Someday I will Remember

Isabella, is your typical, everyday teenager, whom discovers the reality surrounding her. At the same time, meets 4 new guys and one in particular has her attention... but with all the truth and the corruption unfolding with her families past... will she become a victim?
With her mum deceased and dad missing, the only person she has left is her brother, Louis. She slowly, over times has flashbacks, which makes her becomes more curious each time and the more curious she becomes she places everyone around her at risk. Will she like her family past? Or will she fall into pieces ...


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16. Chapter Fifteen: The Moment of Truth ...

Isabella's P.O.V

Rushing towards my answers, thinking if I am rush into things in which I may or may not like… As I walk across the pillar, with the hot summer sun beaming on my face. Slowing my pace in walking. I paused and turned my head... glancing back at the man who pronounced me with a beautiful purple rose. He still stood there, feeling guilty as which I caused him to grief. Somewhere deep down I must knew him, as I only like purple roses. But in the corner of my eye, I saw my father leaving... it was to choose between my answers or him.

"father?" I spoke, choosing him. I had waited too long to find out the reason behind everything. The window of opportunities was closing fast and I knew I could sort things out with the other guy. For some strange reason, I felt something for him but never knew who he was. I need to place my feelings behind me and move on.

The middle aged man, also known as my father, glazed at me. All over his face read shock, admiring me; it felt as if she is observing me. He placed his hand on my cheek, smoothing it with his rough cold hands. I didn't know who exactly to respond. He sheared a tear down his face, smoothing my face…

"Isabella?" saying my name clarified and gave me reassurances that he was my father. Crying and embraced him with a cuddle. "Tears of joy" I told him.

Pulling away, as I found the true means why I was here. Looking at him in displeased. "why were you gone ?"

"... it is hard to explain darling" he said.

"I need to know, dad. Please, you don't know who much it has infected my life. I have been revolving around circles about this. Unknowing why both my parents are gone and then I have these flashbacks. I need answers" I pleaded. Looking at his face, I knew it was hard to remember the day let alone explain it.

He wiped away my tears as it was running down my face, "look sweetie, it is complicated and..."

"Please don't say it is complicated and all that to explain, I lived through it and it involves my family. I am traumatized as well but place yourself in my shoes... knowing being distressed but unknowing why" I told him, he probably saw the how curious I really was.

"you have to understand, don't became too curious in things in which are bigger that you. It can place you in danger" trying to calm me down

"danger? I need to know !" I said, trying to get something about this

He slowly started to walk away and gave Lou a piece of paper on his way out. As he walked away, away with my answers. Leave there clueless as usual.

Louis' P.O.V

I sighed with relief, knowing the unknowing. As he left, I notice he handed me a piece of paper. Curious but I didn't want to show Isa, she probably confused as crazy. Opening the paper up

"Hi Louis,

by the time you read this I be gone,

I would like to ask if you can deliver this message to Isa

You will find the message or letter in the pillar of where the boat is

ask someone there and they will give it to you

you must know the reason in why I had to leave

I didn't want to cause anymore harm or damage to you guys anymore

I have cause too much to for a lifetime

Please understand

Dad xoxo"

More mysteries after another, I didn't want to this anymore. It was like to much for me to hand, as I  knelt down and place my hand over my mouth. Ignoring my surrounding... thinking how this trip was to escape reality... it did just that, escaped us into another nightmare. 
I just can't... I went to the boat, leaving Isa and headed straight to the envelope... 

Harry P.O.V

Heading back to my hotel, with dry tears on my cheeks. I just couldn't handle with her forgetting me, how she broke my heart just with that one sentences. But with her forgetting and moving along without me, makes me strive with passion to make her remember and fall in love with me again. I got out my guitar and started to write and song... to remind her the moment we shared in music.


When I see you

My heart begins to sing

at your smile

it lights up my world

there is not a single trace

of imperfection.

Whenever I see you, my heart just smiles


Remember back to the first day we met

The song,

In which we shared our first dance

You and I

you were shy

and now you said bye to my world


When we're apart

My broken heart

Begins to bleed

Without your tender heart, near

Please remember what we had shared

Nothing could be compared


We we're perfect together

you change my world for the better

Why can't you remember

You and me


As I write this song, the Hawaiian sun gleaming on my skin... reminding me the last day we had together before she left, it was clear in my mind was cut glass. Staring out into the ocean, brings me all these moments we shared. It just made my heart bleed. But the more I think about this, gives me motivation to try to remember me. 'Keep trying, she will remember' ... those words running through my head. Whispering through my lips with my guitar in my hands as I sit on the edge of the rocks and look out into the open ocean "I will try... please remember me or I die of a broken heart... I love you Isabella"

Isabella's P.O.V

Staring at Lou, kneeling down on the floor and just crying his heart out. He stood straight up, there was something in his face... it had turn to depressed to complete determination. He was heading towards the boat in which seemed like there was something there.

