Someday I will Remember

Isabella, is your typical, everyday teenager, whom discovers the reality surrounding her. At the same time, meets 4 new guys and one in particular has her attention... but with all the truth and the corruption unfolding with her families past... will she become a victim?
With her mum deceased and dad missing, the only person she has left is her brother, Louis. She slowly, over times has flashbacks, which makes her becomes more curious each time and the more curious she becomes she places everyone around her at risk. Will she like her family past? Or will she fall into pieces ...


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4. Chapter Three: Unexpected Turn of Events

Adrianna (friend of Isabella)P.O.V

I glad that Isa is her happy self... especially on this day. I can't even imagine what is she is going though... but being positive can bring out the best out of you. As we all walk down towards the canteen lockers, separating our ways. I quickly dial Louis' number.

Ring... ring... ring . I hear, until about the the fourth 'ring' I hear a 'hello'

"Hey Louis" I speak

"hi, Adrianna, whats up?... and aren't meant to be at school?" he questions me

"yea... umm.. just wondering about Isa surprise birthday party... is it still on?"

"yes... please tell all your friends to come... friends of Isa, I mean. I don't want to have the whole school coming... OK?" Louis stated in a humble voice

"Sure, okay.. that's all I wanted to clarify... Bye"

"Bye bye, have fun at school and please make sure she does as well"

Then it was the end of our conversation. I wanted to also tell him, how I truly feel about him... but sure, Isa well kill me, if she would ever know. Ohh... why does things have to be so complicated.

As I reluctantly open my locker... 12 left, 25 anti-clockwise and 9 clockwise and *bloom* locker is open.

Isabella P.O.V

As I was walking towards my locker, my hand on my side bag with my long brown hair dangling off my back and my favourite pink lace dress... I knew that today well be okay... but I didn't want everyone grieving for me... sometimes it gets annoying. I was hard enough that my dad died. After all it is just another day in the year... right? or am I just being delusional... unaware of how or what to feel. 

As I approach my locker, I notice someone unfamiliar, someone I didn't saw until today. With his bright green eyes shining at me.. it felt like we were literally the only two people. As his small curls waved in the wind as a breeze came in. I lost everything I was thinking about and became focus on him and just him. I thought to myself "he is cute!". I had notice I was starring for too long, that he had looked at me and asked 

"can you please help me open my locker... I new here and I'm Harry, by the way"

All I heard from him was his sweet British accent and instantly I was hypnotized... "sorry, what do you need help with?". Feeling like an idiot when he had clearly stated it before.

" My locker, I just can't open it" he spoke

Staring... glazing at the most beautiful person I've ever seen.

"ummm...ah" I said, feeling like a complete idiot. "Sorry, trying to find a way to best explain it, first of all what is you three numbers to open your locker?"

"9, 25 and 12" in his British accent.

"first you turn anti-clockwise to 9" there was a split moment when our hands reach to turn to the first number... froze, goosebumps... feeling my checks coming rose red. Trying to hide away my feelings for him. Next thing, I knew, I let out a small giggle. Like a school girl laugh... I thought how embarrassing! 

However, then, he started to smile. When he smile at me, I felt so bubbly, and before I knew it my butterflies became back.

"ahh.... then you turn clockwise to 25 and then left back to 12... and there you go" *locker opens*.

"Hey, what class you have, by the way, whats your name" he spoke

"Isabella, but some people call me Isa, and I have music"

"same, cool, can you show me the way"


While walking to class, since the bell had already gone, non stop talking. It is like we have know each other for years. 

"so what school did you do before here?"

"ummm.... St. Peter catholic high school in England. I here on student ex-change"


Walking into class, as usual we normally get out our stuff and get ready for class. Harry, sitting on the other side of the classroom and smiles at me. I look back and gave him a smile. From now onwards, I knew I was going to love music.

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