Someday I will Remember

Isabella, is your typical, everyday teenager, whom discovers the reality surrounding her. At the same time, meets 4 new guys and one in particular has her attention... but with all the truth and the corruption unfolding with her families past... will she become a victim?
With her mum deceased and dad missing, the only person she has left is her brother, Louis. She slowly, over times has flashbacks, which makes her becomes more curious each time and the more curious she becomes she places everyone around her at risk. Will she like her family past? Or will she fall into pieces ...


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13. Chapter Twelve: Leaving

Isabella's P.O.V

Every day since that day of our anniversary, we spend every minute together. We were inseparable. Days had pasted, and now I was leaving in one more day. I can't even bear the thought of leaving and being separated for Harry for three weeks.

Me and Harry on the beach, as I lay on this chest.. soaking up the warmth of the sun, twirling my fingers into his. Entwining, his slowly begins to sing... 

"promise me one thing while your away, to remember your mine" he smiled. I got up and looked him in his eyes. The beautiful green, the color of the leaves in the spring time. Sparkling in the sunlight.

"you will be always my other half, my one and only" I told him, then laying back on his chest. His bare chest and strong muscles always made be blush.

As the day was at beginning to end, watching as the sunsets... the colors from blue to pink and red, slowly the sky becoming dark. Absorbing the warmth, laying there... Harry stroking my hair and singing to me a bit louder.

"You & I
could be like sonny & Cher
honey & bears"

Laughing, I began to sing with him, this was our song. It is you and I by chance. We both her this song on our first date, where we shared our first slow dance. There are plenty of memories behind this song

"You & I
could be like Aladdin & Jasmine
lets make it happen"


Singing it reminded me of our memories, how time flies and now I was leaving soon.

This moment was couldn't compare to our other moments. Then I thought of our three anniversary, it was just the same... he made be happy any time I was with him. I didn't want to leave.

Nothing could ruin this moment, until... 'it happening again' I said to myself. Being prepared for what memory would flooded back into my memory. One step closer, even thought it cause me great pain, in which I could not control.

I began to blank, that is when the memory came. But this time it was a bit clearer.

we were on the beach, it seems very recently. Happy and all cheery. I was in my flower printed dress. It looked like we were on holidays... then darkness, water, and screaming. Then I was back to reality.

Thinking about my party, the time where I had memories flooded back in my head... but never told anyone. But it was the exact same. Something must occurred when we were on a family holiday. Wanting to confront Lou, but thinking he would turn me down and saying that I might be 'delusional'. But I was becoming more curious. 

Harry's P.O.V

I could see in her eyes that it happen again. But didn't want to tell her the truth behind it, as it was for her own safety and protection. All I could ever do is be there for her and comfort her. She was on the edge and about to go through the exact thing at the night of the party, but cuddling her and embracing her with my warmth and saying 'everything is alright, I am here. No need to worry' .

A tear began to shear down her shoulder, I could feel her shivering it made be shiver. I decide it is time to go back to her place.

Holding her, hand in hand through every step back.

She whispered inside my ear "Thank you, for everything"

Hearing her say those word I gave her a small kiss on the forehead. We were back, we decide to just sit on the front porch. I had my arm wrapped around her and her head in my shoulder. Watching the stars lighting up the night sky. Tonight sky was so clear, you could visible see very star. Comforting her, knowing this is our last time we would see each other for three weeks. Taking advantage of every moment until it was time to depart. 

Isabella's P.O.V

After Harry had left, I began to pack. Slowly I began to tear. Shifting my belonging into my suitcase. Walking around my room and getting my items, that's when I have notice a small box. A box in which wasn't there before.

Curious and examined the box. It was a wooden small box with the label on top stating 'family memories' in running handwriting. I began to imagine what lies within the box.

Slowly, I opened it. Containing inside is exacting what it says 'family memories'. Looking inside and searching for a clue in which might explain the reason to my blackouts and flashbacks.

But all it had contained was baby items. Hospital bracelets in which has mine and Louis name, pictures and one in particular had a short poem on the back. It was a photo of a family, recognizing Louis, I assumed it was ours. 


"you must know the reason on why I had to leave

just things didn't work at as so it seemed

you are so important and special to me

I hold you dearly in my heart

in which I had to depart

I will miss you like crazy

I want you two grow up happily and safety

and not involved with this family mess."


Tears began to brawl down my eyes. That is when Louis knocked and walked in my room.

Louis P.O.V

"are you all packed?" I asked, soon realizing she was tearing up.

