Someday I will Remember

Isabella, is your typical, everyday teenager, whom discovers the reality surrounding her. At the same time, meets 4 new guys and one in particular has her attention... but with all the truth and the corruption unfolding with her families past... will she become a victim?
With her mum deceased and dad missing, the only person she has left is her brother, Louis. She slowly, over times has flashbacks, which makes her becomes more curious each time and the more curious she becomes she places everyone around her at risk. Will she like her family past? Or will she fall into pieces ...


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14. Chapter Thirteen: Familiar Face...

Isabella's P.O.V

Landing after a long hour flight. To finally stretch my legs and my whole body. Having the worst ever jet lag. Driving towards our hotel, looking around Hawaii as we drive pass. This was beautiful, I was speechless.

As soon we were at our hotel, I had straight away got my swimmers and started headed to the beach. Just as I was about to open the door of the hotel room and into the hallway... Lou comes out with a toothbrush in his hands.

"Where do you think you're going?" Lou said

"Beach" as I gather my stuff

"You are going nowhere with me, this is a complete different country... I don't want you to get lost"

I sighed, hoping to go there alone. To enjoy the peace and quite... to soak up the warmth of the sun and to walk around and explore.

"Fine". finally I said.

~ ♥ at the beach ♥~

Walking bear feet on the hot sand, squishing my toes into it. Letting my medium brown hair let lose. With sun soaking into my skin... I began to lay out my towel and lay down. Placing sun screen all over my body. Flicking all my hair back and began lay down and soaking up the sun. Letting the heat of the sun beam on my tan skin, allowing the surrounding nature sounds filled my ears... this was relaxing and soothing. 

Closing my eyes... relaxing. I slowly start to think of Harry, that's when I got up, with my hands behind my back to support my body up...  overlooking the ocean, giving me flashbacks to the last day I spent with Harry... on the beach and singing our hearts out. Just like the time when we were in the music class, but instead in class. Thinking about it made me laugh, how he brought me joy to the dwelling day in which he never knew about. He just brightens my whole entire world up.

I see Lou there, across from me... in his sunglasses and shirtless, laying on his stomach and looking at his phone. Laughing and blushing as he read the screen of his phone. Thinking who he was sending messages too.

"how you are in texting... uh? Your girlfriend " I said teasing him

"haha, your every funny" he said as he was just across from me and pulling funny faces

"is it true? you are not denying it". I smiled, trying to make him confess. But keeps shutting me out. He looked back at his phone as it beep to show he has a new message.

"just texting Adrie if you must know" He said

"my best friend?"

"yes, and we are friends too... besides the point we're just talking"

Looking over his phone, trying to get a glimpse of whom my brother was texting. Fighting over to see the messages. Then I had the phone in my hand " 'I miss you' " I read, smiling away.

"It is okay if you like her... I don't mind. In fact, I can tell that she likes you" admitting that I knew there was something.

"does she?" questioning me and my lying skills. His face brightening up when I said 'likes you'  Actually I was telling him the truth

"yes" I said laughing

"interesting" he said

"Come on, lets go to sight seeing" I spoke as I picked up my gear. He smiled as he got up to.

"plus you have to turn of our phone, you missing her and her missing you... it just reminds me on how much I miss Harry. By the way the aim of this holiday was to escape from reality and go on an adventure. Correct me if I am wrong" I add

"fine, you are right" as he looked away from his phone. "but I will turn off my phone once you turn of your"

At the same moment, my phone beeped ... I looked at Lou, giving him the look saying that can I please just check my phone. He could tell it was probably Harry. He nodded "but you have 3 minutes"

I quickly looked on my phone... the message read

'I miss you xoxo ... I hope you are having fun :) Text me as soon as you get this

♥ Harry'

Reading the message, I became fond and very lost. Immediately texting him back

'I miss you, but I have to go... I am going site seeing with Lou and he said all phones off... sorry :(

♥ Isa'

Harry's P.O.V

I wanted to text her the real message I original wanted her to see, but deleted word by word as I wanted her to have fun and don't worry about me... even though my heart is dying without her here.

The Original Text Message:

'I am missing you dear

and it is only the first day without you here

I am incomplete and everything reminds me of you

I know you are at a different venue

Happy and enjoying you holiday

To adventure and explore

I hope you enjoy the shores

♥ Harry'

As I stare out into the open space, glancing at the view, feeling the soft breeze through my skin. The suddenly I hear 'beep' ... excited as I saw the message and who it was from, I began to reading the message that Isa just sent. 

'I miss you, but I have to go... I am going site seeing with Lou and he said all phones off... sorry :(

♥ Isa'

Thinking of Isa and where she must be going. It has only been a day and I am missing her like crazy... I miss her cuddles, her smiles and especially her.Everything I see her remind me of her, overlooking the view of the beach from the rocks. Throwing rocks into the water, watching as the drop into the ocean. That's when I saw Adrie approaching me... she sat down beside me

"you are miss her, uh?"

"more that you can imagine" say this while wiping my tears.

We both just sat there admiring the beautiful sun set, the colors of the sky changing...

Isabella's P.O.V

It was about mid-day here. We began to explore and venture through Hawaii and the beautiful features in which it offers. It is just admirable every time I turn.

It is just one thing.. to make this island more perfect... My Harry. I sighed, as it hits me even hard of the realization of him not here.

"chin up, we are in this wonderful island. Filled with nature and what it has to offer... what can make this more perfect?"

"Harry ... that is what is missing"

Louis P.O.V

I couldn't bear to see the thought of Isa upset, even though she is showing and expressing happiness... she just didn't seem the same when she is with Harry. So I decide to organize something in my mind, but place it to action when we were back at the hotel.

We were walking around shoreline of the beach, we noticed a sign in which said 'scuba diving'. Immediately she asked "can we go and do that" looking in the direction of the sign

"sure" I smiled at me

"YAY !" she practically screamed. Happy that she is slowly beginning to like this trip.

Isabella's P.O.V

As we walked to the place, I had notice a man. A man in which I had saw before. There was something about her, it had left as though I knew her. As I examined her every move, every step... wondering in who she might be.

Searching through my memories in which my lead me to who he was. Even though I don't remember much in my past. He seemed to be working, testing and experimenting. I had assumed he was a marine biologist. The hard I try to find out in my brain of who he is, but just couldn't think. But her face is so familiar. I constantly digging through my brain through my memories.

Flashbacks... the exact memory in which I remembered on my party, the photograph. It was him. 'It couldn't be' whispered it through my lips.

"hey, are you alright" Lou asked. I stood there froze as he looked in the direction in which I was looking at. His mouth dropped.

From his facial expressions I knew I was certain. I hit me...

Turning my head and facing the man... he had the same look as Lou, almost identical... expect he looked much older... 

*speechless*... as no words can express my emotions.

Finally, I can feel the words piecing through my lips... as I stood there in shock, trying to place myself in the realization of it all... swallowing my saliva down my throat... whispering ...


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