Starting A New Life

Fallon Bridges never dreamed she would leave her little hometown in the midlands of Ireland. She never thought she would be leaving her childhood best friend Niall. But she does. Two years later, her best friend Regina drags her to a One Direction concert. There, she meets the man of her dreams.


1. News

Fallon's P.O.V.


Smiling, I got up out of bed. I shivered. " Damn, its cold. " I whispered as my feet hit the cold wooden floors. " Fallon, Niall is here! " My mother yells up the stairs. i quicklt pull on some old ripped blue jeans and a Jack Wills hoodie and run down the steps.

 " Niall! " I exclaim. He wraps me in a warm hug. " Where are we going today? " I ask him. He smiles. " We're going to the carnival! " He cheers. 

~* At The Carnival *~

" Wake up Fallon, we're here! " Niall shakes me awake. I gawk at the ginormous glowing lights around the car. He takes my hand and we walk into the glowing fun world. " FOOD! " I scream, seeing the food court in front of me. He laughs. " So I guess I'm not the only hungry one? " He asks, and I speed off towards the aroma of chicken. " I'll take a pretzel, a coke, a bag of crisps, a brownie, a burger, and a large fry please. " I say to the sweaty guy at the counter. A familiar voice fills my ears. " Micheal Buble is here! " Niall and I yell at the same time. We run through the crowd, big smiles on our faces. " We love you Micheal! " Niall and I scream, holding our entwined hands in the air. 

~* An Hour Later *~

" Can we go get more food? " I whine. " No. We have to leave. They are closing now! " We run as fast as we can. We had just gotten out when they close the gate. " Phew. That was close! Can you imagine being locked in a carnival all night? " He blurts. " I can, but I won't. It might give me nightmares. " I laugh, panting. My phone buzzes in my pocket. I answer it, my heart racing. " Hello? " " Fallon, come home, we've got some news. " I frown. I tell her we would be there in an hour. Niall and I buckle into his old green bug. He takes my hand and whispers, " Everything will be alright. "

~* Fifty Minutes Later *~

I step out of the car, giving Niall one last hug. " See you tomorrow Ni. " I whisper, opening the door. He stops me before I go in and presses his lips to mine. I pull away after almost a minute and stare into his amazing blue eyes. " Bye. " He whispers, running to his car. I open the door and see my mom staring at me, on the couch. " Come sit. " She tells me. " Whats the news? Your not pregnant are you? " I ask, feeling like a concerned mother. " No. " She looks at my step-father and he nods. " We are moving. Out of the country. And you can't keep in touch with Niall. "

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