"hey, hey... whats wrong?" I asked. She slowly handed me the photograph, in which had a short poem. She was becoming curious into the reason why our parents aren't here. Meaning her memory is improving, through it is a good thing... but there are always a bad thing. In which can place her in grave danger is she finds out the true meaning.

"I am going to miss Harry and I am so confused revolving our family past"

"it is going to be okay" trying to comfort her. Sitting on my bed. Brushing her hair and soothing her. Attempting to ignore the conversation of her asking about the family past.

"just think it is another adventure to explore, you will see him again"

Isabella's P.O.V

I knew from his eyes, he didn't want to speak of the family past. I could see the pain and trauma in which I  cause by just mentioning. So, I decide to leave it. 

"I am getting tired"

"okay, you should get some rest... big day tomorrow"

As he left my room, I begin to finish packing and headed to bed. Tomorrow is going to be filled with emotion... I can feel it.


~ ♥ one day after ♥ ~


Isabella's P.O.V

Walking up to Louis voice "wake up sis, Harry is already here to drive us and we need to be leave in a hour... so finish packing" I heard as his voice decreasing in loudness as I assumed he was walking up and then down the hallways. I could tell he was stressing.

Getting ready, inhaled the exhaled... today is the day in which I'll be leaving my Harry. Recalling on what Lou said 'Harry is already here' . I rushed down the stairs and jumped straight into Harry's arms

"Hello love, have you finished packing?" he said


"okay, I where are your bags"

"upstairs.. in my room" he began to loosen his grip and headed up. Following him. He started to get the suitcases and bags and place them in the car.

Leaving and locking up all the doors. We began to head towards the airport. It was a long drive to the airport, but today was a beautiful day... the sun is up and bright and there was no clouds. It was nice. I rolled down my window, to allow the spring breeze enter the car. Wind blowing through my hair and the sum beaming on my skin. Closing my eyes, it was the perfect place to take a little nap.

Opening my eyes, we were already at the airport. Harry and Lou begins to place the suitcase on the trolley with me just there watching. Once they were finished we all head into the terminal, checking in and checking in which gate to go to.

~40 minutes past~ 

Isabella's P.O.V

We only had five minutes left... five minutes to say goodbye to my Harry. I scratched my head as a tear rolled down my face

"It's okay, I will see you soon" Harry said

In his embraced, I was going to miss this.

"could members of flight 45 147 to Hawaii please to gate 5 to board the plane"

Releasing his embrace and wiping my tears away I picked up my hand carry bag and started to walk to the gate.

Harry's P.O.V

Tears began to flow through my eyes, watching the girl I love leaving and boarding her plane. Where I was left here.

She was about to head to the gate when I screamed "I love you, Isabella"

Isabella's P.O.V

I turned around, my tears were overflowing. Looking back, seeing Harry there crying. I immediately dropped everything and ran back to him, wrapping my hands around him. Whispering in his ear "I love you too, Harry". We slowly moved apart, now we were distances... our lips just a finger away. He looked deep into my eyes, and me looking in his. Slowly he came closer and kissed me. His lips were soft and warm. Feeling water running down his cheek.

"this is a last call for flight 45 147 to Hawaii to board the plane"

Now my tears are flooding down, as I moved apart. Slowly releasing my hand. Running back to Lou

"come on Isa, we have to go" he said as he picked up the bags

Wiping my tears away, as we past through the barrier to show our ticket. I paused, promising myself I won't look back.

Harry's P.O.V

Watching her, standing there...  hoping she will look back.

Isabella's P.O.V

I looked back, to see a glimpse of Harry one more time. He was there standing with his hands in his pockets and his eyes brawling down with tears. I began to breath heavy... inhaling and exhaling. Constantly wiping my tears and waving goodbye, before walking onto the plane.

Finding our seats and sitting down placing my seat beat on, looking out through the window, I could still see Harry in the gates. Thinking to myself 'saying goodbye to someone is the hardest thing...'

"welcome to Hawaiian airlines, this is your captain speaking. We are glad to have you on board on our 45 147 flight to Hawaii. Please ask your flight attends to ask for assistance. Please turn off all your electronics until we say it is safe.  We hope you enjoy your flight" he spoke over the PA system. There was a bit of static in there.

"we are going to holidays, a new destination, a new adventure" he said smiling at me

Smiling at him back, we were now on the runway... then taking off. Breathing, we were now in the air.

*NOTE: the song 'You and I' is actually a song. I didn't write that, it is by a guy called 'J.R.A'.. you guys should listen to it, it is amazing ! :)*

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