I Wish

Chloe and Liam have been dating since they first met at a meet and greet. When she opens her laptop one day, she sees a picture of him kissing another girl. What is going on? What will happen to the boy she loves? Is it possible that they might be over forever?


6. Where Do I Start?

Chloe's POV: 

My jaw dropped at the sight of Liam Payne standing there, and I could see his lips moving, although I did not hear a word he said because of my show at seeing him there. Wait, did he just ask a question? I blinked my eyelids a few times and simply nodded, hoping that he asked to come in, or something. I took a step away from the door and slowly walked over to my couch, not sure where this was going. As much as I wanted him to explain, and to be back in his arms again, I couldn't let myself take him back. He hurt me, and despite how red his eyes were, and what a mess he was, I was most likely hurting more. 

I pulled my blanket to my nose and buried myself into it, speechless that he was here in the first place. Wasn't he on tour? Doesn't he have some dancer of a girlfriend to get back to? I stopped asking myself these questions when out of the corner of my eye, I saw him sit on the other side of the couch. "I.. I don't understand.." I weakly said, in pretty much a whisper. Or was it a mumble? Did he even hear me? 


Liam's POV: 

When she nodded and let me in, I took in a big breath and followed her. Where was I supposed to start with all of this? I knew that I had hurt her, and it showed. Either way, she was still gorgeous. Her eyes, her hair, her lips, her.. "I don't understand..", was all I heard from Chloe. She had spoken again and her voice was so.. insecure and unstable. All due to me and my stupidness. "You need to tell me everything that you heard.. everything you saw.. trust me, it will all make sense..." I trailed off, speaking quickly because I was nervous of losing her. I closed my eyes and bit my lip, ready to hear her rip her heart out and tell me everything, ready for her to spill her guts. Instead, I heard footsteps running away. I opened my eyes to look for her, and she wasn't there. "C-Chlo?" I asked nervously, staying seated but looking around. 

It was at least ten minutes before I sighed and got up off of the couch and walked over to the door, contemplating on leaving. I decided to open the door and shut it, hoping that she had thought I left, and that she would come back out. I slowly shifted back over to the couch and sat where she was, wrapping her blanket that she had over myself, needing to at least get a feel of her again. I waited a moment and heard her tiny footsteps coming back. I looked from where her room was and saw her. She looked at me and leaned against the wall. "I thought you had left." she said more confidently, wiping her eyes. I shook my head and stood up, walking over to her. I stood right next to her, and she flinched away, but I wasn't going to let her get away again. I grabbed her cold tiny hands and very gently pulled her back to me. I looked down at her hand and noticed her bloody, cut up wrists. That broke me, and I swore that my eyes fill with a million tears. "God dammit, Chloe!" I whisper shouted and wrapped my arms around her, picking her up and pulling her close to me, just hugging her with not strength, but with simple love. 

Chloe's POV: 

I had to flee away from him, I couldn't let him explain because I didn't want him back. Wait, yes I did. I heard the door slam and I walked out back to the living room, but I saw him with my blanket. I spoke, and he walked up to me. When he grabbed my hand, I was scared of him seeing the cuts. And well, he did. As he started crying, I did too. And that was when I was picked up and being hugged. 

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