Stole My Heart

Hi my name is Anysha and I'm 18 years old. I'm not a normal teenager, I have 1 friend named Emilie she's 19 nearly 20 but she's the only one that cares for me. I don't have a boyfriend but i want one. I'm not pretty at all i have wavey blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Emilie has beautiful long wavey brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She's the prettiest girl I know and all the boys flirt with her. Emilie is obsessed with the band One Direction and i couldn't care less who they are or what they do but i pretent I like them only for Emilie. (But will that change when she goes to London with Emilie on a holiday or will she stay the same?)


5. Night Out With 1D!!!!!!!!

"Cool" I replied.

We all ate dinner together and the whole time I was staring at Anysha, Harry was staring at Emilie, Zayn was staring at Sophie and Louis was staring at Madison.

Whenever the girls saw us they all blushed. Niall was staring at the waitress, her name tag said Amy so that must be her name.

Anysha's P.O.V

We all decided that the boys could eat dinner with us (well Emilie, Madison and Sophie did I didn't want them to). The whole time Liam was staring at me, I got embarassed and I kept blushing. We finally finished dinner and us girls got into Sophie's car and we followed the boys in Harry's car.

When we got there we all got out of the car and went into Louis' and Harry's apartment.

Niall's P.O.V

The whole ride home was torture, Liam was drooling over Anysha, Harry was drooling over Emilie, Louis was drooling over Madison and Zayn was drooling over Sophie.

Liam's P.O.V

Thia might sound stupid but I think I have a crush on Anysha, but does she like me? Of coarse she does I'm Liam Payne of One Direction, but I can't tell her, can I? No I won't I'll wait untill she starts drooling over me then I'll tell her. Yeah thats good.

Anysha's P.O.V

I think Liam likes me? I like him to but I can't tell him, he'll think I'm a crazed fan but I'm not, I like Liam Payne not Liam Payne from One Direction.

"Hey Anysha" Liam Said "can I talk to you in ptivate?"

I replied "Yeah sure"

Then we walked into the spare room and sat on the bed.

"I need tell you something" Liam and I said at the same time.

"Anysha you go first" Liam said.

"Uhh this is gonna sound really stupid but I have a crush on you" I said embarassed.

Liams mouth dropped then I continued blabbering on about have stupid it is when I felt soft lips connect with mine. Liam freaking Payne is kissing me ahhhhhhhh I thought and Liam slid his tongue into my mouth and my tongue slid into his mouth and then we were kissing passionately.

Then Liam Pulled back and said "I love you, will you be my girlfriend?"

"OMG yes I will" I screamed exitedly

Then he smiled and kissed me again.

Then we walked back into the lounge room and we saw Harry and Emilie kissing, Zayn and Sophie kissing, Louis and Madison Kissing and Niall looked sad and he was staring at his phone.

"owhhhh" Liam and I said staring at them all kissing. 

Then everyone pulled back and giggled.

"Looks like we all have a crush" Liam said

"Yeah" everyone else said.

Then we all sat down on the couch with our new girls or boys and we watched The Notebook. Halfway during the movie Emilie, Madison and Sophie all wanted to have a girl talk about the boys. I said sure and we all went back to watchin the movie.



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