letting them play with my emotions and then throw me aside like I was a toy. I was done or at least that's what I had thought, but then you had the fact I felt like I needed and carved Shane's approval on what I did. No! I couldn't go back to being vulnerable and easy to hurt not after the first time. 

"Is that true?" Shane asked me pulling out of my thoughts and back into Spanish as the final bell shrills. I finally notice our Spanish teacher who was young probably around 25 gets up from his desk and walks to the front of the class. His tan armed hidden under a formal white dress shirt that was topped off with a black tie, he wore a simple pair of black skinny jeans and on his feet were a pair black on black Converse. Out of all the teachers he was one of the youngest and hottest or at least if you were into teacher and student relationships. 

"Hello class, my name is Señor Perez, I will be your Spanish teacher for the rest of the semester and for some of you all year long. Right sophomores?" He asked earning giggles and a chorus of Yeah Señor Perez, from most of the girls in this class. 

"Ugh, stupid sluts." I mumble as both Justin and Aaron laugh beside me causing everyone to stop and glare at us. While everyone glares Señor Perez kept a small smile on his lips as he walked down the rows of desks and stopped right in front of mine.

  "Is there something you would like to share Ms..." He trailed off remembering that he doesn't even know my first name much less my last. 

"Randal. Elizabeth Randall, but I prefer Ellie." 

"Well Ellie would you like to share what you just said to Mr. Byron?" He said moving his eyes from me to Justin who just waved at him. 

"Well...I would love to share, but I don't think it's a very nice thing to repeat." I said shrugging my shoulders and causally leaning back on my chair.

  "Well, then we would love to hear it." He said with a smile and gestured for me to go ahead and speak.

  "Well, okay then if you insist." I said standing up and giving a quick glance around the room."Well Señor Perez all I said was stupid sluts nothing really too scandalizing here." I said shrugging as all the girls burst into screams at me that I was the slut and they were all innocent little virgins. Sandwiched between Aaron and Justin who were laughing their heads off beside me then most of the guys mimicked their laughter even Señor Perez let out a soft chuckle.

"Okay girls calm down and gentlemen please control your every immature minds and as for you Ms. Randal," He paused trying to come up with a punishment as all the girls shouted suggestions for my consequences. "You Ms. Randal thank you for your opinion, but I don't think that was very nice you." He said smiling down at me. I shrugged my shoulders completely forgetting that he was the teacher and could probably get me kicked out just by the snap of his fingers. "Now that's out of the way lets being class." He said walking away from my desk and back towards front of the classroom. 

"That was very brave of you Ellie." Shay said turning around from his seat in front of me to smile and high five me. 

"Thanks I guess?" I replied as he smiled and turned back around. Slowly the rest of Spanish dragged on very uneventful for my taste, but as the bell rung I received glares from most of the girls and even some guys who apparently were their boyfriends. 

"Seems you pissed off more than half the class which is weird since you are usually such a peace keeper.." Aaron said as he fell into step with me. 

"I seriously don't know what came over me back there." I stated as I reached where Audrey stood with a huge smile on her face.

"Hey Audi ummmm...what's up with the creeper smile?" I asked.  "He has theater with me." She stated with a huge smile on her face. 

"Who?" Aaron asked stepping beside as he waved bye to someone.  "Patrick he has theater with me!" She exclaimed also squealing. 

"Ummm...congrats?" I laugh while pulling on her arm to walk with me as Aaron walked away to go talk to Janelle who was calling him over next to her. 

"Ready for Biology?" Stephanie shouted from behind me and Audi. 

"Ugh, no." I laughed as I headed towards the Science building that was on the opposite side of the school we were currently at. "We have lunch afterwards right?" I asked as my stomach growled to the mention of food.

"Haha! Only you would think of food." Audi laughed as a dark haired guy bumps into me making me crash into the floor with an oof. 

"Hey are you okay? That was totally my fault." He said extending his hand as he offered to help me off the floor. 

"Ya think?!" Stephanie shout pushing him out of the way and helping me up. 

"It's okay Stephanie I am fine." I said shrugging off the pain in my left ankle.

  "Hey Ellie are you okay?" Shay said jogging up to me. 

"Yeah, I am fine." I said wincing when I try to take a step forward. Which caused both the dark haired guy and Shay to run to both of my sides.

"It's okay, I am fine." I said walking forward to Biology using Audi as a support to walk over there. 

"Let me at least walk you to class." Shay said wrapping his arm around my waist. I wiggle out of his arms grasp and use Audi's arm to support myself on. 

"I'll be fine see you later Shay." I said waving as I wince with each step. 

"You don't need to act all tough lets take you to the nurse." Audi said as Stephanie appears on my other side. 

"Nah, I'll just walk it off." As I take one more look at the dark haired boy with dark brown eyes standing there shaking his head and walking away.  "He's new isn't he?" I ask Stephanie.

  "Yeah he's a sophomore in my English class." Stephanie says shrugging. "I think his name is Liam he just transferred here, but his sister has gone here for the last two years." She said 

"Who's his sister?" I ask as Audi opens the door for me as I walk in and fall into the closest chair.

  "I don't know." Stephanie said sitting to my right leaving Audi to my left as the same dark haired boy walks in with anger in his eyes as he stalks to the desk in front of me. I stare at the back of his head covered in long midnight black hair that looks soft and lush, making me want to run my finger through it.

