Popularity or Love? (On Hold)

Elizabeth Andera Randell was your average day girl, she had friends and family who loved her. She was happy with her life and she consider this perfect, but faith had something else in store for her. Meet Shane the school hottest, most popular and loved guy. He had it all money, popularity, and girls throwing themseleves at him, but he didn't want any of them. No he wanted Elizabeth thw girl that capture hos heart back in 6th grade. He is willing to do everythig and anything to capture her heart. But is he ready to give up his popularity for the girl he loves?


5. A Kiss

Popularity or Love




~Ellie's POV~   



"I look stupid." Audi complains as she straightens out her shirt for the millionth time since I convinced her to put it on. 

"I heard Patrick is gonna be there plus you look good." I compliment her. She had a shirt with mid-arm sleeves that was covered in grey and white stripes; for some reason Audi just seemed to really love stripes. She wore a simple pair of denim skinny jeans with a pair of black on black converse. It took about an hour of convincing, but somehow I coaxed her into curling her hair and putting a simple black bow in her light brown hair; on her left arm she wore a sliver bracelet with a black gem in the center. (http://www.polyvore.com/audis_party_outfit_popularity_love/set?id=58724942#stream_box) After digging through all Audi's other jewelry I found a gold and sliver heart necklace which she eagerly wore and a pair of black tear drop earrings which she agreed to almost instantly. 

"Do I look okay?" Audi asks for the tenth time as I was getting ready. 

"YES! Audi, you look hot and if I didn't know you I would be worried about you sleeping with all the guys there." I quickly reply as I slip on a pair of black skinny jeans that I had left at Audi's house a few months back. I had on my Young Wild and Free tank top under my black varsity jacket that I matched with my studded hi-tops to top off my outfit I wore a blue and black studded belt that I stole from Josh a few weeks ago. I managed to find my blue an gold bracelet I had lost at Audi's house the last time I was here so I chose to wear that while on my right ring finger shined the black and white diamond ring my parents gave to me a few months ago. (http://www.polyvore.com/ellies_party_outfit_popularity_love/set?id=58724596#stream_box) 

"WHY CAN'T I LOOK LIKE YOU!" Audi complained as she chomped on a brown sugar pop tart. 

"You look really pretty Audi don't worry if Patrick doesn't notice you then-"I was cut off by the doorbell ringing. Since it was only me and Audrey home she went to go answer the door as I quickly braided my hair back. 

"ELLIE, it's for you!" Audi screamed from the front door. I jogged to the doorway to see Audi standing outside next to Shay and Justin.  "Hey, thanks so much for the ride!" I exclaim as I head towards Cristian, Shay's brother's truck. 

"No problem." Shay said holding the door for me and Audi. I let her in first since I had to run back inside and grab our phones off the chargers. When I jogged out of the room Shay stood there waiting for me to walk out his figured trapped me in front of him until he moved. (http://www.polyvore.com/shays_party_outfit_popularity_love/set?id=58725771#stream_box) 

"You look beautiful tonight Ellie." He stated as he looked up and down my body smiling when he reached my face and I let a smile form on my face since I was proud I looked decent. 

"Thanks?" I respond as I push past him and hop into the truck as Shay locks the door to Audi's house. 

"So you're Ellie?" Shay's brother asks as he backed out of the driveway and onto the road. 

"Yeah." I said smiling and sent him a warm smile. 

"Nice to finally see you instead of just hearing about you from Shay." He said grinning at his little brother who had his face hidden from the fading sunlight. 

"Um...what does he exactly say about me?" I ask with a raised eyebrow. He talked about me to his brother, I wonder what he says about me to Cristian. 

"Oh nothing bad just that your really beautiful which I can clearly see, that your really funny which I hope to find out and that you are overall a really amazing person." Cristian states shrugging his shoulder as Shay hides his face deeper in his palms. At this moment I was really thankful for the lack of sunlight since it hid the blush that formed on my cheeks. 

"Awww! Thanks Shay." I manage to say sounding like I was teasing him, instead of trying to draw away any attention towards me. After Cristian and Justin’s laughter died down the rest of the drive to the party was pretty quiet only a with an occasional question towards me about my life. 

