Someday I will Remember

Isabella, is your typical, everyday teenager, whom discovers the reality surrounding her. At the same time, meets 4 new guys and one in particular has her attention... but with all the truth and the corruption unfolding with her families past... will she become a victim?
With her mum deceased and dad missing, the only person she has left is her brother, Louis. She slowly, over times has flashbacks, which makes her becomes more curious each time and the more curious she becomes she places everyone around her at risk. Will she like her family past? Or will she fall into pieces ...


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15. Chapter Fourteen: Explanation

Isabella's P.O.V

As I stare anxiously, watching every moment in which he took. His face was the exact same in the photograph in the box of memories. Unknowing how to act or yet respond. I sightly look to my left, there I saw Lou with his mouth wide open as he glazes in shock. I could see in his eyes, the pain and trauma with just one encounter. Turning my head back to the mysterious man, a man whom I assumed I knew, but how can one person like me assume anything. From my life up until now, my past is blurred out, faded in the background of my thoughts. Mixed with what is real and what I presume is.

He faced in my direction, we were now eye to eye... I glazed straight into his eyes. They reminded me of Lou's. Both two individuals standing there in open space and glazing upon the edge of the dock, in which only contain one boat. As others passed by as, probably assumed we were looking at the view. Suddenly the middle aged man stood up and had his body complete facing us. I stood ever straighter, nervously awaiting his next move. I looked back at Lou, still as shocked, but I wouldn't blame him, I was terrified.

He slowly started to approach us, I became to become aware and the endless possibilities of this man being something completely different... and not our father or assumed father. I tried to get Lou's attention but still glazed into blank to express his shock.

"Lou, lets go!" He still didn't give me any response. It was something about him had made like his was now. In the corner of my eyes, I would see the man coming close and almost within a few seconds of our reach.

"LOUIS!" I screamed. Finally getting his attention. He was like talking to a brick wall. But something clicked when I said his name to the middle age man. Shouting that word... name... had made the man look at us with familiarity.

"we have to go..." he said with fear in his eyes. "... like now"

We started to walk out of the place, with Lou's hand tight in my arm, not allowing me to move. Where he moved, I had to. 

Louis' P.O.V

Shocked... I never thought I wouldn't ever see him again. I feared the day we will encounter, I knew that day was slowly approaching... but never thought it would be today. But when I saw his face all this memories started to flood straight into my mind... like it was yesterday. I just couldn't move or comprehend the trauma he brought into my life or the both of them. It is because of them I been having nightmares. I couldn't even the damage it had done to Isa, why could you guys didn't do it. All the points lead to another, in which cause that fateful day.

Now, we were walking out of there... it was only when we were back at the hotel that I'd notice the change in scenery.

"Start explaining ! The moment that you saw him, I knew it had with our parents... I am confused as crazy, I have no idea what I have been through" she said as she slowly lowered her voice towards the end. Shearing a tear, I could see in her eyes how she really felt, well I lived through it as well trying to explain to her. Instead I embraced her with a gentle cuddle and whispered in her ear

"it is more complicated, it is better if he explained it"


"the man you saw.... " I sighed, breathing in a deep breath before letting the words come out

"... he is..." I couldn't even say it

Isabella's P.O.V

He couldn't even say it, I knew it already

"our dad" I said finishing his sentences.

He looked at me with complete bewilderment. "How?" Seems like the only word that can come out.

"vague memories, photographs and placed a confirmation when just now."

"look Isa, our family past has destroyed our parents and damaged us." he said as he looked at me, straight in the eyes.

He took my hand and lead me back to the place, where my father was. It is time you find out the true behind your memory loss, family disappearances and everything else.

~ ♥ back to the scuba diving place ♥ ~

I could never imagine this day, the day where I find all the answers to my million questions in which revolve around my mystery. Walking back, Lou trying to explain the best he could but didn't really answer my questions. But I am glad he is giving the effort. Maybe he was right, 'he would explain the better'. As we slowly approached the place, within meters away I would find the answers. 

Next thing I find myself going the exact thing that Lou was doing when we were here, looking in shock. As I crossed my arms and the cool breeze flicking my hair out of my face. This was the moment of true.

"I am right here if you need me, beside you". He whispered to me

I took a deep breath "okay, here I go"

As I was walking to my father, I a familiar face came into my view. He stood there in a suit and a purple rose. He looked familiar but couldn't place my thoughts on who he was. 

"this is for you" handing me the rose. I missed you so much.

Looking at the man in bewilderment and searching through my mind, but I couldn't place a name on him.  "I am sorry....I don't know who you are. You must be mistaken" He stood there, shocked ran through is face.

"Harry... Harry Styles" He told me as he stared deep into her face. Looking at him, wondering who he is, seemed creepy to me.

Handing him back the rose "I am so sorry but I have to go" Heading in the direction back to my father and to the answers.

Harry's P.O.V

Stood there, forgot and erased from her memory. After a long hour flight and most of my allowance to be there with her, to be there left and confused. A tear sheared down my cheek, knowing she had short term memory loss but never thought she will forget... me

"Sorry mate, she will remember you. Her memory is unsettled, especially with recent events. Just show her why she fell instantly in love with you, bring her back to the first time you guys met. Don't give up hope. Give her time, her memory is slowly improving" Lou said in sympathy as he patted my shoulder and left with Isa.

But now I was here left with a rose in my hand and dressed up in a suit. Even though Lou said 'she will remember' but those word constantly running through my head, destroying the hope of the other words. 'I don't know who you are', just broken my heart shattered into millions of pieces with one piece missing... you

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