Love is not heard

Ruby Steel has just landed her first job in England. Security for a boyband shes never heard of. All she wants to do is focus on her job and make her father proud, but this boyband proves hard work. Will she be able to focus or will the attention of one member be to much for her?


6. Chaos.


As the boys were clearing the table Paul walked in with another man and they both looked at the boys with opened mouths.

"Ruby?" Paul said still looking at the boys "..why are the boys cleaning?"

"um because they just ate?" I replied not really sure what was going on

"but" the other man said "..they never clean!"

"they don't?" i said frowning "..hah! well they are now" I said smiling and putting my magazine down.

I got up from the couch and went into business mode "boys time to leave ..Pint put those in the fridge you can eat them later, Curly find a shirt, rest of you lets go"

I looked at Paul and stuck my hand out to the other man "Hi," I said smiling "I'm Ruby"

"oh I'm Andy" he replied "I guess your first night with the boys went okay then?" he asked

"well, nothing I couldn't handle"

"oh Ruby" Paul said "you can't wear that much black today" then pointed at my clothes, then he added "we need you in casual clothes"

"oh" I replied and turned towards my room "I'll be back"

I ran into my room and zipped open my bag grabbing the first things that appeared. A white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, my blue blazer and my white supra's. I hurriedly took all my clothes off and replaced them with the new ones and ran back into the lounge.

"WOW!" Harry said staring

Then the rest of the boys turned and stared "yay!" Lou replied running to me and hugging me so hard I could barely breathe. "you look exactly like us, if not better" he said smiling and pulling back.

That was when I really looked at the boys.

Harry had dark blue jeans on, a white collared shirt he'd found on the floor teamed with a black bow tie, a very pale blue blazer over that with a black handkerchief poking out of the front pocket and to top it all off he was wearing white converse shoes.

Liam had chosen to wear pale blue jeans to match Harry's blazer, a white collared dress shirt with a dark blue sailor's jacket and dark grey boots.

Niall was wearing cream colored jeans that matched his dress shoes teamed with a white collared shirt and a dark blue cardigan button up.

Louis had chosen to be different he was wearing pale blue jeans rolled up at the ankles,and suspenders that hooked over a dark blue collared dress shirt topped off with dark grey dress shoes.

Zayn was the last of the boys and he looked good, really good. He was wearing black jeans, dark grey boots and had somehow managed to match Louis and Liam and Niall without really trying, he'd followed Louis and was wearing a dark blue collared dress shirt but had also gone with Liam and Niall and wore a dark blue blazer.

I blinked and said "I really do don't i?" I laughed nervously but brushed it off "come on boys lets go."

I followed the boys out of the hotel room watching them laugh and punch each other, only slowing when Paul called my name.

"Ruby, this is your in ear and your watch, make sure your always wearing these, it'll let you know where i am at all times, and i'll always know where you are" he said smiling as he put his in ear in.

"okay" i said jumping into the elevator, "are you not coming with us?" I asked Paul

"no" he replied we're going down the service lift and with that the doors closed and I was left alone with 5 boys.

"so" i said slowly "what's the name of your band?" I turned to looked at them and was met with 5 opened mouths. "what!?"

"you don't know what our name is!?" Niall said

"well, no. I forgot to ask, am I meant to know who you are?" I said clearly knowing that I had no idea who they were.

"we're One Direction" Zayn said hoping that I'd click, but no I was still just as clueless.

"the first British boy band to have a number 1 in America?" Harry said holding his hands out, like that was gonna help.

"nope never heard of you, guess I'll be using Google tonight" I said laughing

"just as long as you don't believe any stories about Harry" Lou said raising his eyebrows suggestively.

I looked at him and laughed "I don't plan on it".

The doors to the elevator opened and Liam grabbed my wrist "are you sure you're ready for this?" he asked concern written all over his face.

"don't worry I'll be fine". I said reassuring him

As we moved towards the main door I saw Paul and Andy coming up from the right side and moved to cover the boys left making sure that they were in the middle, as we exited the main door i suddenly realized that the boys were really REALLY famous. There were hundreds of girls pushing against barriers screaming and crying and calling out to the boys, the boys in turn were smiling and waving to the girls. Paul's voice came into my ear,

"I'll stay with Liam and Niall while they sign autographs, Andy you take Lou and Zayn and Ruby you stay with Harry, next time you hear my voice move to your right and meet at the van, are we clear?"

"Clear" came Andy's voice as he moved towards Lou and Zayn

"Clear" I repeated moving in one with Harry.


I moved towards the barriers where the usual fans were screaming and crying and began to sign autographs, I could feel Ruby was shadowing me and I liked it, I wanted her to be with me and not Zayn.

I was always nervous around girls growing up but these were like old friends, some of them I recognized because they followed us everywhere and others were new which was refreshing.

"Ello love" I said to one girl as she held out her giant poster of me and the lads,

"I love you so much" she replied blushing and crying more.

"I love you too, you're very beautiful" I said smiling then glancing at Ruby.

"who's she?" the girl asked pointing at Ruby

"this.." I said putting my arm around Ruby " Ruby, she's a very very close friend of ours, would you like her to sign it as well? she's gonna be with us for a long time"

"yes please" the girl replied

Ruby looked at me, frowned and quickly signed the girl's poster, so fast that I barely saw it.

"thank you" the girl said screaming at her friends and jumping up and down.

I turned to say something to Ruby, but she was frozen in place, concentrating on something then she looped her arm in mine. "we have to go, follow me" she said but I was too busy trying not to faint at being so close to her. She pulled me quickly but gently down one of the paths and I could see Andy and Paul bringing the boys our way too, I smiled dumbly at the fans waving and telling them they were beautiful until we approached a black van which I knew was ours.

"get in" Ruby said opening the sliding door and pushing me in. I jumped into the first seat next to the window and watched her. she swung on the door pushing each lad in as they ran at the door, it wasn't until we were all in and the van was pulling away that she swung in closing the door at the same time.

Paul leaned over from the front. "Well done Ruby on your first assignment, you passed with flying colors" he said grinning like a proud father.

"I'm going to ring your father tonight and tell him how happy I am with you" at that she beamed so bright and Lou started throwing a party in the van for her, to which all us boys joined in shouting and clapping and singing at the top of our lungs. She was giggling and smiling like a child in a candy store and I was so happy for her.



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