Love is not heard

Ruby Steel has just landed her first job in England. Security for a boyband shes never heard of. All she wants to do is focus on her job and make her father proud, but this boyband proves hard work. Will she be able to focus or will the attention of one member be to much for her?


8. Unwanted Attention.


Justin was making his way down the carpet and I followed, automatically checking my surroundings as my father had taught me. Justin was waving frantically at a group of young boys I had become familiar with as being One Direction and as I studied the group of boys I made eye contact with someone I hadn't seen in 4 years.

My sister Ruby was among the group staring wide eyed back at me, I nodded to her and she nodded in turn both of us studying the other closely. Justin stopped in front of the blonde boy and they exchanged a few words before Justin waved me forward.

"Ben, I believe you know One Direction's newest bodyguard?" He said nodding towards Ruby

"I do sir" I said nodding "..she's my sister"

"Really?" he said grinning so wide that you could count his teeth individually "..that's awesome.." he turned back towards the boys "..boys done deal, we'll both be coming back to yours after this" he said smiling at Ruby and waving us all forward.


I didn't really know what had just happened but as Ben walked past I smiled weakly hoping that he wouldn't noticed how casual my clothes were compared to his.

"Niall what did you just do?" I said stepping in front of him both hands on my hips

"you'll find out later" he said before skipping off after Justin.

I really really was hoping he hadn't just invited my brother back to our place, I don't know how my brother would react to my relationship with the boys. I was doing my job but I was more laid back with the bunch then my father would ever allow and in most ways my brother was just like my father. 

This was looking to be real bad, or as Lou would say 'rather brilliant'.

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