Hiding In The Dark

Tragedy after tragedy strikes in Aubrey Parkers life. As her freshman year gets off to a rocky start, she continues to have problems about her past.

Then one day, her parents tell her and her brothers that they are going away for a two week business trip. Her best friend Katelynn is staying with them and one of the father’s business partner’s sons is also staying.

Between the parties every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aubrey meets a lot of different people. Except this one boy that just happens to be at every party; he doesn’t go to their school nor live in their town.

When Aubrey’s parents are suppose to be due home, yet another tragedy hits the Parker family.

With so much sorrow in one girl’s life how can she survive?

The Parkers’ move to Canada, where Aubrey officially meets the boy that has been haunting her dreams ever since she saw him.

Why does he always end up in her dream?

Does it mean something?

That, she will soon find out.


2. So it begins **Recently edited**


       I was walking home by myself because my best friend had cheerleading practice and I had stayed after school to catch up on school projects I had put off doing until the last minute. I ended up losing track of time and didn’t know what time it was until the custodian came and told me I had to leave because they were closing the school for the night. My best friend’s name is Katelyn, she’s also a freshman. We are polar opposites. She loves cheerleading, I love being lazy. She loves skirts and dresses, I love jeans and t-shirts. She loves high heels, I love any flat shoe. As I was walking home I could feel someone watching me. But I decided to ignore it, telling myself that I was just being paranoid. I also decided that I was never going to take that “short cut” again because it ends up getting me lost. And that’s what I am right now, lost! And it’s almost quarter after 8.


            I turned up the volume on my iPod touch. When the song ended there was a few short seconds in between each song, and I heard someone saying my name.  “Aubrey……..Aubrey” I kept hearing. I decided to turn my music up even more. My ears were blasted with Jumpstart by These Kids Wear Crowns. I began to mouth the words. ‘Broke, and got no money, don’t know where to go. Just sitting staring at the stereo, I think we better turn it up. Turn it up. Turn it up’. “Aubrey!” I heard but ignored. ‘Loud! Cause lately I’ve been feeling kind of low. Let's blow the speakers on the radio; Cause tonight we're gonna' break it DOWN, break it DOWN break it DOWN. We gotta' get up off of the ground! We gotta give it a jump start! 4! 3! 2! 1! Go! What’s up? When we get it going no way were gonna stop.’ “Aubrey!” I heard again.


I stopped my music looking around. I spotted a light green pair of eyes staring at me from a tree. ‘Probably a cat’ I thought. “Stop staring at me you stupid cat” I hissed at it. The eyes narrowed while still staring at me. I glanced down for a few seconds then looked up. I glared at the pair of light green eyes and they glared back for what seems like hours. And in reality it was actually an hour. “Get lost cat!” I yelled at it. This time the stupid cat decided to listen to me, and the eyes vanished. I kept glaring at the spot the cat had been for at least 20 minutes. “Ugh!” I huffed in frustration turning around and tripping. I landed face first in a pile of leaves. I held in a scream as I grew very annoyed. I placed my hands on either side of my head and pushed myself up from the ground grunting as I did so. As I got to my feet I looked around noticing I was in the park by my house, which ended up bring only a few houses down the road.


“Are you kidding me?!” I yelled in frustration. I picked up my bag and IPod. I started searching through my bag to find my black blackberry. “Where is it?” I said to myself. It wasn’t in my bag. So where was it? I looked on the ground and saw it on a pile of leaves. I stomped over to it and snatched it up off the red, orange, yellow and brown leaves. “Stupid phone” I mumbled to myself. I looked at the time on it and it read 9:37pm. “If I ever see that stupid damn cat again, I am going to frickan strangle it” I said to myself. I started on my way home. Once I got to my door, I put the key in and turned it unlocking the door. I pushed the door open then closed it behind me once I got in. I took off my coat and hung it in the closet. Then I pulled off one of my lime green low top converse and threw it into the closet. See, I do things the hard way so, as I was taking my other shoe off I had lifted my leg up to pull it off. I started hopping around on one foot until I finally was able to pull off the shoe. “Oh my god, FINALLY, Stupid shoes never come off easily!” I yelled throwing my shoe into the closet with the other one. “Hello?” I called. There was no answer.


I walked into the living room to see it completely dark except for the light coming from the street lights. After sighing, I went into the kitchen to see only the stove light on. I walked to the fridge to see if there were any notes, since that’s where we usually put them if we go out or something. But, there were not any notes. I growled in frustration as I opened the fridge to grab a water bottle. As I continued to approach the stairs, I could finally hear music playing from upstairs.


