Forever young.

I am Chantel, I am a single mother of my son, Bryson. I have curly brown hair, light brown skin and brown eyes, and the father of my son is...Harry Styles.



10. family

  We sat on the couch and talked a bit, her every so often flipping her light hair. I glanced over at Harry and smiled as I watched his lips open and close as he spoke. I sighed and leaned back on the couch, feeling the material of the blanket on my body.

"So, Chantel, how did you do it?" I heard Eleanor ask me.

I looked at her soft face and tilted my head. 

"How did I do what? Have a baby on my own?" I responded, and her head bobbed up and down.

"Well I wasn't alone. I never was. I had my friends, and also I had Brice. Yeah, Brice made having a baby easier, and he's the baby. But he's an amazing little boy, and I couldn't imagine my life without him."

Her eyes glossed, and Harry nibbled on his bottom lip.

"Was it hard?"

Harry said nervously.

"Yeah, it was. But having you there wouldn't have made it much easier. I'm a mom. I was made to take care of my child for the first months. And, I did it. Just like I was supposed to."

Both Harry and Eleanor smiled a bit, and I seemed to ride their wave and smile back. 

"How about you and Harry go on a date tonight, alone."

I laughed nervously.


"No, we can't leave Brice" Harry mumbled, shaking his head. 

"Yes we can." I whispered. 

"I trust El. We can come back before 12:00"

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