Forever young.

I am Chantel, I am a single mother of my son, Bryson. I have curly brown hair, light brown skin and brown eyes, and the father of my son is...Harry Styles.



7. lala

I smiled and looked over at Bryson. He snored softly, so I smiled. Harry rubbed my back softly and kept on adoring our baby son. OUR baby. I hugged Hazza and smelled his cologne. We kept on watching until we heard a soft tap on the door. "Helllooo...?" Louis asked softly. I giggled and turned to see him standing at the door. I mouthed "come." and he immediatley walked in. He looked at Bryson before looking over at Harry. "He looks like you Hazza." He stated before poking Harry's dimple. Harr softly laughed. Louis looked over back at Brice. "Well, I'm going to take a nap." He gently got in the bed and held Bryson near his chest. Harry and I smiled. He grabbed my hand and led me out of the bedroom and into the living room. I sat on his lap as we watched TV and talked and of course laughed. He also told me a bit about Eleanor and Perrie. They seem like really nice girls. We heard a knock on the door. Harry was a lazy bum and didn't want to get it, so eventually I stood up and answered. A young lady stood at the door. "Hello! You must be Chantel! Im Eleanor." She said, giving me a hug. I nodded. "Thats me!!" We laguhed and went to the living room. We became like instant best friends. About an hour later, Louis walked out of the room. "Have a nice 'nap'?" I questioned. He nodded before I heard a little bit of crying. Harry shot up and went to the room. He came out with Brice in his arms.  "Eleanor, this is Bryson, Bryson, this is Auntie Eleanor!" I giggled as he helped Brice shake El's hand. "Oh my gosh he is so cute!" Eleanor said before smiling and making Bryson giggle.

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