I walked towards the music figuring out it was coming from Kale’s room. I knocked on the door; once, twice, three times and still no answer. So I just decided to walk in. I was shocked to see what my brother was doing. Never in my life had I seen this and I had to scream. Of laughter that is.


Kale was dancing around his room listening to ‘What the Hell’ by Avril Lavigne on my other iPod. “Oh my God Kale, what are you doing?!” I screamed bursting out in laughter when he started shaking his ass side-to-side. He whipped around, shock written all over his face. “Aubrey!” He yelled launching himself at me. I screamed as he hit me and we fell onto the floor while he was hugging me.


“Where have you been? Everyone is out looking for you!” He practically yelled at me, while doing a once over of me to make sure that I was not hurt. As you could probably tell I am considered the “baby” of the family so, everyone is very protective of me.


“I took the ‘short cut’ that Drake and Adian told me about and I ended up getting lost” I huffed narrowing my eyes “then I was screaming at a cat for about 3 hours, I think”. Kale just stared at me for a while then burst out laughing.  “A cat?!” he managed to ask in between his laughing fits. I glared at him until he was done laughing.


“Seriously Aub, we have got to get you some help” He said shaking his head while pulling out his phone. He dialled a number and hit send, connecting the call. He put the phone on speaker as we waited for the person on the other line to answer. After 2 rings the person picked up.


“Did you find her!?” Should have figured he would call Drake. “Dude, Aubrey’s home now” Kale said. “Since when has she been home!?” Drake asked.


“Since about 5 minutes ago” I said to him. “Where were you Aubrey?!” Drake yelled into the phone.


“Well, I took the short cut you and Adian told me about, got lost then yelled at a cat for about 3 hours!” I yelled back. There was a short pause before all I could hear was laughter.


“You can’t be serious” Drake managed in between his laughing fits, just like what Kale had done. I glared at the cell phone then grabbed it slamming my index finger on the red “END” button. I threw the phone at Kale and walked out of his room. I headed to the stair case and continued up the last set of stairs.


My room is the only bedroom on the third floor other than the gym and the workout room, they are two different rooms. The gym is pretty much what a school gymnasium is and the workout room, well the label pretty much says it all. As you probably can tell our house is huge. We have 3 floors, not including our massive basement.


The basement is where all the games rooms, Movie Theater, and spa is. And when I say spa I don’t mean a bathroom, I actually mean a spa (only my mom, girlfriends (of the boys), mom’s friends, my friends and I use it). Don’t get me wrong we still do have bathrooms downstairs. The main floor has 2 dining rooms, a banquet hall, a ballroom, 10 offices, a massive library, 3 sitting rooms, 3 living rooms (our sitting rooms and living rooms are completely different rooms), a huge kitchen, the indoor pool, and mom and dad’s bedroom. The second floor has one (big) living room, the boy’s rooms (which included big bathrooms and small living rooms in each), another 10 extra bedrooms, dad’s office and other random rooms. And you already know what is on the third floor.


Now outside, well where do I start?


Outside there is a lap pool, an actual normal pool, a tremendous amount of grass, a football/soccer/rugby field, a pool house the size of a small house, 2 big sheds (one containing water toys, the other containing sports equipment) loads of chairs and sun tanning chairs and loads more which would take too long to describe.


Once I reached my bedroom I headed straight for my walk-in closet. I pulled out a black pair of shorts, a lime green sports bra and a white tank top. I walked out of the closet and into the bathroom to get changed. I decided I didn’t want to wear any socks or shoes while working out so I just grabbed my iPod and walked down the hall to the workout room.


I put on the song ‘Hero’ by Skillet. I hopped on the treadmill and selected speed 6 out of 10. It started slow then gained speed.


By the time someone came in I had gone through 10 songs; the volume was at max and was at speed 9. I was running as fast as I could go but, I wanted to run faster. ‘She’s so sorry’ by Hedley came on. And I set the speed for 10, getting a burst of energy. When the chorus ended for the first time, someone pressed pause on the music.


“What the fu-“I said but was cut off before I could finish. “Watch your mouth, Darling” Said my mother.


“Sorry, mom” I said. “Why did you listen to your brothers? You know that they always try and trick you” She said looking at me. “I don’t know” I said shrugging my shoulders.


After that she leaves and I am alone again. I walk over to my iPod and hit play. The song ‘Where I Stood’ by Missy Higgins came on. I leaned on the wall and sank down to the ground sitting down. I began singing along with the words as silent tears slipped down my cheeks. Never once my voice cracked.


