Forever young.

I am Chantel, I am a single mother of my son, Bryson. I have curly brown hair, light brown skin and brown eyes, and the father of my son is...Harry Styles.



1. Life.

I woke up to the sound of Bryson crying. I rushed over to his small crib. "Hey baby it's OK. Mommy is here." I soothed him before he puked all over my shoulder. "BENNETT GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE!" I yelled to my roommate and best friend Bennett. He came rushing to my room. "Good morning to you too." He said, taking Bryson out of my arms.  I rushed over to my bathroom. I took a shower and put on some light pink vans with a sweater and jeans. I walked into the living room and sat next to Bennett. "You feel happier now?" I smiled. "Yeah. I am so tired." I said as I fell into Bennett 's lap. He was like a brother to me. "What are you doing today?" He said as he burped Bryson. "I am going to a One Direction signing." He sat there, speechless. My parents still support me but my dad works for the State Department, which means they move every two years. "So, you are going to a...signing." I smiled. "Uha, and I am taking Brice." I said as I kissed Bryson's little heat. He was only 5 months old. I named him Bryson Edward Styles. Yeah, I didn't use my last  name. I don't like mine. So anyway, Bryson is Bennett 's favorite boys name, Edward is his father's middle name and Styles is his father's last name, too. I stood up, grabbed a banana, and took Bryson out of Bennett 's arms. I swear, he loves him like a son! I walked out of the apartment and walked to the lobby. "Hey Max!" I said to my doorman, who was like a father to me. "Hey El, how is Brice?" He said opening the door for us. "He is good, he has a bigger appetite!" I said as we walked out. "Bye!" I said as I walked to my small car. I walked in and turned the car on. "Your insecure, don't know what for. Your turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or." I smiled as I buckled Brice in. "Babe its daddy!" I said as I kissed his forehead.  I sat in the front and turned up the volume. I sang along for a while before we arrived at the location of the signing. I took Brice's seat belt off. We walked into the crowded room. I rocked Brice in my arms for about half an our before the boys finally sat down. Girls started screaming, so I hugged Brice tight. The line started moving, and half an hour later, I was at the front. "What's your name love?" I smiled at Louis. "Um, can you sign it to my son Bryson?" He smiled and tickled little Brice's forehead before signing it. Next was Liam. "Um, his name is Bryson." I said. He smiled and signed it before shaking Brice's hand. Next was Harry. "Harry? Remember me?We went to school together!" He looked up. His face turned red. "Chantel?" I smiled. He remembered me! Then he looked at Brice. "Hey what is your name?" He signaled security to let me sit next to him and took Brice out of my arms. "This is Bryson!" I said wiping his dark brown baby hairs. "I like that name!" He said as he set Brice on his lap. "Is he your brother?" I turned red, he must have not remembered that night... "Um-er-no. He is my son." Harry looked up at me. "Oh." I smiled. "Yeah! A lot has changed." I said as I wiped the sweat on my pants. "Chantel listen I am so sorry. Can we still be friends?"   



Flashback: I woke up. My clothes scattered on the floor. I rushed to the bathroom and put on my clothes. What happened last night was an accident. Harry was still asleep. I tiptoed out of my room. I wasn't ready to talk to him again, for a while. End of flashback


I looked into Harry's eyes full of pity. "Of course Harry. I still think of you every day!" I said as I hugged Harry's neck. "I-I think of you every day Chantel. I couldn't even think of spending another day without you! I love you." I blushed. He handed me Brice and started signing other girls' albums. At the end of the signing, I was about to leave when I felt someone grab my wrist. I turned around to find Harry standing there. "Chantel, you left me once, I am not letting you go again." I smiled at his comment before running into his arms and bursting out crying, but making sure Brice didn't get hurt. "I missed you so much Harry! I don't know why I left i was just afraid." He pulled away. "What were you afraid of Chantel?" I looked up at him, making sure I didn't stain his shirt. "I was scared you would leave us." He looked at Brice. "He is mine?" I nodded. He smiled and picked Bryson up. "I wouldn't ever leave you, not for the world. Now that I know he is mine, I finally have a reason for us to stay together. Chantel we can be a family!" I smiled and jumped into his arms before noticing the boys staring at us, wide eyed, big mouthed. Even Paul. "Oh didn't hear all that right?" I said as I let go of Harry. "Well um-we-erm-yeah-well-yeah." Louis said as he scratched the back of his neck. "Well...what does this mean?" I said as I rubbed Brice's head. "You are now part of my family Chantel, would you like to go on tour with us?" Harry said. Thats like asking me if I would like to have a million dollars or live in a tree. Duh! "YES GOSH HARRY YES!" I said as I hugged everyone. "I called management. They said it's fine with them as long as she hasn't been to jail." Paul said. "No." "Welcome to the family!" Louis said.Niall used to be one of my best friend's, so he gave me a huge Horan hug. “If wouldn't have found you, you know that I would have found you, like tracked you down MI6 style, taken you and kept you here.” Niall said seriously with a smile. “Sure Nialler.” “I started to look up where I could order chloroform.” He continued. I laughed. “Of course you did.” I muttered. “I was going to hire a builder to make you a cell in flat.”

I laughed. "Sure Niall, you would have done that." He looked at me blankly before everyone laughed. "It's nice teasing you again Ells." He said as he hugged me again.

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