Stole My Heart

Hi my name is Anysha and I'm 18 years old. I'm not a normal teenager, I have 1 friend named Emilie she's 19 nearly 20 but she's the only one that cares for me. I don't have a boyfriend but i want one. I'm not pretty at all i have wavey blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Emilie has beautiful long wavey brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She's the prettiest girl I know and all the boys flirt with her. Emilie is obsessed with the band One Direction and i couldn't care less who they are or what they do but i pretent I like them only for Emilie. (But will that change when she goes to London with Emilie on a holiday or will she stay the same?)


6. Girl and Boy Talk

Liam's P.O.V

At the end of the movie Anysha was crying so I pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead. Anysha looked so cute when she cried. Then she looked at me and smiled then she got off me and walked over to Emilie, Sophie and Madison and they all stood up and went to the spare room.

Anysha's P.O.V

The movie was finishing and I was crying, I always cry to this movie. I probably looked like a dork crying in front of Liam, but he loved me so I didn't care. Liam saw me crying and pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead, so I smiled at him. Then I remembered I had to talk to the girls, so I got up and I got them and we went into the spare room. When we got into the room everyone was staring at each other because they all got kissed. But no one was looking at me because they didn't know I kissed Liam.

"So" I started. "I saw everyone of you kissing the boy you liked" I said pretending that I didn't kiss Liam. "Tell me how you got the boys to kiss you. Em you go first."

"Well" Emilie started. " I saw Harry looking at me so I looked at him then he looked at my lips so I did as well, then we both leaned in. What did you and Liam do in here?"

"Um, funny story really." I said knowing it wasn't. Then I told them the whole story and this was their reaction....


Then Sophie and Madison told Em and I what happened with Lou and Zayn. Then Em and I had the same reaction to when I told them about Liam and I.

"SHUT UP NIALL" we heard from down stairs.

"We better go see what crime lil Niall has done"

We all laughed and went back into the lounge room with the boys.

Liam's P.O.V

As soon as the girls left I decided to talk to the boys about them kissing the girls.

"So Harry I saw you kissing Em earlier?" I started

"Yeah and it tasted like an angel" Harry said feeling all loopy

"Why were you  kissing Em?" I giggled

"Well you see Liam she caught me looking at her lips so I leaned in and got kissed by an angel from heaven above" Harry said sounding like he just had laughing gas

Lou, Nialler, Zayn and I started laughing.

Then Harry stated getting angry " Do ya think thats funny well you were probably making out with Anysha in the spare room" " And Zayn you were makin out with Sophie and Louis you were making out with Madison.

"Hey I was not making out with Sophie" Zayn said slapping Harry in the face.

"And I was NOT making out with Madison I was just kissing her" Lou said then slapped Harry.

Then they all got into a slap fight.

"Hey no slapping" I yelled at them.

"Yeah no slapping listen to Daddy" Niall said giggling.

"SHUT UP NIALL" we yelled

"Sorry" Niall said

"OK everyone calm down, the girls will be down in a minute after what just happened so we will talk later." I told the boys.

Then the girls walked down the stairs and gasped.

Anysha's P.O.V

As we walked into the lounge room we saw slap marks on Lou, Harry and Zayn's faces. Us girls all gasped and we all walked over to the boys.

"OH MY GOSH are you ok Hazz?" Emilie asked kissing Harry.

"Yeah just got slapped alot" Harry said staring at Lou and Zayn.

"Hey babe" Liam said kissing my cheek

"Hey Li Li" I said smiling.

"Oh look she already has a nickname for me" Liam teased the others.

"No Liam Niall has a nickname so does Harry, Louis, Emilie, Madison, Sophie and I do to so the only one without a nickname is Zayn." I stated.

"Whatever babe" Liam said then kissed my forehead.






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