Forever young.

I am Chantel, I am a single mother of my son, Bryson. I have curly brown hair, light brown skin and brown eyes, and the father of my son is...Harry Styles.



3. Sparkling.

We arrived at my apartment, and immediately , Harry popped out and got Bryson. "Thanks!" I said as I walked out. "For what?" Harry said, Brice in his arms. "Ah...nevermind!" He smiled and nodded. We walked in and Bennett was just standing there, like he was waiting for us. "Hey!" I said as I swooped past him and sat on the couch. "HARRY!" "BENNETT! Yes, Bennett and Harry were best friends until they got in a fight when Bennett found out I was pregnant. They kept on talking, so I decided to go to my room, and put on some comfortable clothes. I walked out and got a toaster strudel. I sat down before the boys walked over to me. "Hello." I said as I turned the TV on. "Love...maybe you should..." I looked at Bennett. He was playing with his hair, the way he does when he is nervous. "Blurt it."



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