Someday I will Remember

Isabella, is your typical, everyday teenager, whom discovers the reality surrounding her. At the same time, meets 4 new guys and one in particular has her attention... but with all the truth and the corruption unfolding with her families past... will she become a victim?
With her mum deceased and dad missing, the only person she has left is her brother, Louis. She slowly, over times has flashbacks, which makes her becomes more curious each time and the more curious she becomes she places everyone around her at risk. Will she like her family past? Or will she fall into pieces ...


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6. Chapter Five: The Truth or Rumors?

Adrianna P.O.V

As I was heading towards the lockers... I had notice Isa with the 'new kid' Harry. I have heard plenty of rumors about him recently. Watching as she storms off, trying to avoid him, I quickly and without a doubt rush towards him to confront him.

"hey, your Harry... Harry Styles... Right?"

"yes.. why"

"the new kid who I had heard a lot of rumors from your old school?"

"OK.. sure I am the new kid, but those rumors aren't true. You don't know me, so don't judge based on lies !" he shouted.

"so... why are they saying those rumors... I swear if you do anything to hurt the birthday day girl..."

"wait... it is her birthday?"

"yes... now look she has been through a lot in the past few months. It is only now she is looking like her old self, the happy cheerful individual who plays guitar." I spoke  

"OK... I really don't want to hurt her like that, I would never even try to do that with someone. Now look, if you want to know the reason behind those rumors is..." He took a deep breathe in. "well," I could tell he really liked her, if he was going to tell me the reason. Poor guy, I feel awful probably have this, every time he tries to make new friends here.

"... because of a girl I dated for a long time. Since with all the drama in her life, she just cracked. Went through stages.... depression. I tried to help her, but every time I tried, everyone assumed it was because of me she was in that stated" he let out, feeling a bit relieved. I can truly see it in his eyes, that he not just liked her but loved her.

I can't believed I let out my big mouth and assumed the worst of a person, went not knowing the story. 

"I tell you what, we are holding a surprise birthday party for Isa, we would like you and your other mates to attend. Be there at 4pm and the surprise is at  4:30pm... also at 245 Milton Street... just down the corner of the school" I said

"OK, thanks for the invite... I'll see you there then"

"yep... bye now" I stated, feeling the embarrassment inside me, quick lessons that I've learn today is never judge until you know.

Harry's P.O.V

I still can't believe that rumor has spread through this school... it is because of this rumor I decided to go on student ex-change. But at least I got through to her... she can see the true person I am.

As I was walking with the boys, I told them about the party ... and how I am going to ask her out there. Really liked her...

"should I get her a present? or what should I wear?" stressed.

"Harry, you are sounding like a girl, if you really like her, show her the real side to you... the side you can tell she likes. Just be yourself ! That's the best advice I could give you" Zayn said. Taking into account his advice... considering his long-term relationship with Abby, back home. Thinking about home so much, I miss it... everyone, school and my home.

"you should go and talk to her, tell her the true" Zayn pointed at her as she was walking towards us.

But, hopefully Isa, hasn't heard of it yet, maybe I could go and talk to her before she founds out second hand.

Isabella's P.O.V

I was not the mood, as I was walking towards Harry... I was interrupted my Adrianna.

"Whatever you are going to say to him, don't ! Trust me, he is like you; has story behind the smile. All I can say is don't listen to the rumors." she said. Before I could say 'why?' she rushed away.

But I knew how Harry felt, on how rumors can deflect the truth. As I approached him... 


"hi, look I need to talk to you"

"whatever it is, I just need to say, I know how it feels to have rumors about you when they don't fully know the situation. I am here for you" I said comforting him, supporting him.

I can see the expression on his face, he begun to tear up. As he could see on how truly I understood. Encircled my his arms, he was cuddling him. As I wrapped my arms around him, I could smell his scent, his beautiful cologne... the wonderful smell of Calvin Klein. The feeling of being wrapped around his around his arms gave my reassurance, safety... all my little insecurities vanished. This is where I wanted to be, forever in  his embrace, in his arms. 

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