Love is not heard

Ruby Steel has just landed her first job in England. Security for a boyband shes never heard of. All she wants to do is focus on her job and make her father proud, but this boyband proves hard work. Will she be able to focus or will the attention of one member be to much for her?


9. Downhill.


After the event we all piled into the van meeting back up with Paul and Andy and headed back towards home. It didn't feel like home but I might as well get used to it, we were gonna be on the road for awhile.

I sat next to Zayn who automatically fell asleep on my shoulder and I couldn't help but slow my breathing to his and before you know it, I was asleep too. I woke up half an hour later to Lou and Niall singing loudly, Liam beat-boxing and Harry drumming on the back of the seat. 

"...boys" i groaned "why so loud?"

"why so serious?" Liam came back with, which received 3 high fives and a chorus of approval from the other boys.

"joker? really? I think I'd rather be Batman" I said adjusting Zayn on my shoulder

"I'm Batman!" Liam said "you're more suited to Cat woman"

"thanks" I said screwing up my nose

"we're here!" Paul called from the front "out you lot!"

I shook Zayn awake and we all stumbled out of the van and into the elevator. I relaxed against the wall until our floor then I went out first making sure no one was around, which of course they weren't. Then we all headed down the hall and into our suite.

I'd only had time to change into sweats and brush my hair before there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find Curls leaning against the door, "can I come in?" he asked

"yeah sure" I said opening the door wider and letting him in.


"what's up?" she asked grabbing a band from her dresser and attempting to tie her hair up

"you shouldn't tie it up" I said before realizing I'd said it out loud


well I couldn't back out now could I? "you shouldn't tie your hair up, it looks beautiful when it's down" I said before sitting on her bed and facing her trying to ignore the redness creeping onto my cheeks.

"um thanks" she said frowning at me in the mirror before continuing to tie her hair up "I tie my hair up before bed" she said talking to me through the mirror.

"bed!?" no she can't go to bed, not yet "..but your brother and Justin's here and they came just to see you" I said hoping that would get her to stay up

"oh yeah, that's right" she said looking at the ground. She came and sat next to me on the bed and fiddled with the blanket nervously.

"what's wrong?" I asked turning her face up to look at me

"nothing, it's no big deal"

"well it must be because you look really upset" 

"I...I don't know if I'm ready to see my brother" she said "..I haven't seen him in 4 years, what if he disapproves how I'm protecting you boys?" 

I hated to see her like this, and so I put my arms around her holding her to me, loving the way her body fit so perfectly to mine.

"if he doesn't approve he's bound to contact my father and tell him, then my father will disapprove and then I'll most likely be sent home to become a housewife or something boring like that" she continued her face pressed into my chest.

"no he won't, I won't let him" I said the words coming out before I realized.

Then all of a sudden she backed back realizing what she was doing, "I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that, thanks for listening but I might as well just get it over and done with" and with that she opened her door and went off to the lounge leaving me sitting on her bed, masked in her perfume wishing she'd come back to my arms. 

I was falling hard for her.


I entered the elevator along side Justin and automatically went to the front corner where I always stood when on duty.

"Ben you're not on duty, you don't have to stand there" he said grinning at me "we're just friends going to hang out with other friends"

I didn't know how to respond to that, guarding was all i knew, it was all I'd ever learnt. "I like this corner" I simply said.

The doors opened and I followed Justin down to door 54 which he knocked on and waited. The door was flung open by a smiling blonde boy and we were ushered inside.

"come on in!" the blonde boy said before shaking my hand "..we haven't officially met, I'm Niall"

"Ben" I said nodding and looking around. Their place was huge, it had a large lounge with 2 hallways going off in different directions and it had definitely not been cleaned in awhile.A curly haired boy was sitting on one of the sofas.

"oh hi, I'm harry" he said waving slightly "..I'll go tell Ruby that you're here" and with that he jumped up and bounded off down one of the halls. A tanned boy came out of a room off the lounge dragging a shirt over his head.

"hey I'm Zayn, Ben right?" he said as he high fived Justin. "come sit down, make yourselves at home"

Justin slumped into one of the chairs "your place is pretty dope" he said looking around "I like it!"

All of a sudden there was growling coming from one of the hallways and I looked up to see 2 boys play fighting their way into the lounge "Lou stop it!" one of them was shouting "stop it!" and then the tanned one..Zayn? joined in attacking the boy whos name must be Lou leaving the other to join us on the sofas.

"hey Ben, I'm Liam" he said outstretching his hand towards me, I took it before replying "nice to meet you Liam"

Niall pointed at one of the boys fighting "and that one over there is Lou".

Then Ruby came into the lounge dressed in sweats and a tank top, looking a bit upset, she looked at me, to the boys fighting then she slide onto the couch opposite me and just stared.

"Um JB wanna help me make noodles or something?" Niall said to Justin nodding towards the kitchen and so off they both went leaving me with Ruby.

"Hello Ben" 

"Hello sis"

"How you been?" 

"Surviving you?"

"Yeah the same... how come you never called?"

"Ruby you know father didn't like us keeping in contact, when did you get here?"

"three days ago"

"we need to talk about your duties"

"I know my duties" she said looking at the ground'

"then why aren't you doing them properly?"

Curls took that moment to decide to walk back into the room. "did we tell you how well Ruby's settled in?" he asked "..she's been an amazing guard, and she passed her first 2 tests today with flying colors"

"really? because I haven't seen that yet, all I've seen is her hanging around with 5 boys" I said starting to get irritated.

"just because she doesn't work how you do, doesn't mean shes not doing her job properly" Justin said walking back into the lounge munching noodles tailed by the Irish kid "yeah shes been amazing!" he said plopping down beside Ruby.

"but my father raised us to be the same"

"you don't think I know that Ben? I'm trying my hardest but unlike you I have 5 charges not one" Ruby said lashing out at me the way she did when she was a child, she inhaled deeply then started crying and ran to her room.


As Ruby ran to her room my anger intensified, I turned towards Ben "all she wanted was your approval and you went and did that!"and then I stormed off towards Ruby's room.

I stopped outside her door not knowing what I'd say or if she'd even let me in, I knocked lightly and then after not hearing a response i opened the door and looked in. She was nowhere in sight so I walked in and closed the door quietly behind me. 

"Ruby?" i said into the stillness

"what do you want?" came a quiet response from the bathroom.

I stood in front of the bathroom door and looked in, she was curled up in the tub her face tucked into her body. I ran over and got into the other half and pulled her body closer to me.

"don't touch me" she said not putting up a fight.

I pulled her into my lap and just held her, breathing in her scent saving this moment to memory. She then started to cry into me and it broke me in two, seeing her hurt was the worst thing ever and I cried with her.

It was about 2 hours later when her door opened and Ben appeared in the doorway.

"Ruby I'm sorry, I should have trusted that you would do a good job with these boys" she looked up at him then climbed out of the tub and stood in front of him. "apology accepted" Ben nodded at her then turned to me.

"Justin and I are leaving now if you'd like to say goodbye to him" he nodded again at her and left the room.

Ruby pulled me out of the tub and hugged me "thank you for being there for me" she said smiling up at me, She kissed my cheek and left the room. I walked into the lounge and shook JB's hand and nodded at Ben then they were gone.

It was then that I knew Ruby was the girl I wanted.

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