I waited there, watching his every move. I thought it would be better if he went alone. Ten minutes had past. In each every minute or second in which past, I became even more curious and anxious. As I was about to head towards the boat, he came out... 

"I am truly sorry on making you wait so long, it had dramatically affected my life... I can't even imagine how it impacted yours; here is a letter to all your answers. If not, ask me and I will try to answer your questions. I will leave you here, I'll be back soon... met me back at the hotel when you're finish and ready to talk" He said as he left me to read the letter alone. I looked out to the shore and admiring it natural beauty. I stared at the letter, thinking to myself 'this it is, where my life changes for the better or worst... the moment of true is here...'

Thinking... should I? Could the true ruin my life? Stop procrastinating, I say to myself... I took a deep breath and opened the letter...


My dearest daughter Isabella,

Holding the letter, I only began to read the first line and I am already in tears. I paused and continued to read on...

I can't even imagine the trauma and confusion you have experienced. You must know I love you dearly and never meant to hear you. Here is the truth in which you have been waiting for...

It is not easy to explain but I had you waiting for to long. It was only a year ago we where all on family holidays... but before I go and further, you must know I was an undercover police for many years. Unfortunately someone discover who I was and sent a threat saying if I was ever I come near my family they would suffer... I choose to ignore it and escape with them. As I thought it would be safer for me to be with them... I was wrong. That day when we were on a boat someone came and sank our boat... there wasn't enough time to even safe the both of you. Once I had gotten Lou out of the water, I came back for both you and your mother. You both kept going underwater, sinking... your mother could see it in my eyes I not capable in saving both at the same time. I could see your skin turning pale and your lips turning to blue. "go and place Isa with Lou, you can come back for me... they are first, okay", I can remember those words, she kissed me and that was the last I have seen her. Once I place you will Lou you were unconscious in which leads to you memory loss. When I went back in the water, I couldn't find her... I search for hours. Later the police came and we had a search party for month, they soon placed it to conclusion that she was deceased. It was about the same time that you woke up in the hospital.

I remember standing outside your hospital bed and thinking that I did that to you. I couldn't bear to have the thought of seeing both of you and I remember how I couldn't save all of you. That's when I told Lou to look after you...


Please understand, I never wanted to hurt you... all I wanted is for both of you to be save. You will always stay in my heart

Love always

Dad x

Reading this made my tears turn into sobs. I curled up into a ball and sobbed like a baby, knowing the truth... all my memories came back about my past. I remembered...

The only thing which is missing through my head is the guy; there is the question, that keeps revolving around my head... who is? Thinking that I said, my life is based on questions... on after another. Staring out into the ocean sunset, admiring it's natural beauty... and there in the open, I saw him on the rocks across from me.

{ ~ 2 weeks later : back home, school ~ }

Isabella's P.O.V

Arriving back home, something felt right to be here. But I didn't want to walk through those gates again with everyone staring at me. The moment of truth was slowly approaching near, as I was being dropped off by Lou.

"have a nice day, Isa... just stay calm, everything is going to be okay" he said, giving me reassurance of the past few weeks. Stepping out of the car; wearing my flat shoes, tight jeans and a laced light pink top. Having my side bag in which carried most of my books and my textbooks in my hand, I slowly walked up the gates, reading the sign 'St Marks High School', with a clock on top. As I was about to walk up those grey steps to the entrance and everyone gathered there... waiting until the bell rang for homeroom. There all my friends came up to me and cuddle me, greeting me...

"How were your holidays? Did you have fun?" all these question came at me all at once. When I walked passed those gates, I saw him again. There must be something that we shared or had in common. I knew that there was a connection but couldn't place my finger on it. That's when I notice, another guy near him, catching my attention. He was tall, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Overhearing their conversation, they called him 'Zayn'...

Harry's P.O.V

As I was about to bring Isa to the music room, to the place where we first connected... sing and just having fun. I saw her coming up the gates, picking up my guitar and was ready. I had the song with me and this was all perfectly planed out.

Suddenly she was smiling at me, smiling at her back. It felt like I was falling in love with her again, though I was already. Guessing or hoping she had remembered, feeling excited run through my body... this could be the moment. As she placed a strand of her hair back, and glanced further in my direction. It was in that moment that is wasn't me who she was looking at but the person behind me... my best friend.

I glazed at her; water became running down my eyes. I couldn't believe it. I bolted out of there, trying to avoid the embarrassment. There is where my hopes destroyed, but it kept me to strive for you to remember what we had, the special moments... I didn't want them lost and through away just like a piece of rubbish... I wanted them to be cherished and remembered.  I will keep trying, until you are in my arms with me. One day you will remember... Hopefully.


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