“Well, we’re here.” Justin announced jumping out the truck and holding his hand out to Audi who reluctantly took it as he lead her towards the house. 

“What a gentlemen.” Cristian laughed as he held his hand out and helped me out of the truck.

“Here, I probably won’t be conscious later to give them too you.” He grinned while placing the keys to his truck in my hand. After I slipped them into the hidden pocket on the inside of my varsity jacket where I knew they would never fall out as I fell into step with him walking behind Shay who had his hands in his pockets.

“Here Shay you better take care of Ellie, there’s a lot of pervs here tonight we don’t want anything happening to her.” Cristian stated before leaving to go join a group of seniors who were playing pool. I walked away from Shay and ahead off to go find Stephanie who had texted me on our way here to tell me that we should meet up outside. I made it about three stride when someone’s hand clapped down on my wrist and pulled me back. Whoever was touching me was getting kicked in the balls, I had only been here for like five seconds and someone was already trying to drag me upstairs. HELL NO! I so don’t work that way, as I get pulled along with some they suddenly stop making me slam into their back. 

“HEY!” Stephanie screamed from over the music that was currently Weightless by All Time Low. 

“STEPHANIE!” I yelled somehow slipping my wrist away from whoever was holding it down, but only to have someone to wrap their arms around my waist. 

“Hey, it’s my job to keep you safe and I can’t do that if you keep trying to run away.” Shay’s voice whispered into my ear as he pulled me closer to him. His tone hard chest against my back as he leaned his lips closer to my ear and whispered.

“I am not gonna drink tonight so I’ll stay with you the whole time completely sober.” He said smiling as he pulled away and loosened his grip on me allowing me to walk towards Stephanie. She wore a dark pair of skinny jeans with a black tube tops that was hidden under a cropped motorcycle jacket. Her footsteps clicked along with the black pumps that were on her feet. She had one panda necklace that me and Audi had brought her for her birthday a few months ago. While in her hand she held a clutch and on her wrist was a black cuff bracelet that was covered in rhinestones which glittered in the light. (http://www.polyvore.com/stephanies_party_outfit_love_popularity/set?id=58725415#stream_box)

“Hey Chris.” I said smiling at Stephanie’s boyfriend who just waved at me while still holding onto Stephanie’s waist with his other hand. 

“Hi, Ellie long time no see.”

“Yeah! I know, it’s been what si-” I was cut off by Shay awkwardly clearing his throat.

“Oh Stephanie, Chris is this Shane he’s a friend of mine.” I say. 

“Yeah, I know who he is, anyone that doesn’t probably lives under a rock.” Stephanie said waving her hands around. 

“I didn’t know who he is and I don’t live under a rock you’ve been to my house…do I live under a rock?” Chris questioned starting one of their’s little playful arguments that ended with them making out. 

“We should probably leave before they start making out.” I whisper to Shay who nodded his head and pulled we outside where most of the party was. 

“ELLIE!!!” I heard a rough manly voice scream before he squealed hitting the water to the pool with a splash only to emerge from the water a few seconds later. 

"Tony!" I said running to the edge of the pool with a towel from the stack that laid on a table on the patio. 

"Hey you came." He said taking off his shirt leaving him in only a pair of grey cargos on. 

"A course, why would I ever miss my best friend's party!" I said as he pulls me into a long hug. 

"Ton- BESTIE!!" Alana screamed from the other side of the pool. She ran across the lawn and grabbed me into a tight hug. 

“Hi Alana.” I said bleakly. Since I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with her and her strange obsession with me right now. I came here to party and hang out with Audi who disappeared when we got here with Justin who for all I know could be trying to seduce her right now. Actually I take that back Audi's probably off somewhere trying to seduce Patrick. 

"Shit Audi!" I exclaimed grabbing everyone's attention and a glare from Alana at the mention of my best friend.

"What's wrong with Audrey?" Shay asked as I walked away from Alana and Tony and into the crowd trying to find the stripped shirt I had forced her to wear. "Ellie is something wrong with Audi?" Shay asked appearing at my side with a worried look on his face as he looked around trying to find Audi too. 

