Love is not heard

Ruby Steel has just landed her first job in England. Security for a boyband shes never heard of. All she wants to do is focus on her job and make her father proud, but this boyband proves hard work. Will she be able to focus or will the attention of one member be to much for her?


5. Niall's Hero.


'i wanna be drunk when i wake up..'

"AHHH!!" i replied grabbing my alarm and quickly turning it off, "no Ed it's to early to want to be drunk!" i should really change that i thought rolling over and coming face to face with Lou.

"morning bud" he said smiling at me

"eh!" i mumbled as i hit him in the face with my pillow

"time to get up, we have things to do, places to go, new fans to meet"

" why are you always bloody cheery at this time of the morning mate?" i asked as he walked towards my door. I threw my pillow at him and he caught it laughing

"because i love my life, now get up! Oh and also Ruby's up" and with that he left my room leaving me to my own thoughts.

Of course Lou would already know that i was kinda curious about Ruby, i mean how could you not? I rolled out of bed, put my boxer shorts on and strolled out into the lounge.

The whole entire room smelt like peppermint and i breathed it in sighing. I absolutely adored the smell and i knew exactly who's fault it was, apparently our newest flatmate loved the smell of peppermint too.

I said an all round morning and headed towards the kitchen,

"no!" Ruby said stopping me in my tracks. " you don't have time, get ready and I'll make you some breakfast" she said

"huh?" i asked.

"that goes for you too... Ski slope" she said pointing at Zayn who was just walking out of his bedroom

"huh?" he asked.

"Curly, Ski slope.. " she said pointing at me and Zayn " go get dressed and...stuff, you only have an hour before we have to leave" and with that she was gone into the kitchen.


I stood there staring at Harry who was in turn staring at me, we had no idea what had just happened and weren't quite sure what to do.

Louis started chuckling "well go on lads" he said.

Harry started towards his room, and i turned back to mine closing the door a little to loudly, some would say that had been slightly harsh but to be honest I was just confused.

I turned the shower on and walked into my wardrobe looking for the perfect outfit, black trousers always worked and my grey boots would look great with the trousers now all i needed was a shirt, which i could probably find in the lounge.

I stepped into the shower enjoying the heat that radiated from it and felt instantly better, today might actually be a good day.

Then i thought about what Ruby had said "... I'll make you breakfast" oh crap she's making breakfast and with that I began to hurry.


Walking into the kitchen I had no idea what I was gonna make so I stuck my head out into the lounge

"Lou can you come in here please?" he grinned looked at the other 2 and made his way over.

"what's up?" he asked knowing exactly why I'd called him in

"what do the boys like for breakfast?" i asked going through the pantry followed closely by the fridge

"here" he said opening the pantry and emerging with pancake mix "know how to cook these?" he asked

"of course" i replied and began grabbing the rest of the ingredients.



"why have you given everyone else nicknames but still call me Lou?"

I paused the stirring and looked at him, "well i do it to tell you all apart, Harry is curly of course, Zayn is ski-slope because his hair looks like one, Niall is pint because he's the smallest, Liam is dad because he's the most responsible and you well your Lou because your slightly loopy, no offense" i smiled at him hoping It looked friendly.

His face went slack and then he moved away "oh" he replied "..that makes perfect sense" and then he smiled again a giant smile that showed every single one of his teeth.

He left me alone to cook the pancakes and by the time I was loading the table with everything Harry and Zayn both emerged from their rooms not wearing shirts, I took one look and then decided to take another.

Harry still looked as amazing as he did last night except he was dry this time and smiling straight at me, 'awkward' and Zayn wasn't to different. Zayn had a similar defined six pack and muscular arms but his pecks weren't as big as Harry's but they suited him more. Zayn was rummaging around the room and looked up at me.

"sorry about not having a shirt on" he said going slightly red

"oh no your fine" I replied to which Lou started giggling, I looked at him oblivious then it dawned on me, 'oh crap' I smiled at Lou "oh shut up Lou!" and with that I hurried into the kitchen to get the strawberries.



I walked into the lounge and caught Ruby staring at me, I knew if I wasn't wearing a shirt that this would happen and I smiled happily as her gaze danced over my body, but all to quickly it was gone and was now doing the same thing to Zayn's body as he looked for a shirt.

"sorry about not having a shirt on" he said blushing 'haha the lads blushing' i thought making eye contact with Lou who was trying not to laugh

"oh no your fine" Ruby replied harmlessly but it was to much for Lou and he started giggling. I looked at Ruby who was now looking at Lou confused then the lightbulb went off, she smiled at Lou

"oh shut up Lou" she said and practically ran back into the kitchen.

she came out and put strawberries on the table and told us breakfast was ready. was it ever! The table was loaded with pancakes, 5 different types of sauces, 4 different tubs of ice cream, strawberries, it all looked amazing. and we all hurried over pushing in before Niall knowing that nothing would be left after he was through.

"are you not eating?" Niall asked Ruby who has situated herself on the sofa and was reading a magazine

"no, I ate earlier" she said glancing up briefly.

We all piled our plates and sat at the table eating in silence, but I couldn't help visualizing her smile, when I'd seen it all words got caught in my throat and I couldn't breathe. It was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen, and even thinking about it I could feel myself smiling as well.



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