Love is not heard

Ruby Steel has just landed her first job in England. Security for a boyband shes never heard of. All she wants to do is focus on her job and make her father proud, but this boyband proves hard work. Will she be able to focus or will the attention of one member be to much for her?


10. Meeting Eleanor


I woke up bright and early but since we had the next 2 days off I decided that I'd stay in bed alot longer, I managed to stay in bed for another hour before there was a knock on my door.
"come in" i yelled hoping it was loud enough.. the door flung open and curls  bounded in jumping onto my bed with a big smile on his face. i stretched and rolled over to face him
"morning" i said though it only came out as a whisper
"morning right back" he said positioning himself so that he was face to face with me. 
"how did you sleep?"
"amazing you?"
"are you feeling better today?"
"well your gonna feel alot better after today because Lou and El are going shopping and they've invited us to go with them" i thought about it, i could use the theraphy after lastnight but i wasnt into shopping that much.. then i realized my job description.. i had to go.
"sounds great" i said.
"you dont seem too excited about it"
" no im keen" i said stretching again before yawning. Just then my door burst open and Lou came running in followed by a young girl. he jumped onto my bed landing on his back half on me and half on Harry.
"Good Mooorning" he sang before pointing at the girl.
" Ruby this is my lovely gf Eleanor, El this is Ruby ur new bestfriend"
" hello" she said shyly before blushing slightly.
" hi " i replied. As always i gave her a once over, she was a rather pretty girl with long brunette hair, a petite body and a smile that filled her entire face. I knew she wasn't a threat especially with the way she looked at Lou.
"are you both ready to go?" Lou asked looking from harry to me
"do i look ready?" harry said pointing down at his sweats  lou rolled his eyes at harry and turned to me.
"are you ready?" 
"lou im still in bed"
"how long will it take you to get ready?" "about 15mins" both he and harry looked at me with shocked expressions.
"you mean an hour?" harry said attempting to correct me
"no i mean 15 mins" 
"well then Harry you better get running" Lou said chuckling.
They both rolled off my bed the same way and headed through the door chatting as they went.
i watched the door close then turned to look at El.
" umm" she stammered "do you need any help getting ready?" i smiled politely " nuh i should be alright but can you do me a  favour and make me a cup of tea please? she smiled at that " now that i can do" she said heading for the door " do you have a preference?"  "no as long as it tastes good" with that she left me to get ready.

10mins later and i had showered and changed and was standing in front of the mirror. make up or no make up? i decided concealer with a light dose of foundation would suffice. id just finished step one when El walked in "oh" she said looking alittle awkward "i thought youd still be in the shower" "nope, im actually nearly ready, just gotta finish this then im done" "well heres your tea" she said holding it out to me. i took it and breathed in letting the smell warm me "it smells great, what is it?" i asked taking a sip "yorkshire tea, its my favourite, youve never tried it?" "they dont have it back home" "where is home?" she said sitting on the corner of my bed i leaned against the wall facing her "new zealand" "wow your a long way from home" " i am indeed" i said sighing.


I took a sip of my tea and studied ruby. i understood what harry saw in her, even with just concealer on her face she was a gorgeous girl. her personality was amazing too and yet somehow she was very mysterious. "the boys went to new zealand a few months ago"  "really?" "yeah they go back again next year" and hopefully this time id get to go. "do you miss home?"  "sometimes but i knew it was never permanent so il get over it" she said before placing her cup on the floor and turning back towards the mirror. id heard all about her father from lou when shed first arrived so i didnt bothered asking her any questions about that. "do you miss your friends though?" i asked  "i didnt have any" she said applying foundation this was heart breaking, a girl growing up with no friends "well then, consider me your first official friend" i said smiling at her in the mirror. " thanks" she said ... she rubbed a couple of spots on her face then picked up her cup and sat on the floor. we chatted for the next 45 mins about how me and lou met, how long id known the boys, what new zealand was like and then it turned to our hobbies. "dont tell the boys this but i really love music" she said lowering her voice to a whisper. "you love listening to it?" i said not fully understanding why i couldnt tell the boys  " no" she said shaking her head and looking at the ground "i love playing instruments"  ohh i then understood "how long have you been playing for?" "10 years" "what instrument?" "a few" ".. like?" "guitar, piano, drums, and a few others" "wow!" she was perfect for harry "dont worry i wont tell them" "tell us what?" lou said walking in with harry behind him i looked at ruby whos eyes were pleading that i dont tell them. "tell you what ruby really thinks of you" i said winking at ruby who sighed and smiled at me. " hah! she loves me i knew it" harry said winking at ruby "you wish" she replied as she stood up. she took both our cups and lead us into the lounge. "where are the others?" she asked looking around the room "Liams with his gf, Zayns asleep.." " ..and we have no idea where Niall is havent seen him yet" lou finished for harry "hah! i better check his room before we leave" ruby said heading off down the hallway towards Nialls room.

i knocked on the door quietly and then opened it ajar, no signs of life and the room was really dark. i havent been in Nialls room yet but it looked exactly the same as mine except this room needed to be cleaned... badly! i switched the light on and walked in "Niall?" i said nearing the bed.nothing. i pulled back the covers and found him "Niall what are you going to do today?"  he opened one eye to stare at me, pulled the covers back up and rolled over facing away from me. " Nialls not in" he grumbled in his irish accent.  i chuckled lightly "hah well to bad, i was gonna ask him if he wanted a pint"  he rolled over to look at me both eyes opened this time "really?" he asked hopefull i paused "no, maybe tonight, but since your awake now what are your plans for today?" "i plan to go as far as the kitchen.. why?"  "im going out so youll be without protection today.." "where you going?" he interuppted "out shopping with el, lou and curls" " il be fine, have fun and dont forget to turn my light off" he said before sticking his head under the covers. i laughed "okay night pint" "night" came a muffled reply. and with that i switched the light off closed his door and walked back into the lounge "okay im ready" i said to the others who were waiting at the suites main door " awesome" and with that we were on our way.
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