"Nah, I just haven't seen her since we got here and she's with Justin so...God only knows what might happen to that boy if he tries to seduce Audi." I said finding a figure blond head who locked eyes with me before walking over to me. 

"Hey, Ummm...you're friends with Audrey right?" He asked staring around me as if he waiting for her to pop out and scream surprised. 

"Yeah, have you by any chance seen her cause I kind of lost her when we got here." I said grimacing as I look around not spotting her.

"AUDREY!" Shay screams into the crowd earning him about a million stares and the occasional glare from people who's make out session he had interrupted. When Shay yelled out her name everyone had gone silent for about two seconds, but that enough for me to hear her laugh coming from outside.

"Ummm…thank you for your this moment of your time…um…please enjoy the party and remember to….umm… USE PROCETION!" I said at everyone that was still staring at me before grabbing Shane's arm and pulling him outside.

"Do you know where she's at?" Patrick exclaimed following me outside where I spot Justin and Audi talking an goofing around. 

"Audi are you FLIRTING!" I exclaimed as I saw her look up at me with slightly rosy cheeks.

"NO! We were just talking." She said looking up and locking eyes with Patrick who had his jaw and hands clenched in anger or maybe it was jealously? 

"Ummm…Justin I was wondering if you could help me and Shay find Stephanie cause we kinda lost her." I said hinting for him to follow we back inside so that Patrick and Audi could talk. 

"Okay?" He said smiling at Audi and kissing her forehead and following us. As we walked back inside we passed Patrick who looked ready to kill Justin who only smiled and walked right past him almost taunting him. 

"So what's up with Audrey and that douche bag?" Justin asks me while I look out of the window and see neither Abby or Patrick have moved from the spots where I left them at. 

"He's a friend of Audrey's." I lied as I turned away from the window and headed towards the back where everyone was huddled around the pool. Audrey has seemed so happy sitting there with Justin just flirting and messing around even if she denied she had been flirting I knew she had been. Justin had also been flirting with her, but not in his usual "I am to get in your pants" way he always does but a more subtle way as if he didn't want her to figure out he had been flirting. I had been so deep in thought that I didn't even notice when I bumped into someone had been walking around. 

"Fuck! I am sorry I didn't mean t-LIAM!" I said shouting at Liam who was on the ground groaning. 

"I guess that was payback?" He said standing up and dusting off his khaki short he had on. 

"I wasn't trying to get even...I just wasn't paying attention to where I was going and yeah…you were the unlucky person I happened to run into." I said blushing as he laughed at me. 

"Aha I see. How are you feeling?" He asked; completely confusing me. "Your leg does it feel better?" He ask until I remember he made me trip and fall only a few hours ago. 

"Oh! Right yeah I had completely forgotten about that. Ummm.. I am okay I guess it doesn't hurt...at all actually!" I said moving my ankle around feeling absolutely no pain as I did. 

"That's good I was really worried about you." He said looking down at his shoes all of a sudden. I found it extremely cute that he was looking away as his cheeks blushes. 

"Awww! You were worried about ME?" I ask pinching his cheeks which were warm due to the fact he was blushing. As I touch his cheeks I feel sparks on the tips of my fingers which seems to freeze my hand on cheeks. Liam finally notices I haven't moved my fingers and looks up from the ground at me with his chocolate brown eyes. He smiles at me making my stomach do a small flip as he places his hands over mine, making the sparks move from my fingers to my entire hand. We lean closer to each other and the less space between us the more everything else seems to fade into the background. There was barely any space between us at this point which meant the sparks were now covering almost my entire body. Liam leans his head down so his lips were only centimeters away from mine making me close my eye waiting for the impact of his lips. His soft scent wrapping around me leaving me feeling warm and fuzzy as I try to memorize his scent. It was minty, but also had the small hint of whatever cologne he wears.

"I really hope you aren't drunk cause if you are then I really don't want to kiss you...I want you to remember this." He whispers onto my lips which makes me smile. 

