Forever young.

I am Chantel, I am a single mother of my son, Bryson. I have curly brown hair, light brown skin and brown eyes, and the father of my son is...Harry Styles.



2. Good time.

WE WALKED TO MY CAR. I walked to the driver's seat, while Harry buckled Bryson in. "How did you learn how to buckle in a baby?" I said, amazed at how good he did it. "Baby Lux." He said before kissing Brice's forehead. I took a picture when he wasn't looking and saved it as my screensaver. "So where are we going?" He said as he sat in the passengers seat. "Home first to get some stuff, and then it is completely up to you two." I said as I started driving. He smiled. "Anytime with you is fine with me." He said as he held on to my free hand. I smiled before we arrived to the building.

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