Hiding In The Dark

Tragedy after tragedy strikes in Aubrey Parkers life. As her freshman year gets off to a rocky start, she continues to have problems about her past.

Then one day, her parents tell her and her brothers that they are going away for a two week business trip. Her best friend Katelynn is staying with them and one of the father’s business partner’s sons is also staying.

Between the parties every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aubrey meets a lot of different people. Except this one boy that just happens to be at every party; he doesn’t go to their school nor live in their town.

When Aubrey’s parents are suppose to be due home, yet another tragedy hits the Parker family.

With so much sorrow in one girl’s life how can she survive?

The Parkers’ move to Canada, where Aubrey officially meets the boy that has been haunting her dreams ever since she saw him.

Why does he always end up in her dream?

Does it mean something?

That, she will soon find out.


4. Out and about


I'll upload every once and awhile, when I have time. For the next chapter, I want 1 like. Just one. It would mean the world to me, saying that at least one person likes my story. Please?

Enjoy! <3




Right after I hung up the phone and flopped onto my back on my bed, there was another knock at the door.  I sighed annoyed.

“Come in” I hollered. The door opened slowly and Mary-Anne, our head maid, poked her head in.

“Oh hey Mary-Anne, what’s up?” I asked propping myself up on my elbows to look at her.

“Hey kiddo, your father wants to see you down in his study” She said opening the door wider.

“Seriously, he wants to talk to me again?” I asked sighing.

“It’s something about Miss Katelyn, I believe he said” Mary-Anne said.

“Oh, well okay thanks” I said getting up.

“No problem” She said nodding her head and leaving.

After leaving my room, I walked down the hall to the stairs and descended them thinking about why my dad wanted to talk to me about Katelyn. I completely spaced out and when I came out of my train of thought, I was already at my dad’s study door knocking.

“Come in” I heard. I slowly opened the door, poking my head in.

“Hey daddy, Mary-Anne said you wanted to talk to me” I said stepping in.

I paused mid-step when I saw that my mom and brothers were also in the room.

“What’s going on?” I asked slowly, shutting the door behind me.

My mom crooked her finger at me from beside my dad, beckoning my forward. I slowly walked forward and stood in front of my dad’s large oak desk. I clasped my hands together and looked down at them.

“Katelyn’s parents just called” My dad started, clasping his hands, leaning forward onto his forearms, pausing.

Shit! They know about the party, they know! Katelyn is such a stupid idiot! I’ll confess to it, so then the boys will owe me one’ I thought.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. They told me not to. I told Katelyn not to. It was my idea, I take the blame for it” I said, biting my lip.

“What are you talking about? They asked if she could stay here until they got back from visiting family because Katelyn refused to go” My dad stated leaning back.

“Oh” I breathed, “Nothing. Don’t worry about it. And is she really staying?”

“Yes, she is. But, when she’s here” My mom started, glancing from me, to my brothers “You will leave the girls alone, so no teasing or harassing them. Get it?”

“Got it” They grumbled.

“Good” She said turning her gaze to me “The same rules apply with Katelyn here for the next while that we are gone”

“Okay” I said playing with my dress.

“Good, you kids can go now” Dad said, dismissing us.

I turned around as the boys got up, the four of us made our way to the door. As I opened the door, about to step out, I heard our dad’s voice call us back. I paused in the doorway to listen.

“Oh and by the way kids, the staff will be gone when we are gone. They leave right after we do. So we’re expecting you 6 to clean the house, keep it tidy and make your own food” He stated.

The four of us groaned, continuing to walk out the door.

“Smooth move, stupid. We almost got caught” Drake said, irritated.

“Shut up, idiot. Don’t tell me what to do” I replied rolling my eyes, scrunching my nose up.

“You shut up. Now let’s go” He said grabbing my arm and leading me to the front door.

“Where are we going?” I asked, struggling to get out of his grasp.

“Out and we’ll grab the twit after” He said, continuing to pull my along as if I was cooperating.

“Hey, she isn’t a twit. And fine, just let me grab my shoes and my phone” I said, stopping.

“Already at the door” Adian sung, grinning.

As we entered the foyer, I saw Jeffery standing by the front door holding my white toms in one hand and my phone in the other. I yanked my arm free from Drake’s grasp and walked over to Jeffery, a smile slipping on my face.

“Good morning, Miss Aubrey. Here are your belongings” He stated handing me my shoes and phone.

“Thanks. And how many times have I told you to call me Aubrey” I said, giving him a pointed look.

“Sorry” He apologized, with a light smile.

“Come on Aub!” Drake yelled from outside, honking his trucks’ horn.

“Bye Jeffery” I called, running out the door.

Drake’s black 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 truck sat in the drive way, with Drake in the driver’s seat and Adian and Kale in the back.

“Sick, I get shot gun?” I asked walking up to the truck and climbing in.

“Yes” was all Drake said as he putting the truck into ‘Drive’ and pulling out of the drive way. As we pulled out and onto the street, I saw a sleek black limo pull into our drive way. I stick my head out the window and look back at our drive way as the gates open to let the limo in.

“Did mom and dad call a limo company or something?” I asked, pulling my head back into the truck.

“No” Drake said with a serious face, his hands tightening on the steering wheel.

“Then who was that?” I asked, cocking my head to the side staring curiously at him.

“Don’t worry about it” He grunted out.

I narrowed at my eyes staring at him. I spun around in my seat to look at Kale and Adian in the back. I gave them a questioning look. They just shook their heads and looked out their windows. I spun back around to face forward in my seat glaring out the window, crossing my arms pouting. I know I was acting like a child, but I really wanted to know who had pulled into our drive way.

“It’s one of dad’s business partners” Kale whispered in my ear, “Don’t turn around, I’ll text you”

I nodded to myself letting him know that I understood.  A few minutes later, my phone buzzed signalling that I had a text message. I unlocked my phone and opened the text from Kale.

‘I’ll tell you more when we’re away from the twins’ I read.

‘Fine’ I typed back, hitting send and relocking my phone.

“Wait, when we were in dad’s office, he said all 6 of us had to clean the house. If you include Katelyn, that makes five of us. Who’s the sixth?” I asked, turning to look at Drake.

“Not sure” He said, shrugging.

I sighed, turning in my seat to look out the passenger seat window.

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