Forever young.

I am Chantel, I am a single mother of my son, Bryson. I have curly brown hair, light brown skin and brown eyes, and the father of my son is...Harry Styles.



6. HOME...?

We started walking out after we finished, when I noticed a man following us. I paid no mind to it and kept walking. The man kept on following us until we got to the car. I turned around again. "Are you following us?" I said, annoyed before I saw a flash take a picture of me. "I knew it." I mumbled to myself. Harry looked over and took my hand. "Com on babe lets go." I nodded and got in the car quickly. We finally got to the hotel. Harry still took Brice out and wouldn't let me carry him, quite adorable. We walked into the building and went to the counter to make sure that security was here. They nodded and security came as fast as lightning. Mobs of girls started yelling and trying to touch harry through the security. Harry quietly sang and Brice's ear while Bryson snuggled into Harry's chest. I smiled and was able to catch a glimpse of some of the girls, along with Paparazzi. Sadly, they saw me too. "Who are you?" A girl around my age asked. I smiled, trying to keep my cool. "I am Chantel, nice to meet you!" I acted nice, so she wouldn't get people to send me hate on twitter. She smiled and kept on asking Harry questions. We finally got to the elevator and we let out a sigh of relief. I looked over and saw Bryson asleep in Harry's chest. "Wow, the only guy that can make a baby sleep in a mob of girls." I said, smirking. He laughed and held Brice close. We finally made it to the hotel room. It was huge! Louis was on the couch watching telly. He turned down the volume when he saw Brice. "Dawwwww." He said quietly. I giggled. Harry laid Bryson in the bed before hugging me and kissing my forehead. "You are a great mum you know that?" He said as he looked at me. "I try to convince myself." We both laughed before he softly kissed me.

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