I Wish

Chloe and Liam have been dating since they first met at a meet and greet. When she opens her laptop one day, she sees a picture of him kissing another girl. What is going on? What will happen to the boy she loves? Is it possible that they might be over forever?


7. Please.

Chloe's POV:

Every muscle in my body relaxed, except my heart. It was beating faster than it had ever in my life, and I don't think I've cried more either. I still couldn't believe that Liam was here with me, wasn't he supposed to be with his 'love', Danielle? Nothing would ever be the same, I missed what we had. Rock climbing, skinny dipping, dancing in the dark, long walks, dinners out every Friday, visiting each other's family.. it was all indescribable. I always thought that he would be the one. Well not always.. I had a thing for Louis, honestly, when I first heard about the band. I said I loved him, but that was that awkward fangirling, obsessive fan 'love'. I love Liam. I really do, despite others' opinions. I let my body fall into his arms as he hugged me tightly. My arms wrapped around his neck, my legs around his waist. His hugs - that was one thing I missed. He carried me over to the couch and we sat, me over his lap with my face buried into his neck. I still refused to look at him, in fear that I would fall for him again. Who was I kidding? I still love him.. more than anything in the world. "Who is Danielle?" I managed to choke out, calming down softly and sniffling. I pulled away from his grip to look right into his perfect brown orbs, the ones I loved so much. He opened his mouth to speak, and I knew to listen for once, instead of butting in and interrupting him. I wanted to know, didn't I? 

The look on his face was unbearable. I could have sworn he looked like someone completely different, he was a mess, persay. "Chloe.. please," he started to say and gently grabbed one of my hands, holding it tightly, but not enough to hurt. "I'm listening," I muffled out, glancing away from him to look at my lap. "Management did not like me being with a fan, or. . . someone unfamous.." he trailed off. I figured that he didn't want to call me a regular person, because I definitely wasn't, being his girlfriend. Or am I his ex? My thoughts got carried off when he spoke again. "They made me take Danielle on a date, tell everyone that we're dating... say that I love her.. basically do everything that I do with you," he spoke and my eyes filled with tears. All of our memories together ran through my mind, and it was almost perfect. "I know I should have told you, or explained... I was scared of losing you." Losing me? Liam was actually scared of losing me. 

Liam's POV: 

I could hardly breathe. She was right there with me, finally, and I didn't even know how to explain. As much as I rehearsed telling her everything, the words weren't coming out. If you know me, I was always one to release my feelings when I don't know what to say. Of course I was scared of losing her, who wouldn't be? She's perfect, and with any other opinion is wrong. I have made her a mess. And those god awful cuts on her wrists . . . they were from me. I could have done so much more to make her feel loved, even though I was far away. God, I am such an idiot, and I was speechless. "I love you, Chloe, more than you could ever imagine. I've been awful at expressing it towards you, though.." I trailed my voice off and glanced at her hand in mine. It had been so long. A year seems forever when you're not with the one you love. Cheesey, I know, but it's the truth. 

Finally, after a couple of moments, I looked back up at Chloe. My eyes were filled to the brim with heavy tears, as were hers. I couldn't even imagine how it was back here. If it was anything like my misery, then I feel beyond horrible. It isn't easy posting pictures with you kissing other girls that you weren't dating. It wasn't easy saying that you love someone when you actually are in love with someone else. It definitely wasn't easy living without her. We had talked about so much before I went on tour - getting an apartment together, her going on tours with me, getting married, having kids, almost everything. It hadn't been a long time that we were together, but as cheesy as it sounds, we were beyond in love. I wanted, and I still do, want to spend forever with her. Begging for forgiveness isn't easy, and I know how stubborn Chloe can be. "Please. Give me another chance. I'll tell everyone the truth, 'dump' Danielle, and.." Wait, was I being kissed? Yes. Chloe's perfectly plump lips were against mine for the first time in what seemed like forever. I kissed her back and wrapped my arms around her, closing my eyes slowly and before I knew it, she had pulled away. 


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