Love is not heard

Ruby Steel has just landed her first job in England. Security for a boyband shes never heard of. All she wants to do is focus on her job and make her father proud, but this boyband proves hard work. Will she be able to focus or will the attention of one member be to much for her?


1. It All Begins Here.


Walking up to the huge glass doors that indicated the entrance of Modest Management, was proving more difficult by the second.

I'd been here once before but this time was different. This time i was here for THE interview, the one that would determine weather I stayed in London or was shipped back to New Zealand.

I'd arrived 45 minutes early so i sat across the courtyard watching the giant door swing open and closed as people buzzed about their daily lives.

'I wonder what that's like' I said to myself. I'd never known a normal life, my mother had died when my brother and i were small children and my father had made it his mission to raise us like him.

As soon as we had started school he put us into training. Self defense classes, kick-boxing and karate, as well as tactic classes from him at home.

When i was 15 my father left to become the newest bodyguard for Kelly Clarkson, then when my brother turned 20 he left to become a bodyguard for Justin Bieber, now I'd just turned 20 and it was my turn.

Finally realizing the time I sighed and made a bee line for the door that would decide my future.


Today was proving to be okay, no one had bothered txting me, i hadn't checked twitter for 2 days and I'd heard Louis talking about making Tacos for dinner tonight.

I walked into the lounge where the lads were all curled up watching Toy Story yet again, i made my way over to Louis and slipped in next to him

"how are we going boys?" i whispered hoping Liam wouldn't hear.

"shh!!!" Liam said while the other boys sniggered and made faces in the background.

Louis learned towards me

"have you heard?" he said

"heard what?"

"oh you haven't?" he said surprise written all over his face

"Lou just tell me already!" I said trying to get it out of him

"apparently..." he said eyes big and slightly crazed " .. Were getting a new bodyguard today, one that's our age"

"really? I wonder if hes gonna be cool or not" i gasped totally excited about having another guy around.


He smiled at me and i smiled back, he looks different since the last time i saw him.

"hello Ruby" he said shaking my hand. "its been awhile since we last spoke"

"it has indeed" i said plastering a smile on my face.

"lets go up to the office" he said and headed towards the stairs 'stairs? This is a test' i thought. Luckily i had excellent stamina and when we had climbed 8 flights he stopped and leaned against the wall.

"are you okay Paul?" i smiled

"geez kid I'm fine, your pretty fast for a small thing" he said nodding at me. We walked through to his office as he started explaining what I'd be doing.

Apparently I'd be working mainly with Paul and another guy, but on bigger missions there would be more of us. He was still talking when i tuned back in

"so that's about everything, any questions?" i only had one

"um you haven't mention when you need me to start if i get the job" i said feeling awkward but not letting it show on my face.

"do you have black casual clothes with you?"

"yes" i replied not really understanding why he'd asked

"alright, the bathrooms in there, get changed and I'll drop you at work"

"oh okay"


I was sitting on the couch with Louis and Liam when the hotel door opened and Paul came walking in, he was meant to be bringing our new bodyguard over to meet us but he stood in our lounge alone.

"lads" Paul nodded at us. "where are Harry and Niall?" he said looking down the hall

"asleep" Liam said glancing up quickly before returning to his Pokemon game.

"wheres the new bodyguard!?" Louis said bouncing up and down.

"outside" Paul said pointing to the door,

"well bring him in!" i said.

Paul went to the door and started whispering through it, then the door opened and in walked... A girl!?!

Radiant brown hair flowed down and over her right shoulder and down to her waist, it reflected specks of red from where the sun shone in through the window and touched it, it seemed so exotic. Her skin was flawless and her eyes the color of the ocean.

To top it off she was dressed in all black showing that she was indeed one of our bodyguards.

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