Hiding In The Dark

Tragedy after tragedy strikes in Aubrey Parkers life. As her freshman year gets off to a rocky start, she continues to have problems about her past.

Then one day, her parents tell her and her brothers that they are going away for a two week business trip. Her best friend Katelynn is staying with them and one of the father’s business partner’s sons is also staying.

Between the parties every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aubrey meets a lot of different people. Except this one boy that just happens to be at every party; he doesn’t go to their school nor live in their town.

When Aubrey’s parents are suppose to be due home, yet another tragedy hits the Parker family.

With so much sorrow in one girl’s life how can she survive?

The Parkers’ move to Canada, where Aubrey officially meets the boy that has been haunting her dreams ever since she saw him.

Why does he always end up in her dream?

Does it mean something?

That, she will soon find out.


1. Prologue

Have you ever lost everything? And you try your hardest to keep it so close to you but, it turns out that it is actually making it drift further away. That is what has become of my life and everything in it.

 Okay, now I’m getting ahead of myself. I haven’t even introduced myself yet. Anyways, my name is Aubrey Parker. I’m 16 years old and a junior in Asheville High School.  I live in Asheville, North Carolina, United States.

 I lived with my 3 brothers, mom, and dad. Well what can I tell you about my family?

 My mom had long beautiful chestnut hair, big emerald green eyes, thick black lashes, and high cheek bones. She was slim but short standing at about 5’6 (yes that isn’t that short for a woman but compared to my family it is).

 My dad has short jet black hair, crystal blue eyes and high cheek bones. He is also quite slim and is very tall with a height of about 6’2.

 My oldest brothers, Drake and Adian (the twins), are 21 and are in their third year of university; they have jet black hair, high cheeks bones, are the same height standing at about 6’ and are really skinny. The only difference between them is their eyes, and age. Drake has crystal blue eyes like our dad and is 3 ½ minutes older than Adian. Adian has emerald green eyes like our mom and is 3 ½ minutes younger then Drake. 

My 3rd brother, (the middle child) Kale, is 20 and in his second year of college. He has chestnut hair, crystal blue eyes, and high cheek bones, skinnier (if possible) then Drake and Adian, and stands at 5’9.

I myself am completely different from my family. I have naturally red hair, teal eyes, high cheek bones, slim and short only standing at 5’2 ½. I get teased a lot about my height from my brothers since their all so much taller than I am.

My story takes place in my favourite season, fall. It was around dusk or as some people would call it, twilight.

 I was 14 when all this started.

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