I Wish

Chloe and Liam have been dating since they first met at a meet and greet. When she opens her laptop one day, she sees a picture of him kissing another girl. What is going on? What will happen to the boy she loves? Is it possible that they might be over forever?


3. Slice


Chloe's POV:

Taking a long shaky breath, I pulled my weak and sobbing self off the soft and comforting couch. I closed my eyes and bit my lip before slowly walking upstairs. I knew this would be a bad idea, but I needed to do it. It would be soothing, I thought. Almost all of my friends had done this before, and so many people are attached to doing it, that I knew it would be okay if I did it once to get everything out of me. I looked around and bit my lip as I walked up the stairs, holding onto the railing so I wouldn't lose my balance. My tears were making my vision quite unclear, so everything was very blurry. Finally, I saw the bathroom.    I ran inside and slammed the door behind me, wiping my eyes as I locked the door, just in case anyone would get home. I used my trembling hand to reach into my shower, and grabbed my turquoise, 4 blade razor. As soon as I wrapped my tiny hand around it, I slouched down the wall and felt more tears hit the ground. I was so confused, and this was definitely, and had always been my last resort. It was pretty stupid and immature, but I didn't seem to care. I rose the razor up before slicing it against my other wrist. I winced and let out a shriek. I wasn't expecting it to hurt that much, but somehow, it felt relaxing. I did it once more before throwing it across the floor, looking at my bloodied wrist as it cried. "LIAM!" I yelled, needed him more than I ever thought I would.    

Liam's POV:  

Niall was an excellent listener, hearing out everything I said. He didn't even stop me, he just let me keep talking, and going off about how bad I needed my Chloe. I felt more calm as I finished talking, and I knew that he wasn't one to give advice. He was a fantastic listener, but usually didn't know what to say after the fact. He looked into my wet, brown eyes and I knew he understood. "Liam.. you need to go get her." he said to me, and I knew he was right. If she couldn't talk to me, I would need to go find her. "She won't want to talk to me.." I sighed, emphasizing the fact that I didn't know what to do. "And we're on tour, Niall." I mumbled, looking down at my twiddling fingers.    I looked around, feeling the tour bus come to a halt  Where were we? I knew that we were in England, but I didn't think we had a stop before Louis' house in Doncaster. Standing up, I shifted my brown, wavy hair over the side of my face. Niall looked at me and smiled, I raised an eyebrow. "Go get her." he said softly at me. I looked outside the window, seeing Chloe's familiar house. What in the world were they doing to me!? I didn't know what to say to her. Looking back at Niall, I formed a small smile around the corners of my lips.    I ran to the front of the bus, where the other boys were smiling at me. Louis walked up to me, and put his hand on my shoulder. "You are so welcome." he smirked and Zayn burst out laughing. Harry rolled his eyes and sighed. "We'll be back tomorrow." he said, his voice slow and even. "Thank you, guys." I said softly. Whether I was thankful or not, I did not know. Only time would tell. I ran off the bus, with the bag Niall packed for me in hand and ran to her door as the familiar red bus drove off. I stood there hesitantly before knocking on the door with my white knuckles, hitting the brown door three times.   

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