Hiding In The Dark

Tragedy after tragedy strikes in Aubrey Parkers life. As her freshman year gets off to a rocky start, she continues to have problems about her past.

Then one day, her parents tell her and her brothers that they are going away for a two week business trip. Her best friend Katelynn is staying with them and one of the father’s business partner’s sons is also staying.

Between the parties every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aubrey meets a lot of different people. Except this one boy that just happens to be at every party; he doesn’t go to their school nor live in their town.

When Aubrey’s parents are suppose to be due home, yet another tragedy hits the Parker family.

With so much sorrow in one girl’s life how can she survive?

The Parkers’ move to Canada, where Aubrey officially meets the boy that has been haunting her dreams ever since she saw him.

Why does he always end up in her dream?

Does it mean something?

That, she will soon find out.


5. Not An Actual Chater

Well.... I havn't been on here in sooo long. I've kinda put this story on hold until further notice because it isn't going the way i wanted it to....

I am going to post another story I'm working on now, its called My Fixation.







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