‘Cause I don’t know who I am, who I am without you. All I know is that I should. I don’t know if I can stand another hand upon you. All I know is that I should. Cause she will love you more than I could and she who dares to stand where I stood.’ I finished singing the chorus finally letting my tears full out pour down my cheeks.


I guess I didn’t hear the door open then close because next thing I know, two big strong warm arms wrapped around me. I looked up with tears in my eyes to see Drake looking down at me with a sad smile. I wrapped my arms around his neck while I dug my face into his chest balling my eyes out. We just sat there me crying and him just rubbing my back whispering ‘Shhh’ and ‘everything’s going to be okay’ over and over.


I probably ended up falling asleep because I woke up the next morning in my bed my pyjamas on (mom most likely changed me) and my face still sticky from the tears the night before. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stretched. I set my feet on the cold marble floor and padded over to my bathroom.  


When I got into the bathroom I grabbed 2 towels out of the closet and turned on the shower. I stripped off my clothing and hopped into the warm water. I washed my hair and my body, shaved and then turned off the water. As I carefully stepped out of the shower and onto the cool marble flooring of the bathroom, I made sure not to slip and fall. As I wrapped the towel around my hair and then my body after I dried myself, I heard a knock at my bedroom door since I had cracked my bathroom door open a bit to let the steam out.


“I’m in the bathroom!” I yelled. I popped my head out the door to see who it is. As the door opened slowly, I grew nervous to see who it would be.


“Honey, are you decent?” My father called to me from my room door.


I instantly calmed down and quickly sprinted into my closet which is behind my bedroom door.  “Just got to change I’ll be out in a second, daddy” I shout from my closet.


“Okay, I’ll be waiting in my office, come and see me when you’re done” He called leaving. “Will do” I yelled as I heard the door close.


I walked up and down my long closet trying to figure out something to wear. I decided on just wearing a watermelon pink and orange tube summer dress, a white strapless bra and beige underwear. As I opened my door to the hall and stepped out only to smack into something hard but before I could fall back and onto my ass, two hands grabbed my arms. I looked up and saw Drake smiling down at me.


“Just the girl I was looking for” He said standing me upright. “Thanks” I mumbled. “And why would you be doing that?” I crossed my arms giving him a pointed look. He smirked at me and said “I need, well technically we need you out of the house tonight”. I just stared at him for a few minutes, trying to figure out who ‘we’ was.


He sighed. “Meaning Kale, Adian and I” He said. I stared at him skeptically. “Why?” I said crossing my arms. I spotted Rosa, our father’s assistant, coming up the stairs. When she spotted me, she waved at me beckoning me over to her.


“You know what; I’ll talk to you later about this. I got to go” I said quickly kissing him on the cheek and running to catch up to Rosa, who had already started descending down the stairs. Once I caught up to her, she smiled at me. “Sorry about that” I mumbled.


She just laughed. “It’s quite alright. You’re father has been waiting in his office for 10 maybe 20 minutes now.”


 “Oops! Well I’m gonna run the rest of the way. Thanks again Rosa!” I called running down the remaining flight of stairs to the second floor and to my dad’s office door.


I knocked on the door and heard a muffled “come in” from my dad. I twisted the doorknob, pushing the door open. I took a step inside and closed the door behind me.


“I’m so sorry, daddy!” I said walking up to his desk.


“Ah, there you are honey. I was wondering what was taking you so long.” He said leaning back in his large chair behind the desk. He gestured with his hand for me to take a seat. “I wanted to tell you myself, before the boys could, that your mother and I are going on a 2 week business trip.” He said clasping his hands together.


“What? Where? Why? Do I have to stay with the boys?” I asked in a rush, jumping up from my chair.


“Aubrey, sit down.” He said in a stern voice, “Your mother and I are going to Toronto. We have some business matters to attend to. And yes, you have to stay with the boys.”


I jumped up again from my chair. “Why do I have to stay with them? All they’ll do is throw parties! Why would you leave them here with me?” I yelled at my dad


He slowly stood up glaring at me. Oh crap, I had made him mad, not good!


“You will stay here with your brothers. They will not throw any parties. No one leaves the house, except for school and work. No friends come over. No one goes to friends. Understand?” He said the clenched teeth while still glaring at me. “That goes for you too, boys!” He yelled at the door.


“Damn! He knows were here! Run!” Drake whisper shouted but, we still heard it. We heard shuffling outside the door and then it went quiet.


I kept my head down as I spoke. “Yes, father.”


He sighed sitting down. “You can leave” He said while pinching the bridge of his nose with his eyes closed.


I bounded over to him and kissed his cheek. “Love you daddy” I whispered leaving.


I heard a faint “Love you too” as I closed the door.


Now to go and find the idiots I call my brothers.



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