Love is not heard

Ruby Steel has just landed her first job in England. Security for a boyband shes never heard of. All she wants to do is focus on her job and make her father proud, but this boyband proves hard work. Will she be able to focus or will the attention of one member be to much for her?


7. Face To Face.


Me and the boys (besides Zayn who was asleep) were discussing who would talk to who and who would say what funny stories when Harry pointed his head towards Ruby who had taken an opportunity to sleep as well "who's gonna say who Ruby is?" he asked

"You can.." Niall said dismissively "..since your the one that likes her" he smiled at this and Harry punched him

"I do not!!" he denied though his bright red face was doing nothing to help his case.

"you sure fooled me lad" Lou said smiling that big crazy smile of his. We all laughed at that including Harry.

"hey!" Niall said getting all serious "..does she know that Justin's gonna be there?"

"most likely not, why's that?" I said 

"because her brothers his security, and she may want to be prepared for that" Niall grinned "..and I'd like to see her face when we tell her"

"Niall we're not telling her" Lou said sighing and patting him on the back

"what? why not" 

"because it's going to be a surprise!" Lou said grinning again and doing a wriggle on his seat.

"awesome!" we high fived and continued the rest of our ritual but I couldn't help but wonder if Ruby would actually be happy to see her brother, or if it would just be awkward for her. Here's hoping for the first option.


In the van there was the driver's seat along with the passengers seat, the barrier separating the front from the back, as long seat in the front which Zayn was asleep on, two middle seats that could be turned to face each other and a long back seat.When we had decided to do the ritual talk Zayn was already asleep in the front, Ruby had fallen asleep in one of the middle seats that she'd turned to face the back and I'd snagged the second middle seat that faced her leaving the 3 boys to the long back seat.

As we finished the usual chat I turned in my seat and began to watch Ruby, she was so beautiful. Her face was the shape of an oval slightly tanned and unblemished, her lips full but small and a natural pink color, her hair was long and wavy and hung over the seat catching red specks every now and then, her body was petite but curvy and definitely in shape and her eyes were full of dark lashes and blue eyes. It was then that I realized she'd opened her eyes and was smirking at me,

"like what you see?" she asked recycling what I'd said earlier.

"no" I replied and stared out the window my heart jumping at my lie.



I was running towards the ocean...


I stopped at the sound of my name again, where's that coming from? I turned and could see no one...

"Ruby!!.." my world started to disappear "WAKE UP!!"

and at that my eyes were flung open and I was face to face with Curls

"Harry please stop!" I groaned and came alive.

He stopped shaking me and started grinning "we're about 10mins from the event, I thought I'd wake you up so you could.. ya know.. freshen up"

I started laughing "Harry I am freshened up" I replied scrunching my hair and putting my blazer back on

"and you look absolutely amazing!" Lou said leaning over the seat and sharing a wink with Harry "..don't ya think Harry?"

"yeah you look okay"  he replied and stared out the window

huh what was that? I wondered, oh well doesn't matter as long as I keep him alive.

"Alright Ruby, this event isn't that hard, just when the boys get to close to the barriers make sure you keep your eye on them, the rest of the time it's just paparazzi taking pictures and then you'll be with them everywhere inside" Paul said leaning over the barrier.

"Where will you two be" I asked nodding at Andy as well

"I'll be back flank for this, so you won't see me but I'll be there" Andy said grinning while the boys whispered ninja at him.

"and I'll be shadowing" Paul replied.

Andy got out and opened the sliding door "Alright boys, be free and Ruby... good luck" 

We all got out and it was insane, I let the boys go ahead of me to do pictures and stuff keeping an eye on them and an eye on the crowd as well as making sure I could see Paul and Andy every now and then, and it wasn't until we were half way through the red carpet that the boys mentioned me over to them where they were doing an interview. 

"and this" Harry said putting his arm around me " Ruby, she's one of our closest friends and she'll be with us a lot"

"how did you meet One Direction?" the interviewer asked me and I went straight into lie mode topped off with a british accent,

"you know what, out on the town, bumped into the lads here, and we've never looked back have we boys?" I laughed adding a light punch to Harry's shoulder.

"to right we haven't" Lou said nodding his approval and with that they wrapped up the interview and headed off down the carpet once more.

It wasn't until we were standing outside the center that I realized Niall was a bit pale.

"Pint?, are you okay?" I asked rubbing his back and feeling his temperature

"oh he'll be fine, he gets like this every time he sees his idol" Zayn said shrugging it off.

"th-there he is" Niall said pointing off down the carpet

I turned and only saw a teenager with a fringe identical to the boys fringes, smiling and waving at us. As he came closer I automatically started to check out his security and as I was, I made eye contact with someone I thought I wouldn't be seeing for a long time.


My brother.


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