Someday I will Remember

Isabella, is your typical, everyday teenager, whom discovers the reality surrounding her. At the same time, meets 4 new guys and one in particular has her attention... but with all the truth and the corruption unfolding with her families past... will she become a victim?
With her mum deceased and dad missing, the only person she has left is her brother, Louis. She slowly, over times has flashbacks, which makes her becomes more curious each time and the more curious she becomes she places everyone around her at risk. Will she like her family past? Or will she fall into pieces ...


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10. Chapter Nine: In The Moment

Louis' P.O.V

As I saw by the side wall were Isa with some guy. I was about I go up to them, but I thought I would ask Adrie what was happening.

"who's is he" looking in the direction of the guy that is with Isa

"a guy that your sister is madly in love, by the way his name is Harry, aren't they just the cutest couple!" she said

"Cutest Couple! That is my baby sister. I'll be the judge of that"

As I was about to approach them, Adrie interrupted me "this is the happiest I've seen her since... well you know...." considering how cheerful and brighter she is now compared to this morning I looked back at them, there she was all happy and constantly smiling. It made me realize how much he care and likewise for Isa. "fine, but if he ever brakes her heart, he has to answer to me". As Adrie began to loosen her grip on my arm as she was preventing me to go to Isa.

Adrie's P.O.V

I loved how Lou was so protective over her, especially because of the event... the event in which tore this family apart, leaving two left to stand and fight there own battle, defenseless . But it's been a year and they're staying strong, well Lou is... I don't think Isa would remember. Remembering to myself the first time I had heard about it, about a year to be exacted. 

The moment when I gripped on Lou's arm, is when the first time he ever stared deep into my eyes. The blue color, shimming like the ocean waters... we paused there for a minute and is there when I realize or hoped that there was something in which he felt something for me... a connection. But how would Isa reacted... besides the point he is like 3 years older that I. 

Placing myself back into reality and focusing on having a good time. I decide to head towards the dance floor... dancing to the music. Moving my body to the beats... then and there is when Lou came and danced with me... smiling and blushing, could this really be the moment that we get together or just a coincidental dance with a friend, millions of thoughts came into my mind. What if... lead myself to the road of being left and there heartbroken, however I was... every time I had seen him talking to a girl... I broke down... only if you knew how much I'd loved you, I loved you so much, I decide to separate from you and dance with other of my friends...


Isabella's P.O.V

Having the time of my life, for one moment in my life.. I had felt complete. As we were in the back wall, talking and laughing; I can't get over his adorable dimples. It was just something about him, that made be brighten up and laugh... I was able to open myself to him, in which was rare.

Suddenly, as I touch the the wooden window seal, a memory came flooding into my brain. Vaguely I see... Water.... a boat... just darkness. Shaking and feeling my body temperature fluctuating. Then the image in my head became clearer, I was young, swimming in what seems to be the ocean... I see Louis, then two adults... one very tall and was in board shorts and a regular top, in other was in an one piece swimming costume  presuming that is my parents "come and swim Isa" the lady or assuming mum said... remembering placing my feet in the water
... then that's when everything was gloomy.

(20 minutes later)

Harry's P.O.V

Worried... lost and ever so confused.

"Isabella, please open your eyes... " she became very still and like something had crossed her mind. Trying my best, her eyes were very drowse... practically screaming but no response. That is when Lou had came over. 

Louis' P.O.V

It is happening again, I notice the same conditions... the same conditions in which she the disease that she was diagnosed, remembering the exact words from the doctor... I just never wanted it to happen again... she was just getting better and becoming like the self she was before. I quickly grabbed a some perfume or anything in which she would or hopefully pick up the smell... as the doctor said "if this ever happens again, bring something to her noise in which had a strong scent. There is no cue or guarantee, it would have it moments... all we can do is be prepared" those words, repeating. I began to sheared a tear...

Then she began to open her eyes. I sighed in relief. By then everyone had gathered around me and Isa. I told them "just give her space and you know how to re-act" as everyone there knew what she was diagnosed and what to do when she had an 'episode'  ... to act like nothing had happened ... to ignore it. Finally she was back to normal...

Harry's P.O.V

I was freaking out... what had just happened? and why was no one really it the same stated of shock I was? Before becoming more instant... a young man, with brown and blue eyes... the eyes in which reminded me of Isa...

I immediately ask "are you Isabella's brother?"

"yes.. older brother, in fact. I know you're probably freaking out in your mind, but you have to trust me that she is okay and you should never talk about this to her... if you really like her, you will do this... for her sake" as soon as he said 'her sake' he looked at Isabella.

"but why was she like that? " I questioned

"well, it is a long story. Short story she was diagnosed when she was young with mild 'long-term memory loss. She was no born with it, but because of an accident, in which you should never speak of... do you understand me?"


"you have to take it seriously. I am only telling you because I see how much she means to you, but if you ever cross paths and hurt or even confuse her, in will answer to me"

"... yes" clearing my throat.

Louis' P.O.V

Knowing that Harry would take care of her, I didn't want to be harsh on him... but it the only way in which I know he would be trustworthy. I know that he is the perfect and suitable man for her. Watching him with her, as they embraced in a cuddle... I knew that he was there to make her happy.. to be her shield when in battle.

Isabella's P.O.V

Placing my head on Harry shoulder, shaking, he was the only one I wanted to be with. Especially at this moment. Remembering something in which might had or never had, but having this strange feeling in my stomach, feeling like this is just the begin. But was it a dream or reality... maybe had to with the reason I don't remember much of my past... the more I think about it... the more question in which revolve around my mind... become more curious each time.

Harry's P.O.V

As she laid in my arms, with her soft touch hands.. brushing her hair swiftly. Wanting to scream but keeping calm and relaxed for her sake. I could see the trauma in her eyes. Thinking in my head 'could see remember what just happen... or what did happen from her eyes, view. 

Watching her peacefully sleeping in my arms...she must be exhausted... after what had happen to her, every one had left, expected Adrie and me. Her beauty, her perfection, she was flawless. As I placed a strand behind her ear, I whispered softly 'I love you'

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