Love is not heard

Ruby Steel has just landed her first job in England. Security for a boyband shes never heard of. All she wants to do is focus on her job and make her father proud, but this boyband proves hard work. Will she be able to focus or will the attention of one member be to much for her?


4. Eye Level.


As Paul dropped me off at my car which was still parked at Modest Management, i climbed into my '67 Impala and breathed a sigh of relief, I'd had my car shipped over and was so happy with the decision because it reminded me of home.

Walking into my hotel suite was a different story, I'd arrived 2 days ago and hadn't bothered unpacking because this place was only ever meant as a stop over, i chuckled remembering weighing my bags at the airport and finding out my whole life weighed 15kgs, i still couldn't really believe it.

I grabbed both bags and headed off to my new home.


I'd been thinking about Ruby since she'd left with Paul to get her things, she looked Absolutely incredible but her personality was very closed off, i wonder why that is.

Suddenly i remembered something " hey.. " i said uncertainly as all four lads heads turned towards me ".. Did anyone else noticed that Ruby has an accent?" i said hoping that no one would realize I'd been thinking about her.

"actually i was just thinking the same thing" Harry said agreeing with me "i think she's Australian"

"ohhh" i nodded "she is too" wow i thought she just keeps getting better.


I'd been thinking about Ruby ever since she'd left, i knew she wasn't showing her whole personality and i was working out a plan to make her reveal it, and was it me or did she has an accent?

"hey, did anyone else notice that Ruby has an accent?" Zayn said hiding his expression.

"actually i was just thinking the same thing" i replied nodding "i think she's Australian"

"ooh" he agreed "she is too" hah! I wasn't the only one thinking about her Zayn apparently was too.

Me and the lads don't usually fight over the same girl but being interested in Ruby may lead to a competition.

May the best man win.


Watching Harry and Zayn frowning at each other was brilliant! I knew what they were thinking too it was obvious, they were both curious about Ruby and didn't want competition if they decided they fancied her.

"alright boys, how 'bout some tea?" i asked breaking the tension.

The boys nodded and i went off into the kitchen

"things are about to get interesting" i mumbled to myself and i couldn't wait.


I knocked on the door and waited, nothing i sighed and knocked again, still nothing. Then i remembered Paul had given me a key-card so i rummaged through my pockets until I'd found it, took it out and unlocked the door.

"hello?" i called into the stillness, where did they all go? I wondered walking into the lounge and sitting down. I could see light coming out from under one of the doors off the lounge so i walked up to it and knocked softly,

"just a second" a husky voice replied. All my alarm bells went off but i refused to move so i waited patiently.

The door opened up to reveal curls standing in the doorway dripping from head to toe and holding a towel around his waist. His chest was at my eye level and i couldn't help but gasp.

He had a perfectly defined six pack which lead up to bulging pecks and out towards well developed arms.

"like what you see?" he asked.

Turning bright red i let my eyes travel over his body again before i made eye contact, he was smirking at me and i didn't like it.

"no" i replied "i was wondering if you could show me to my room please?" i asked turning my back and walking a couple of paces into the lounge before turning to him again with one raised eyebrow.

"oh sure" he replied tucking his towel into itself so it held.

He walked into the lounge "where are your bags?"

i frowned at him "right there" i said pointing at the 2 small carry bags

"these!!?! Where's the rest?" he seemed outraged and it made me chuckle

"that's it". He turned to me, his mouth hanging on the ground

"oh this is gonna be an interesting year" and with that he picked up both bags and trudged off down the hall stopping in front of the last door.

"here's your room, it has an en suite so you can put your girly products in there and if you need anything, anything at all my rooms right here" he said pointing at the only other door in this hallway.

Oh great! I thought sarcastically best neighbor ever! " thanks" i replied.

He opened up his door "goodnight Ruby" he said huskily before clearing his throat

"goodnight curls" i replied opening up my door as well.

I turned the light on and BAM! It was an amazing room, large dark wooden bed, it had four columns with a draping over the sides and was covered in pillows. The bathroom was large as well, it consisted of a large bath, shower, toilet and 2 basins with mirrors. I loved it! It was so unique.

Unpacking could wait, i climbed into bed, laying down and stared at the ceiling. I could hear a voice faintly singing and before i knew it, i was asleep.

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