  "I guess you're gonna get to know him a little better." Stephanie suggests turning and placing her ear buds into her ears blocking me and the world out. I was about to copy her actions while I wait for our teacher when Shay walked with the same anger clouding his eyes. He looked around and found me with a smile, but it quickly faded when he saw who was sitting in front of me. 

"Shane there's a seat in the back." Audi stated pointing to the back where most of the populars sat. He grunted and took the seat that Audi had pointed, but not without glaring at a unfazed Liam. Something happened between those two, Shay was usually nice to all the new kids here; it was weird seeing be so unfriendly to someone he barely knew. I lean forward on my chair until I reach Liam's shoulder when I softly tap it as he turns around and locks his dark chocolate eyes with my green ones. 

"Hi." I say calmly as he stares at me as though I wasn't real. 


  ~Shane's POV~   

"What the fuck did you do to her!?" I screamed at the kid that bumped into Ellie.

"Nothing I just bumped into her I didn't mean to hurt her!" He yelled back in the same tone with fury clouding the same shade of eyes I have stared into a million times before. The same dark chocolate color that the one person who I had only recently broke up with had. 

"Shane!" I heard her high pitched voice scream at me.

"Why are you screaming at my little brother!" She screamed at me drawing a small circle to the drama that was unfolding in front of them. 

"I can take care of myself Court." He said frowning at his older sister who was glaring at me with hatred and anger. "Plus, it was my fault I accidentally ran into his girlfriend." He said shrugging it off, but guilt clouded his eyes as he probably remember how bad he hurt her. 

"She's isn't his girlfriend!" Courtney screamed at him. 

"Whatever Court, I am going to class and Court I am not your little brother." He said turning around and walking away. 

"Stay away from her, she doesn't need people like you around her!" I scream remember everything Courtney told me about her twin brother. 

"I'll do whatever the hell I want!" He yelled and walking away. 

"Just because your girlfriend is clumsy and stupid doesn't mean you need to blame my brother!" She hissed at me. 

"I don't care who he is it's his fault that Ellie hurt her ankle!" I growled back at her making her take a step away from me. 

"Whatever Shane, just leave my brother alone or I'll have the entire football make you!" She threatened making me laugh at her.

  "I guess you forgot I am the quarterback for the football team so, you let me know how that works out for you." I said laughing and walking away from her. I had Biology next which was a good three minutes away from where I was, the walk seemed to drag on and on until I finally walk through the door. I hear her soft sweet voice from the door which instantly makes me smile as I step further into the classroom and lock eyes with her. I look around her to see if there is a seat empty, but instead of finding one I found Courtney's brother sitting right in front of Ellie. As I glare at him he looks up and returns my deathly glare. 

"Shane there's a seat in the back." Audrey says making me break contact with Liam and look at her. I make a sound that makes me sound more like an animal then human. As I went and sat in the back I noticed Ellie reach in front of her tap Liam's shoulder. They seemed to talk and he said something that made her laugh. Jealous ran through my veins as I watched him so easily make her smile and laugh. The rest of the school day seemed to go on forever finally the final bell rung causing me to run out of the classroom as quick as I could. 

"SHANNEEYYYY!" I heard Justin's voice scream as I made my way to my brother‘s truck that was parked in the school parking lot. 

"Oh! Justin I missed you sooooooo much!!" I yell stretching out the o's. 

"Are you ready for the party!" He ask as he falls in sync with my footsteps.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I said shrugging at him as I step into my brother truck and tell him hey.

  "I bet you're really excited to get to give Ellie a ride?" He asked as my brother laughed from the drivers seat. 

"Ellie so that's the name of Audrey's friend who we're giving a ride to?" He said raising an eyebrow at me. "Is she at least hot?" 

"She's HOT! Trust me she's hotter than Courtney!" Justin screams from the back seat. 

"Damn, how did you get her to like you?" My brother asks as he drives.

  "I haven't exactly got her to like me...we're kinda at the getting to know each other zone." I mumble from my spot next to my brother Cristian. 

"HAHAHA!!" Cristian bursts into laughter as he stops the truck at a car wash/gas station. 

"What's so funny?!" I exclaim at his reaction. 

"You totally got friend zoned!" Cristian says stepping out of the truck and going to pay to get his truck washed. I sat there stunned at his words as I realize, I actually had gotten friend zoned. Ellie hadn't officially declared me friend zoned, but I wasn't going to wait until she did. It was time that I took control on my little playground crush. I had to show Ellie, I liked her and tonight at Tony's party was the perfect time to do as long as I didn’t get too drunk.  



Ohhh!!! Soo there's a new kid Liam!?!? Ohhh!! I cant wait to see how this plays out, soo I know i haven't updated in a while, but I made up for it in this semi-long upload! I promise to update sooner! Or try to at least! 

  On a completely random note: I AM GOING TO GERMANY IN MARCH^_^!! EEEKKKKK! Me and my best friend Abby are heading off to Germany on a 10 day trip with our school!! Whoop! Okay so it's not official that we're going but it's a possibility! The most amazing thing is that it's gonna be over spring break which also happens to be the week of my birthday!!! Soo...sorry I had to tell someone:) Cause I am really excited to go!! The only bad thing is that it's gonna cost around $3,500!! I KNOW RIGHT! Ugh>_> why do I have to be sooooooooo poor!!    Well, yeah...soo random rant aside! I love you guys and make sure to give me a follow on Twitter:) @FallingForYou21  

Love <3,

FallingForYou21 xoxo  

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