"As sober as a nun." I whisper back as his warm lips finally meet mine leaving me slightly paralyzed before I start kissing him back. I smile slightly into the kissing which leaves a opening for his tongue to slip into my mouth. I don't fight for dominance like I usually do, instead I eagerly let him take control of the kiss. We stand there in between everyone who was either drunk, high, or both; we didn’t care all we cared is about each other, but it ended when Liam was yanked off her lips and against the wall. I open my eyes and feel anger quickly rise from the pit of my shout to my head. I want to shout, scream, kick, and possible kill whoever the hell just ruined that kiss for me as I look around for the victim of my anger I see who it is. Shay stood over Liam his body seeming taller as if he suddenly grew three feet since the last time I saw him which was about fifteen minutes ago. 

“SHANE!” I scream finally snapping out of my thoughts and into the current situation that was in front of me. Both Shane and Liam where glaring at each other waiting for the other one to make the first move, but they looked like statues not moving a muscles. 

“I TOLD YOU NOT TO LEAVE MY SIDE THAT IT WAS DANGEROUS TO BE ALONE HERE!” He said screaming at me directing all his anger at me as if it was my fault he was in this situation. 

“HOW IS LIAM DANGEROUS HUH!? SHANE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW! AND HOW DO YOU I WANSNT THE ONE TO KISS HIM? HMM?” I demanded him to answer but his face only showed shock maybe at the anger in my voice or maybe at my words. At this point I could really care less what the reason for his shock was because it quickly disappeared and was replaced by full on rage. 

“We are leaving.” He demands reacing into the pocket of my varisty jacket and grabbing Cristian’s keys which I had completely forgot were in my pocket. I crossed my arms across my chest and didn’t move when he started walking forwards thinking I was going to follow him. 

“Ellie, I wasn’t asking if you want to leave I am telling you we are.” He said growling at me and grabbing my wrist to pull me with him. I fight against his grasp but suddenly it’s gone and Shay is on the floor glaring at someone behind me. I turn around to see Liam glaring at Shay and moving closer to him as he gets up. 

“I warned you once and I won’t warn you again Liam STAY. AWAY. FROM. HER.” Shay growls at Liam pausing in between each word making sure that Liam hears his threat. 

“I DON’T NEED TO LISTEN TO YOU!” Liam yells back moving closer but I place myself between the two blocking Liam’s path to Shay. 

“Shay, last time I checked you aren’t in charge of what I do!” I said turning around and facing him as he continues to glare at Liam behind me. 

“Ellie come on we can just lea-” He starts but I cut him off almost shouting at this point. 

“You know what Shay I think I can find my own ride home so if you want to leave go ahead nothing stopping you.” I said turning around and leaving him standing there as Liam follows me out while I look for Audi who I hadn’t seen since I left her with Patrick. It took me about five minutes but I finally found her with Patrick laughing, so they must have cleared things up I guess. I shout her name and somehow she hears me over the music since she turns and waves me over to her. I had to pass a huge group of people dancing to get to her, but the sooner I left this party the sooner I could vent out all my frustration to Audi. 

“Do you need a ride home?” Liam voice asks into my ear as he places his arm around my waist and leads me through the sea of people. I didn’t feel like screaming all the energy in me suddenly gone so I just nod my head. “I’ll give you a ride home.” He says smiling at me. 

“I need to take Audrey too.” I said into his ear so I didn’t need to shout. 

“That’s fine with me.” He says smiling down at me as we emerge on the other side of the mob. Audi was just saying bye to Patrick as we reach them and he gives her a tight squeeze before kissing her cheek and whispering something in her ear. She smiles and nods her head before looking at me with the biggest smile on her face, but as soon as she sees me her smile drops and instantly turns into a frown.   





||:A/N Well…? What do you guys think of Liam kissing Ellie and there is Shay? Hmm…I still haven’t decide who I want Ellie to end up soo…right there is a good chance it could be either of them. So I hope you guys have an amazing weekend! Quick note I will not be posting any new chapter to any of my stories til next week because I have to write up two essays for English and I have midterms Thursday and Friday and I am pretty sure I am gonna fail my Algebra II midterm so I need to study! But I have fall break Oct. 8-14 so I will try to write a lot throughout that time! See you all later!   



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