Love is not heard

Ruby Steel has just landed her first job in England. Security for a boyband shes never heard of. All she wants to do is focus on her job and make her father proud, but this boyband proves hard work. Will she be able to focus or will the attention of one member be to much for her?


3. Not All It Seems.


I walked into the kitchen to find the remaining boys gathering snacks. "so boys what do you think of Ruby?" i asked trying to make it sound casual.

"shes fit" Zayn said jumping up to sit on the counter

"..and shes nice.." Niall replied before sticking his head back in the pantry,

"..serious though" Louis agreed.

"i trust your judgement Paul, but how is she going to protect us? She's smaller than Niall!" Liam said concern written on his face.

"HEY!" Niall said "..I'm not that small"

"..your pretty small though Nialler" Zayn agreed.

I started chuckling "lads, think of her as a secret weapon"

"who's a secret weapon?" Harry said as he strolled past me to the fridge,

"Ruby" the boys said in unison.

"where is she?" i nodded at him

"bathroom" he replied dismissively.

"can we have her back story please Paul, I'm quite worried about her getting hurt" Liam said to which the others nodded.

I sighed " don't worry boys, her fathers been training her for this her whole life.."

"her father?" Harry asked raising his eyebrows

"..yes her father, hes a bodyguard for Kelly Clarkson"

"Kelly Clarkson?" Niall said his voice becoming slightly high pitched.

".. Yes Kelly Clarkson, and her brother is a bodyguard for Justin Bieber, now it's her turn"

"JUSTIN BIEBER!!" Niall squeaked.

"yes Justin Bieber" i grinned at him.

"do you think she's good at knife fights?" Louis asked swinging his arms like swords.

"don't know.." came a voice from the doorway "i tend to use my hands".


I don't get this girl, is it because I'm famous? "alright boys, debriefs over" Paul said. All the boys escaped into the kitchen so i slipped into the couch opposite Ruby and just stared, i couldn't help it, i wanted to know why she didn't like me. "Ruby" Paul said "i can give you a ride back to your car in about half an hour" "alright, I'll just wait" she said sinking deeper into the couch and avoided looking at me. "what?" she asked. "nothing" i replied smirking "then why are you staring at me?" she said wriggling her nose slightly. Wow that was so cute!, 'focus Harry' i thought, now's your chance to get the truth. "because.." i said smiling "I'm trying to figure out why you don't like me" i said holding my breath "what!?" she said staring wide eyed at me, "how did you come to that conclusion?" she crossed her legs and folded her arms, how is she a bodyguard? I thought, shes about as threatening as a mouse! "um.. Your attitude when i introduced myself to you" i said looking down at the floor waiting for her to confirm my suspicions " sounded very harsh" " oh" she said dropping her arms to her sides.


Looking at Harry with his eyes glued to the floor and his shoulders slack i felt really guilty, i hadn't meant for it to seem so harsh i was just excited about the job and wanted to know everything i could about it. "i didn't mean to sound so harsh.." i said trying to catch his eye. "'s just that this is my first assignment and i was over excited and wanted to know everything i needed to know.." i paused "I'm sorry". At that he looked up smiled at me and winked "it's okay so long as you like me, I'll survive" whoa!! " okay um wheres the bathroom around here?" he pointed down the hall " its the second door on your left" " thanks" i said and smiled at him. As soon as i closed the door to the bathroom i felt carm, i was in deep trouble. I was meant to look after 5 boys 24/7. In a band i suppose, i didn't even know the name of this band. Note to self: find out band name. Their all teenagers which means hormones, I'm in trouble! I'm in serious trouble! Breathe! In and out breathe! I exhaled and left the bathroom, the lounge was empty but i could hear voices in the kitchen so i walked towards it. "do you think she's good at knife fights?" one of them asked as i entered the doorway to the kitchen, "don't know" i replied making them all jump "i tend to use my hands.

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