Could it Be?

Louis and Alexis have been friends since they were 4. She didn't wanna ruin the friendship so she made sure she wouldn't fall for him. After high school they go their seperate ways to other universities, until fate brings them together again, causing them to rekindle their friendship, but this time, slowly and slowly, Alexis is falling for Louis.


1. Let me just tell you..

Louis and I have been been best friends since daycare. We've always played together, and we just had a wonderful relationship, as friends, that is. I wanted, we wanted, to make sure this friendship wasn't gonna be awkward so we made sure we didn't fall for each other, obivouusly, that would be easy, since Louis believed in cooties when he was younger, which surprised me how we stayed friends.

There's a month a half left to the school year then we're all of to University. I'm going to the University of South California and he's going to the University of New York. So we tried to cherish our last few weeks together because, chances are we won't see each other anymore.
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